Konshens - Nah Vote Lyrics

Real talk yow
Nah follow dem
Nah vote
Vote if yuh waan vote

Yow a no every politician mi a bun out
But some a dem di country could a do wid out
Mi wi vote fi jah yah
Oh no not a next one not another general election
A more lies an more deception

No matter wa dem think dem cyan get mi finger print
Mi an di politician dem naw go link

No not a next one another general election
A more lies an more deception
To dem wi naw go kneel win aw accept dem seal
Dem a do di damage an a wi a feel

[Verse 1:]
Dem a seh innumerate if yuh want to participate
But no innumerate an better no pass fi mi gate
Dem better hold dem head straight an don't look over yah
Cyan bring no politics argument to dem yah soldier yah
Ddem a full di ghetto youths dem up wid guns an knifes
Then dem send the police dem fi come done dem life
An think seh that solve the problem
But dem no waan solve the problem
A dem same one a cause the problem
In a this crime thing a dem a bi the sponsor
Ghetto youths cyan offord dem guns an dem bombs yah
There as to be a mastermind behind a this
Everybody know the time but still it is a secret


[Verse 2:]
Mi put mi trust in a di most high
Mi no put it in a no man
So no dirty politician cyan put no gun in a mi hand
Fi mi clap it fi no color
Rather power or shower
Dem cyan split wi up in a no hark caw dem a no Noah
Yow I am Jamaican
Jamaican in a mi blood
It a di country weh mi born
It a di island wa mi love
So dem cyan get mi sel out an shed mi brother dem blood
If yuh cut mi now yuh gonna si red blood
Not orange or green
Seh mi naw join dem team
Mi clothe might a dirty but mi know mi heart clean
A no wi an dem sitdown in a meeting an food eating
But me and u play ball game on Sunday evening
So wi no fi fight in a no politics war
Yo naw si mi an dem a meck no politics spar
A dem alone a eat the food
A dem alone a drink so wi naw dip wi hand in a di ink


[Verse 1: till song fade out:]

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