Konshens - No Fraid Lyrics

Bwoy come a talk bout drape up in a clothe
Member wi no fraid a nobody a road

A chat bad a stand up in a shatta pose
Member wi no fraid a nobody a road

Bout yo clip dem long and the thing dem load
Member wi no friad a nobody a road

Call mi name to yo don, but yo don seh mi a fi him don
That's why wi no friad a nobody a road

[Verse 1:]
To how mi cold all the breeze haffi shiver
Step pon yo endz a no pizza mi deliver
The place wet a no beach and a no river
Action a no talk through mi deh in a

A no police weh seh freeze a squeeze mi squeeze chigger
Yo should a know a our world this yo in a
Knock, knock, and drive out wid yo girl in a the beemer
Knock in a dem bone fi dem dinner


[Verse 2:]
Mi never born fi fraid a people a mi no plan fi start need
Down become a problem mi haffi get rid a
Bwoy seh dem a dads dem a just a gyal beater
When yo si mi yo fi run track meet
Even the link yo think seh dem would defend yo
Seh dem cyaa defend yo, yo offend what's being send yo
Yo father and him father should a tell yo
Seh Konshens wi shell yo, waspness heart no soft like jello


[Verse 3:]
Mi no tek chat from people
Curtsy a mi eagle
Stitch up dem claat wid mi blood claat needle
Bwoy seh dem evil, me and dem no even
People seh mi cold like the cliff dem a season
Speaking of december if you diss mi yow remember
Caw mi feel short temper, mi no knock before mi enter
Knock it pon agenda, when yo si mi surrender
Cause a we a lock the streets and you can ask one a the vender


[Verse 1]


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