Konshens - Natural Leader Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Mi nuh trust man
And mi nuh trust gyal neither
Wi nuh beg people, wi nuh follow back a man
A natural leader
If you think mi nuh like you
You mussi be a mind reader
Bwoy a fight mi when dem gyal a fight fi tek off the marina

A just suh mi program
Mi nuh put faith in a no man
Nuff a dem seh dem a yo friend
And dem wi sell you out fi less than two grand
A just suh mi program
Well a just suh mi program

Whole heap a woman
But wi nuh left durex and throw john
A suh mi program

Hey badmind you cannot get us out
Wi nuh fear the words out a yo dutty mouth
If you block the way wi find another route
Wi tek it then wi help wi one another out yea

[Verse 2:]
And a that's why the numbers a count up
And when the gyal dem si wi dem a jump up
Man a work suh the thing a get loud up
Money start pile and the kyle dem a roll up


[Verse 1]


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Konshens Natural Leader Comments
  1. 6___o_s

    King of dance hall

  2. Shellings Mtemery

    Ah just so mi program mi nuh put faith inah no man

  3. Lucas Ogutu

    A seh we programmed...
    Big Jam
    We still Kuminar
    wen di gals see us dem ah jump up

  4. Bwalewoz A

    I like this one too

  5. Mike Ong

    It sounds like african music and i luv it !!!!! :)

  6. Elke


  7. bigger wheel

    Shatt skunt!!!

  8. FreedomOfSpeech

    wi nuh leff durex and trojan!!!!  #somiprogram