Konshens - Icon Lyrics

Wi no beg friend, but wi still haffi big up the Icon dem
Cause if a never dem set the trend
Jamaica would a inna problem
So when you seh killa, yuh seh Icon
Beenie yuh seh Icon
Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton dem a Icon
Super Cat, Ninja Man a foundation
Dem help put the spot light pon wi Island
Sizzla a Icon, Capleton a Icon
Spragga Benz, Mad Cobra dem a Icon
Fabulous, Baby Wayne a foundation
No elder wi naw hype pon

So watch yah, no matter the money mi have inna mi clothe
No matter house and car weh pose
No matter how much man mi richer than
When yuh si elder respect goes
Almighty seh the meek shall cherish
Mi could a never dis a man like Beris
Sugar Minot and Alton Ellice
Any man dis a Icon shall perish
Shaggy dem a Icon, U Roy a Icon
Lady G, Lady Saw dem a Icon
Patro dem a real foundation
Weh help put the spot light to wi Island

Scare dem a Icon, Monster shock a Icon
Josey Wales, Original Icon
Boro Banton and the great Yellow Man
No Elder wi naw hype pon

Meck yo brain kick the words carefully fi yuh
Watch weh yo seh wid the mouth weh God give yuh
How yuh fi seh yo big and yo bad
An a step to a man weh set the trend fi yo
Yuh fi know bout Coco Tea, Anthony B
Professor Nuts and the great Gregory
Wicker Man, Captain Barkley
If yuh ni know Maxi Priest a no Reggae yuh a pree
Simple Ton a Icon, Luciano a Icon
Dennis Brown, Bob Marley dem a Icon
Dem man deh a the real foundation
Dem help put the spot light pon wi Island
Sanchez a Icon, Pinchas a Icon
Shaca Demos and plyas dem a Icon
Tonto make sure Devonto a Icon
Wayne Wonder a Icon
Alright Junior Reid dem a Icon
Freddie McGregor dem a Icon
Marcia Griffiths a Icon
Bunny Wailer and Peter Touch a Real Icon
Garnet Silk dem a Icon
Tony Rebel dem a Icon
Ken Booth, Leroy Smart, original Icon
Toots and the Maters a Icon
Jimmy Cliff dem a Icon
Jamaica Icon list too long

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Konshens Icon Comments
  1. Indian Fresh

    What about Fleetee Savage? Yall Forgot!!!

  2. Vanilla Conover

    This song🔥🔥🔥

  3. séverine audrey


  4. Rafael Piçarra

    Yellowman a di Foundation !

  5. KING 2020

    hear dis one on BOOMSTATION RADIO . NET

  6. Rujay Whitehorne

    yute go read a book or supm cuz yuh nuh ave no bloodclaat sense. kmft!!!!!!!!

  7. ricardo natty

    Konshens this song is one of the biggest song for the year........ respect to all the foundation artists who pass off an who still around ................. respect to u all

  8. wemanyemwe

    Konshens..Icon ....2012 dance-hall Artist

  9. Cash Jr

    Nut'n But Anthems!!

  10. james maina

    yaw konchens kip dem grls bubblin.gud wrk.

  11. Real African

    this song have a good topic but some a the artist weh him seh a icon them his jus good artist an the song need to arrange better put the artist name in them own lane not because a artist recognize it dont mean seh him a icon am not bassing againts konchens but mi kno him can do better than this a think him hurry up tha one ya but a mi dj still.

  12. RiverveiwYouth16

    da yute deh nuh kno nun bout dancehall a fool dat

  13. Muzik Yaad

    Big Tune

  14. Kymmi Marie

    This song needed to be made!!!!

  15. clive mdhluli

    himma tok truth ah dan remain dan capleton buju luciano dennis brown dem man deya ah true icons

  16. MzPrettyFluffy

    talk di tings dem Konshens

  17. Kymberly

    He's talking bout people who set up the foundation and clear the path for the artists we know today. Kartel is popular but dancehall was established internationally before him. If anything you can even add elephant man to the list for being one of the first to successfully link dancehall and hip hop. Beenie man and bogle... These are icons

  18. Chav Angus

    Icon >>I like<<

  19. Ravin King

    # real talk!

  20. Kiyomi Nguyen

    Shabba ranks , buju banton a dem icon

  21. Kiyomi Nguyen


  22. freshmusic

    Some a unu boy a move like kartel groupies!!! Seems like unu nuh kno wah "icon" means.....bout 10 more years r longer fi kartel become icon even more than 10yrs too


    Kartel anuh ikon him bus 2000 12year pass but him going to be 1 soon

  24. jermaine levy

    meh nuh care if him dont calll worl boss name, kartel is the baddest artist,and nuh a dem artist is good, str8888

  25. King Royalty


  26. AfroJamaican Kween

    konshens meh mon dweet again

  27. natty presso

    kartel is the smartest to fuck... konshens tune why kartel name inna dat?.. the world boss did all he had to do so people will always talk about him..... big up konshens one ah the baddest right now the man ah come wickedest right now

  28. Robert cornelisse

    Big up all di icons!!

  29. kay

    Rating goes out to konshens, respek, mi like Weh him do wid deh song yah. Affi rate di artist dem Weh pave di way

  30. Aline Albert

    lyrics from di soul!

  31. JamRock Girlmeetsworld


  32. francis myers

    kartel neva set the trend he follow the trend already set

  33. Erykah J.O.P

    dis BAAAAAAAD...konshens neva lame...

  34. Scorpionking

    kartel diss shabba suh wha..........d(-_-)b

  35. Jerome K Battle

    Kartel buss 2001 should not meation most of the artist meation buss from early 90s and before when I waz born in 92 almost all the artist Konshens meation had hit songs

  36. Rujay Whitehorne

    the man a tlk bout d foundation artist.....weh kartel come from ina dat?

  37. ryheme bramwell

    What happened to vybz kartel