Konshens - Money Up Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
No bwoy no come a hert fi mine me
Anywhere hi deh mi haffi go find hi
No need no big backitive behind me
From mi a likkle youth mi know how fi boil tea
Anything mi want mi haffi go fi that hard
No depend paw nobody fi bring mi food come a yard
Real hustler salute, stand guard
When yo touch the road yo no come back a yard

Then yo step yo money up, step yo money up
Every ghetto youth touch the road and step yo money up
Step yo money up, step yo money up
Woman every man hustle level you fi tun hi up

Step yo money up, step yo money up
Don't follow dem yo no fi switch and get funny up
Step yo money up, step yo money up
A so wi blood the raod every night and blood hi up

[Verse 2:]
Inna earth wi a look the dollar coin fi the pocket
Oil and powder house if yo ever try stop it
No lock the road, no gi wi no traffic
The dawgs dem hungry and dem ready fi attack it
Girl yo baby father naw mine him youth
You fi do yo own a thing and take yo mine off a the broot
When belly empty dem need to be filled
Mad touch the road an no go home until


[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]

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