Konshens - One Life (Shell Weh) Lyrics

Right now wi shell weh
Shelly rice
Bomboclaat wi feel nice
We being working so hard
One life wi get can't live twice

Shell weh, shelly rice
Bomboclaat wi feel nice
Gyal nuff fi catch ice
Buss blank till wi get oast a voice

[Verse 1:]
Alt yo better meck Moon drive caw a two road mi si
Two cup inna mi hand like mi a drink fi two a wi
Gyal a tek turns and a wine paw mi
A so wi dweet inna sub army

Yow Dean, wa this yo mix up inna mi cup
It meck everyone a dem gyal yah double up
Thank God seh mi deh pon this world
Liquor meck every gyal look like miss world


[Verse 2:]
Boss no di same gyal this a pass back again
Mi just chat to are and a look are back again
Dem thing deh gwaan when liquor start buss
Shi drunk to, that's why shi naw cuss
Wait, no mi baby mother than?
No dawg, a she
Deh gyal deh leg bow, yo baby mother knock knee
Yo know Javada a mi woman yuh a pree
Blame hi pon di liquor a no me

[Chorus x3]

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