Konshens - On Your Face Lyrics

What time is it
That time
Every gyal, every gyal, every gyal, every gyal

Girl I can see it pon your face
Seh yo body a ball out fi some fuck
Worst when yo wine up yo self an yo dash out yo hole
Then yo turn it back way an stuck
When di music sweet are an shi ball out
Mi horny no bumbo
When shi whisper in a mi ears an seh
Mi would a eat yuh like a burger king combo

[Verse 1]
Gyal yo si da body deh, yo si da body deh
Yo si da bumbo pussy rass cloth body deh
Mi would a bring it up a mi yard an lock it weh
Let yuh out meck yo party pon
Gyal yo heart cold like ice
Body fire hot
First time mi si yuh mi seh mi haffi wire that
Seh yuh a bad gyal yuh no cry allot
Boom, boom, boom, boom rapid fire that


[Verse 2]
Gyal hug mi up an a dance no ca lambada
Roped rould mi hand like a sham-baler
People a watch like a cam carder
Wi need fi go lock down like a dam Wader
Likkle skirt
Likkle shorts
Meck mi waan act out mi pervert thoughts
Look in are face shi no mark so
yuh no haffi ask

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 2]

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Konshens On Your Face Comments
  1. Nylla Raee

    Mek mi walk act out mi pervert thoughts 😂

  2. Brandon Rodriguez

    Julio 2019 Lima Perú 🇵🇪👍😀

  3. Ravin Singh MUSIC

    Who still here 2019

  4. 6___o_s

    Back in the days, this song was a mega hit

  5. Pinchez pits

    I love the girl's voicein the background

  6. Rhodah azam

    who is stil listeng to dis

  7. Fuoco

    2 0 1 8

  8. emmaz emmaz Gakii

    Sip some whiskey#haters😍😍😍

  9. emmaz emmaz Gakii

    😍😍😍i love love ...cant stop loving

  10. suraj bissoon

    Still blazing this tune

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    almost 2018 still here

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    a burger King combo lol

  14. Goddess Hatmehit

    this is better than jook so

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    Maddd and wild

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    rassclat now

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    Still listening in 2025 :-)

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    Love this song LOL

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    Still listening to this 2015 :)

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    Awh first ad I've willingly watched ..so beautiful ☺️

  24. BadWolfGaming

    ''eat ya like a Burger King combo'' LOL!!!!

    Nylla Raee

    BadWolfGaming lmao i heard this version first then the clean version confused me

  25. Alexandra Nylund

    Love it! <3

  26. michaela morgan

    which is better jook suh or on ur face

    Kaywana Dennis

    michaela morgan jook suh

  27. michelle kelly

    the aidonia riddim............ MAD

  28. naya jackson


  29. Joenan Richardson

    will ride come again sweet

  30. katisha cynthia

    omgggg thissssssssssssssssssss sooooong !!!!!!! omg omg

  31. Chantal B

    I love it madddd Konshens

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    i love dat right now

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    Voicemail and konshens kill this tune

    Goddess Hatmehit


  43. GK BROLY

    nah dawg aidonia and kartel kill it too

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    Jook so is the best on this riddim.

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    sweet song

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    oh gosh mi just get mad pan da song yaaaaa

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    i kinda think konshens version is betta then di original one

  50. Challa Thickie Biggas Wellington

    u both talkin shit so much all yuh need toilet paper not 1song alone bad dis 1, tommy, aidonia, popcaan, kartel all bad but ah have a different kind of love4 Konshens he does make me feel rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My ringtone

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    Konshens tek d rasscalt riddim mi nuh ago seh aidonia even tho a jop mi seh but truth a truth yuh zimmi big up konshens

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    burger king put me in the E.R. for 8 hours.

  60. Sara-Jay L

    a real thing!!! BEST SONG ON THE RHYTHM

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    now i want a burger king combo. lol I luv this song

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    dis man so cute !!!!

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    konshens tommy lee aidonia poocaan n kartel tek dis riddim fuh wa n e bodii else say yesh :P

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