Konshens - Original Daddy Lyrics

That’s why mi haffi big up mi self cause mi a real father
Never left mi son and nuh neglect mi daughter
Take care a mi responsibility
Never neglect my pickney

You fi big up the man cause him a real father
Never left him son and nuh neglect him daughter
Take care a the responsibility
Never neglect dem pickney

[Verse 1:]
When yo turn a daddy a the greatest joy
No matter if it is a girl or a bwoy
You haffi tek hi serious a nuh, nuh, toy
You haffi tough it up, although the dutty rough
Nuff man out a road wi si a drive in a range
If dem pickney get a plate a food that strange
Mi naw tell no lie
Mi feel like mi a go dead anytime mi daughter cry


[Verse 2:]
Mi nuh know weh some man come from
God know mi nuh understand
How dem live in a mansion
And dem pickney live in a dump land
Mommy seh shi nuh see him
Him a seh a nuh fi him
Him seh a nuh fi him
Dawg look how yo son favor you
Look pon the likkle girl
Treat you baby mother like shi deserve the world
Big up all the real mothers out there
And every daddy fi a sing it out there


Even though I cant be there everyday
My presence felt anyway
Mi haffi touch the road
Food haffi eat, and bills haffi pay
But I never turn my back
Mi never close my eyes
Never fi get, never regret

[Chorus x2]

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Konshens Original Daddy Comments
  1. gi loc god

    Every time I listen this song I hurt thinking about my daughter it have a god you'll get big baby girl know daddy love u

  2. Tendai Dhliwayo

    me also a real father haffi say big up fi miself

  3. Cappuccino Stewart

    Mi anuh father yet but when time comes amma give it my all💯💯💯👑❤️

  4. Tendai Dhliwayo

    treat your baby mother like she deserve the world.......... Thanks Mr Konshens

  5. robin em

    am just about to be a father the song makes me have watery eyes

  6. Delano

    Deserves much more views

  7. Ian Muchemi

    Rip maina maich

  8. Gideon Mutuma

    Rip maish

  9. Mellon Channer

    Big up uself Konshens...Big ups to my daddy....Neva neglect me...

  10. Louise Williams

    Mad mad mad tune yah the real ting up up up 2019

  11. Shanique Williams

    2019.. I swear I'm listening and I am remembering the good time my dad and I used to have.

  12. Nylah Bissessar

    big one

  13. unruly johnson

    Big time to the girl dem like melody swearing member you like every time my Stephanie from me Chris unruly children in this rrrreal wild up because a god up upping uppity am captain and king of culture and dancehall music every time

  14. Dian Whyte


  15. trucker 1

    My father's day song from it come out MI A REAL FATHER

  16. Maddwag Uptopboss

    Happy fathers day to me🌱🌲2019

  17. Neville Neil

    Big up yuhself Konshens positive message this u a promote

  18. ladymaefire


  19. Carolina Jiménez

    Beautiful loved it!

  20. Joel Douglas

    People really dislike this video?

  21. odane pinnock

    I just had a baby and she’s so beautiful but her mum is giving me a big fight by not making see the baby. Everything was good when we first meet each other, soon had the baby born she change her ways. The baby is just 2 months old 🤦🏾‍♂️ and she’s in middle of this madness.I do everything to provide for my child and make time to see her all the time but the grandmother and daughter always try push me out the pictures all the time and it’s annoying. Everyday I pray to God for strength 🙏🏾💪🏾

  22. A Human

    I don't want kids but I love this song

  23. Arnold Anodeh


  24. Janet Cousins

    Positive music, Konshens!

  25. Phoenix Intense

    Dah track yah touch mi no doubt 💯🎶🔥🔥🙏

  26. Audrienne Mckenzie

    Real true up

  27. Karen McIntosh

    Daddy Big up yourself this track is for you big up yourself daddy.😘❤❤❤

  28. Why Pree

    Agent Saco style fit him well

  29. Why Pree

    Powerful chune

  30. Ingrid Blessed

    Very nice video and great song. Very good promoting father's and families. Love it good vibes. Big up all dad's out there holding down their home and kid's

  31. TIANA Miller

    big up the real fathers konshens made the best song about fathers

  32. marshall noralez

    Who listening in 2k18

  33. nat xx

    A big up to all the dad, s out there for there kids and man that ain't need to take note and stand up and be a man not a little boi

  34. R6 Boss


  35. sheretta Hayles

    This video is the cutest omg ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  36. Grizzlleward music

    Must the fish them weh nuh like see the kids them born and worthless father dislike always thums up win

  37. Shy shy

    Nah go lie this song touch my heart wish my father did stay by my side to show me the way like how mi a him first girl child😪😪💯💯

  38. Shaneika M

    Real song

  39. chocolate ma

    Big up me 3 son's father him live dem even after death,big up myself real mother

  40. Allanah Bodah

    Big up my children's daddy Anthony Marleace

  41. Sahara Dat

    Wishing I can see my father

  42. Asiena Wollan

    Big up a big tune out of Kenya salute not yet a father bt looking forward taking care of responsibility

  43. Samantha Jones

    Sperms donors dislike the video hope y'all mean less man rot in hell big up di real fada dem... Love this yute

  44. Vertical Musiq

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9NaJ9HdOido Please listen to my song. Whatsapp me if you need it 443 832 5718

  45. Danielle Watson

    This song is reality

  46. CS TV

    Big up konshens u a real artist

  47. jah largie

    Jafari Mi son love yu fi love,, Sheffield negril Jamaica,, upfullness always

  48. sandrah wanjiru

    aaaaw this song is making me wish that I had a son or a daughter (napenda) love it

  49. Zeweldi Rishan

    This don't deserve even one dislike i suppose it's them whom abort and dis them pregnant girlfriend,and player's who don't want settle down

  50. bethany lee

    big up my father through thug time

  51. king nash

    Big tune Dj can't stop playing this fi real

  52. Vincygal Faith

    Bigg up konshens bigg up all real father's and mother's 💥🔥

  53. Dj Stalwart The Boss Gambia

    I am a original father Konshens big up

  54. Caribbean Sisters

    Jeremiass will Neva learn from this video

    Caribbean Sisters

    Great track konshens

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    Can’t understand how people can dislike such a positive message.

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    Beautiful song

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    Father are the ,best

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    Me a nuh one father yet but me luv di song 100%


    Trackkkkk!!! This song is soo underated lets get sharing this!!

  64. Azad bux

    Great words some real guidance to me and all brothers. God guide us and them.ameen

  65. Valarie Fernandes

    R.I.P daddy

  66. Tafari Tucker

    2017 and still listening?💪

  67. Ireallylovereggae

    Big up to this great message!!

  68. Christopher Zaro

    This song is good for this generation

  69. Anthony Lacey Gutierrez

    Esta es para mi hermanito y todos los de verdad ( Aguoooo)

  70. Patrick Brewster

    Its funny how these songs dont get promoted as much

  71. Danchehall Kuff Kaff Again

    Mad thing star !!!

  72. Kimm Gordon

    big up to real Fada true song 100%

  73. Theyloveniyah Tv

    The people who disliked probably mad cause they neglect they kids and this song true

  74. Belladonna Morena

    Mi Luv it.

  75. MrKDis

    Big tune! The 81 people that thumbed this down are fake faddas. Go fix your lives.

  76. Lamar Williams

    hot like fine🔥🔥 nuff respect to you konshens

  77. Celebrity Instagram lives


  78. lovergurl Amy

    happy father's day!!!!

  79. Stephanie Gayle

    crying wish I had a Dads love

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  88. serious minded

    All the dislikers are satan children.

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    big up mislef mi real fayda

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    I feel like I should be in this video 100% ...mi real daddy /father settings forever

  91. Howard O'Brien-Thomas

    much love brada-man...keep it flowin'..

  92. Stacyann Mulling

    Fi real man fi mine them pickney from a ur big up the real father them

  93. Yankees Mukabwa

    my dad dezavs to listen to this coz hiz wan real father...nice song

  94. Jannel Smith

    rip daddy love u sorry say u gone left mi love u to the road wa u walk on u a realy father

  95. Allyce Margaret

    Respect. May we raise children who don't have to recover from their childhoods.

    Dad's are important. 👏💕