Konshens - If Anno Money Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Am a real hustler from day zero
Fuck wid mi money if you wanna be a hero
Wi nuh have no time fi kick it like Figo
Waan count money till wi finger seized up
Ease up out a the Bentley
Kyle dem lengthy
Gyal dem a temp mi
Clip never empty
Dawg dem real and plenty
Dem life living it before Jah, Jah, tek mi

So mi nuh know bout wa dem a talk bout
If a nuh money then you better shut yo rass mouth
When it come to the money wi go all out
Life is a gamble, hi raise all doubt
Wi love when gyal si wi and a broad out
Top shelf when mi nigga dem a floss out

Suh wi nuh know bout wa dem a tlak bout
If a nuh money then you better shut yo

[Verse 2:]
Mi believe seh life is a cycle
Money haffi nuff like wi money recycle
Dawg, nuh tell mi bout gravity
Wi stay up, life sweet, gi wi cavity
Quality lifestyle live in a wi circle
Life rough, suh wi grow tougher than a turtle
Shell, wi nuh waan lock up in a cell
But wi haffi live heavily wi nuh fraid a hell


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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Konshens If Anno Money Comments
  1. Jamar Reid

    Di sickk!!!!

  2. Calvin Hosten

    if anno money u better shut yuh rass mouth......BIG TUNE

  3. Romario Graham

    Dis bad u fuk