Konshens - How We Play Lyrics

This is how we play the game
And we go represent and show them who we stand for
Lets turn it up and light the flame
If you not here to give it all then what you hear for?

So get up and unite
For your team we’ll give the best we’ve got
Hands up, right up
And play hard, to take it to the top

[Verse 1:]
Yeh mi bad, yeh mi bad, yeh mi picture mi bad
Everyday, every wicket, every stump
A the heart and soul and passion
A the culture Caribbean does
Wid tool wi come out all nation
Fi the team inna unification
When the stadium ram, bleacher to grandstand
A the meaning a beautification

Support yo self, put on yo color
Tough like sword wi no soft like butter
Them seh them rough, wi coming out rougher
So wa? This year wi haffi be the winner
And the ladies 20-1
Pure vibes inna the party stand
Rough to be Caribbean
Put up yuh hand, put up yuh hand

The game is getting hotter
take it now or never
Hit another six there’s no way we can lose
They say it’s who we are, what we live for
We can’t get enough

[Repeat Chorus]

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Konshens How We Play Comments
  1. Salima Gobin

    I love this song ..m has rhythm and makes u want to dance .
    ..all the haters can go jump in a hole and stay there

  2. Trinidad Tobago

    2019 CPL

  3. S0ul_ Tak3R

    Jamaica Talawas ❤

  4. alesh Dev

    one of the best for cpl

  5. Aaliyah Francis

    TRINBAGO KNIGHT RIDERS FUH LIFE #biggestpartyinsports TKR ALL D WAY UP♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Daniel Paul

    who ever said that this song sucks fuck you

  7. Shoba Forbes

    tru cpl song

  8. Aman Rubey

    Best for CPL .Good

  9. Strictly Gaining

    Awesome beat!

  10. SJA Entertainment

    love this song!!!

  11. kevin singh

    This song is just prefect for CPL :D
    Its has the vibes & energy of the Caribbean. One Love ;) 

  12. Yashwanth Velan

    my favorite team is guyana amazon warriors in cpl and in ipl chennai super king

  13. Gourie Ramkissoon

    Lisa Anthony is ah hater

  14. VKSmovies

    cricket theme mad

  15. sachin birbal

    how could u say that suck

  16. Chan FORTUNE

    Not suppose to be a set genre... it's the Caribbean Premier League Anthem

  17. Levi Harry

    Yea narrow minded ppl everything evolves..

  18. Rovin Hariram

    everyone its the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) theme song.

  19. Hashim ThaDream

    Y'all Narrow Minded Ppl Tlking Bout Wat Happen To Soca....Not EVERYTHING They Do Has To Be Soca! When Caribbean Artists Do Things Different To What Yur USed To Yall Always Give Dem A Hard Time Just Cuz The Song Doesnt Have The Word "Bumpa" Or "Wine" In It.

  20. PuMah Marley

    Same thing I'm saying, some ppl just disgust me when they come with dem dumb comments. Ain't nothing wrong if de artistes dem feel like doing a pop tune, it sounds good to me.

  21. PuMah Marley

    We need a video for this ASAP :D That would be epic if production goes well. Best of both worlds

  22. PuMah Marley

    Smh this comment is dumb. They're "Musicians" they do "music" One is Dancehall & one is Soca, so if they fuse together & give a pop kinda tune wah wrong with that?? Is not like they doing it every song smh, if yuh want soca go youtube soca! I like this tune is ah nice vibe! They should do more!

  23. Caribbean2DiWorld

    Island Pop or Techno whatever you wanna call it SUCKS..

  24. Levi Harry

    Its call island pop.

  25. Serena T

    this is not soca at all, it is more like island techno :P

  26. 32bose

    This is not soca,dancehall or reggae,can we call this island pop?
    luv it though...

  27. Sunny Jones

    I only jumping in my seat! This song is so amazing!

  28. EL Dopeon

    This Start Up Sounded Like Ke$ha • Blow
    But Love it It .. 2 Big Artist . 1 One Track.

  29. Danielle Campbell


  30. kar0dabella23

    My two favourite men on the same track (y)