Konshens - Missing You Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Even when you working all the time
When you lose a good girl
You can't get her off your mind

Even if you get a million girl fi whine
When you lose a good girl
You can't get her off your mind

So you better treat her
Like the queen that she is
Like she is your only girl
And the love is the realest

Once she turn and go away
You gonna be the one to say
I and I need you girl
I need you girl

[Verse 2:]
Mi try everything fi get over
A nuh like seh no gyal nuh want mi
Woman a run mi down and a follow back a mi
And mi deh pon the hustle everyday a look the money
But as soon as the moment done
And the whole crowd gone
Even though my hands let go
Ma heart still holding on


[Verse 1]


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Konshens Missing You Comments
  1. Ken James

    2020 nd I stio love this song

  2. Guide Blessed Sibanda

    2019 and still here ........large up Konshens

  3. Rayleen Rikat

    2019 wya

  4. Christine Ries

    Such cute sweet beautiful song 💋❤️

  5. Heart Of Gold

    😍❤i love this song ❤

  6. Ndagire Rashima

    I love this song very much🥰🥰🥰🥰

  7. Shamonique Williams

    Where're all Konshens fans??? 2019??

  8. JayDehFunnehBaller

    Not sure why I slept on
    this song for so long

  9. Wipaz CLEMENTE

    2019 still listening💛💛

  10. Vick konshus

    Konshens the voice of dancehall

  11. Dior Jones

    This song is to a beautiful girl 💕💕💕💕💕👌👌

  12. romando riley

    Konshens this song bad one more time

  13. pauline wanjiku

    Wow.. I love this song konshes 😍

  14. Simone Mathews

    Woo nice

  15. queen jojo


  16. ismasha oscar

    It's after 4 in the morning, & I'm so far away from sleeping, where u r is what I'm thinking

  17. Leon Kaoma

    #SharonWere ;)

  18. Delicate_ T

    Still listening in 2017...

  19. George Gitonga

    i dedicated this song to my girlfriend though she now is my ex

  20. King Tashauna

    December 2016

  21. Ganthi Raj1997

    Love the song

  22. Marx Mwas

    i fucking love this song but dont have anyone to share it with

  23. Mike Blutzie

    thanks for the words

  24. asma abdi

    I had just shared with my boo

  25. Nia Smith

    Nice beat and song!!!Loving it.

  26. amina Mahamoud

    he miss me.....

  27. Tamara Reid

    love this song...

  28. Shinoy Tape

    can't listen to this song without thinking of my bf

  29. joy gicovi

    nice... sweetest song on earth!

  30. Bieb Tellei

    this is like my fucking crush song😘❤❤

  31. seyline thompson

    cant get anough of this song

  32. Myoka Coley

    My favorite song every time I hear it I fall in love with it all over an over again

  33. Yacine Ndiaye

    Very nice to son

  34. Yacine Ndiaye

    I love you konshens

  35. Shamnay Douglas

    I love this song every day mi listen it

  36. Tranaya Johnson

    Love this song

  37. annitah raey

    aaaaaawwwww this is so good and deep

  38. tamara bria

    Gave me your number 

  39. tamara bria

    I love you so much

  40. paige buswell

    love this tune omd

  41. leacy henfield


  42. Amonique Waite

    Bt Ihf You Don't ...
    I Can Love U Enough For Meh And You .... <3

  43. kaylee amber d

    I wish I had his number

    kaylee amber d

    I been in a point like that but he was cheating so I don't really care

  44. Joyce Prater

    Love this!

  45. Belinda Dixon

    this is the best song ever konshens i swear its motivate mi when i have problems with my hubby . if mi hear this play anyweh a money pull up jah kno

  46. Rinta Walliby

    Waiooo...I would die foe yhu too

  47. Rinta Walliby

    Thinking tht Mah kps is singing to meh

  48. Alain muzaliwa

    I love this song so much

  49. Alain muzaliwa

    I love this song so much

  50. Lizza Forbes

    I love this song.....yu betta mis

  51. Creepy ole' guy

    i miss u too......& lov more.....

  52. Creepy ole' guy

    i lov this song so much!!!!!!!

  53. Bwalewoz A

    This song touch my heart my soul
    The guitar solo is absolutly délicious
    KISS FROM Guadeloupe

  54. Venicesa Waldron

    i love u

  55. stacey leonce

    love him 

  56. Craig Telesford

    Love you forever Xena

  57. Annakay Williams

    I more miss u konshens ♥♥♥♥

  58. Nemoy Jackson

    Youth u ago hard a swear

  59. Sophia Dent

    Loving this song

  60. Susan Njoki

    i can't get enough of this song mmmh i miss you 

  61. tiyasherisa fraser

    I <3 this song..I miss you an you better miss me too ;-p

  62. Tanisha Johnson

    I't is official i'm in love with this song!!!!!!!

  63. Kingsley King

    big tune

  64. Whitney Rose

    the understanding of this is straight forward ... Love this song ... Love Konshens

  65. Renee Taylor

    You better miss me. I like this song


    i love it its kool

  67. tashapinkkittycat

    i luv this so darn much

  68. yiga elton

    pick up please the 4ne

  69. Jason Alexander

    the guitar solo is awesome

  70. Neghie Thervil

    God, the words to this song!…."You better miss me…because they way I miss you I would die if you didn't too…That's poetry.

  71. glenford shaaw

    sick sitten sitten

  72. Shea Sunshine

    perfect song for me right now . . . . love it !!!!!!

    rahsaan williams


  73. noelle robinson

    fav song i love it so much

  74. Carleen Charlo

    i really love songs like these.. nice rythmn, melody and words that we can all relate to...you better love me but if u dont i can love you enough for me and you, Maddddd!!!!

  75. Sasha Deslandes

    love dah song yah on repeat 24/7

  76. Tani Scott

    konshens again..love dah song yah!!!

  77. Ramon Gilbert

    luv dis song

  78. Jay Weekes

    tru story.

  79. Kara Passard

    love this song bad

  80. nickalos brown

    love this song 

  81. Dianne Williams

    He's kinda like Drake. One minute they sing about raw shit and the next they singing about love.Konshens is de best

  82. polo man

    this song live

  83. cutie tiana

    Soo Inlove with this song #repeat

  84. Richaun Farmer

    Love this


    you do it again yute up up up

  86. jhenelle preetysmile

    bwoi mi love this song!!!

  87. Tamika Smith

    Dayyyuuummm. I freaking love this song.

  88. Tamika Smith

    :-) i will always love u me amor

  89. Qweenash

    I love this song so much it is not even funny!!

  90. blastoffify

    I freaking love this song.....one of the best songs from Konshens hands down.

  91. brad mac

    it shot

  92. Petal Pinnock

    nice song konshens

  93. eldaone

    you better love me konchens

  94. eldaone

    love it mad

  95. carol sasha

    so in luv with this song...<3 konshens.

  96. Alma Dorado

    true song konchens u did it again

  97. taffymalone

    Song reminds me of a gyal weh me hav Inna 2010, miss her to bits but too bad cuh she taken now