Kodak Black - 201519971800 Lyrics

Can I, baby? Can I, baby?
Can I, baby? Can I, baby?

I hope you ain't nothing like my old friends
Or any other women that I had
I know I'm better than your ex-boyfriend
Or any other niggas from the past
Can I take you where I learned the game from?
Show you why I act the way I act
Lately, I've been on a fucking marathon
Running to the motherfucking cash
I'm liking how you make a brother laugh
Can I come and get you in a Jag?
Then, hit it in the backseat of the Jag
Baby girl, I know you like my swag

'Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be

I'm just so excited that I'm free
Sometimes, it be feeling like a dream
Can a young brother get some sleep?
Lately, I've been working over 3
Mama told me, "Son, I never hear from you"
Cook something, you don't even eat
Mama, I'm just trying to make a mil' for you
Put you in a condo on the beach

'Fore I turn the lights out, tell me who the fuck you want to be

Why they just can't let a nigga be?
I've been busy, I've been doing me
Have you thinking I've been with the Zoe pound
Me and all my niggas come in deep
On the ground, young ten toes down
I can put a nigga on his feet
I caught the Audi, then I ran the check up
And, I ain't even been out here a week
Got my shooter playing hide and seek
Just in case you niggas try and creep
Everybody wanna be your friend now
Better watch the company you keep
Everybody got they fucking hand out
See you eating now they want a piece
Oh, that's Kodak Black, I've been hearing bout'
He the hottest nigga in the streets
If you love me, love a nigga deep
When you see me, what you really see?
To everybody else, I was a sour guy
But, I be treating you a little sweet
I'm so close to showing her my real side
Show this girl another side of me
I think we've been getting along real fine
You love it when I hit it on the beach
I've been working hard, ain't got no spare time
I can't even party on the week
I'm just trying to see where your head at
When you grow up, what you wanna be?
Run up on a nigga, where the bread at?
I be going ham for the cheese
I just wanna see all of my niggas home
They can't wait to get back on the streets
I just talked to Jackboy on collect phone
He told me he ain't trying to take the plea

For my niggas, I'll swim across the sea

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  1. paris banks

    2020 😈😈

  2. Astroide Plays

    2020 anyone?

  3. Brady Jones

    2020 and this song still hard as fuck sheeesh

  4. Rebekah R


  5. Candi Osama

    I almost forgot about this song

  6. Chris Walton

    Who listening in January 2020

  7. Kareem Johnson

    Man I miss you man Fuck 😡 #freekodak

  8. Travis Foster

    2020 free Kodak

  9. BMG Bill

    Who Listening January 2020!?
    #FreeKodak IG @_bmgbill

  10. Matthew Rios

    Who listening in 2020 🎯 Free Da Big Stepper

  11. Mc- Playzz

    I am January 2020

  12. Josh Ingles

    Here 2020 free kodak

  13. 3 Pt

    This man put in his school ID

  14. Esly Gadamez

    Who else had to bring this song with them to 2020?

  15. OG DreaMz

    Who here? 2020! #FreeYak

  16. Cam Brees

    Who still bopping this 2020

  17. Issy White

    2k20 Vibes 💪🏾

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    Who listening that in January 2020🔥🌏

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    who listening in 2020🧟‍♂️

  20. Sonny

    Who listening 2020

  21. Killykill414 X

    Still listen 2020💪💯

  22. Kyree Robinson

    My nigga: Aye bro what U listening to?

    me: 201519971800

  23. Elighia Riddle

    Shit goes hard af. who's still listening in December 2019?

  24. hamburger buns


  25. 4 666

    “ to everybody else , I was a sour guy , but I be treating you a little sweet “

    Felt that 😪🖤

  26. Dyshia Smith

    Sniper gang just gang without kodak💯 free yak late 2k19 im talk dec.31 😈

  27. David Obrien

    Way better than drakes version

  28. T OT

    so sad this isn’t on apple music

  29. William Campbell

    goosebumps, take me back

  30. anonymous user

    Why can’t I find this in Apple Music 🤧

  31. Love One Another

    2:04 PEEKABOO


    Who still here 2k19 December #FREEBILL

  33. Jazz Smith

    He Took Drake's Cadence in this one

    Love One Another

    Jazz Smith drake has never made a song , always ghost written . So gtfo.

    Jazz Smith

    @Love One Another shut your misinformed dumbass hating ass lame ass no life ass your favorite rapper ain't better than drake ass up fuck nigga gtfoh lame

    Jazz Smith

    @Love One Another your lame ass acts like his whole career he had a ghost writer smfh you need to get your facts straight

  34. Kentry GG


  35. DoubleCxsh

    free gang 🗣

  36. FloridaBoiiKennyy


  37. Taymore Mclntyre

    Boy what type of fucking song name is this

  38. Twitch zappedt

    "201519971800" is my favorite song

  39. finessekidd904

    video raw asf💯🔥

  40. E Bandz

    In my recommended

  41. RR Ralph

    Free kodak😓🙌🏾

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  43. Calvin Hisoka

    The fuck is 201519971800?

    Broward County

    Calvin Hisoka the year his son was born, the year he was born,and his block.

  44. Kai 1k

    FREE HIM ^

  45. TTV-SiiL3nT

    We all still finna listen to this in 2020

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    Is this available on spotify ?

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    They haven’t added this to apple music yet wtf

  48. WillCreatedThis

    Where tf this song come from
    Is it really from 2y ago

    Sir Wolf

    exactly he didn't want people to find it and its hands down his best song and my fav song boss xx


    who else December 2019???

  50. Angel Denova

    This a fire ass song , definitely slept on

  51. Rose bae

    Miss my bae free him

  52. TheCrack

    cant find this on Deezer

  53. Hallie Bedour

    this shit is so underrated:( it’s sad. still listening in dec 2019

  54. PS. suicide

    Im just so excited that I’m free 🎉


    If you could kill me in your dreams when you wake upyou gonna see me smiling kissing your heart while it's beating you shouldn't have betrayed my love for you if you gonna love some one love them till dead you never know what they might do now you see im going to eternal sleeping...

  56. Sion Lightfoot

    Free the big steppa 🤦🏾‍♂️🖤

  57. Double Bubble

    Must admit I am guilty of underestimating Kodak when first hearing of him
    Then pimpin ain't easy happened.
    On god I watched it back 2 back 2 back 2 back 14 times first time I saw it. Couldn't help it
    Called bf into room and we both were mesmerized

  58. lupita Nuňez


  59. Jerail

    *yoooo lightning a blunt to this song is crazy lol 😂*

    Abieser Tavarez


  60. Florida boy Drip

    Only 7 million views ??? Dey sleep AF on dis song

  61. Jayd G

    Kodak’s best song lowkey

  62. cameron 〽

    hardest song he made at the time 🖤

  63. Ben Whitson


  64. Hailey Yost

    When the scanner won’t work so you have to type in the bar code

  65. jenny cardenas

    bouta be 2020 and still listing to this

  66. TheCubanito49

    WHO LISTENING IN DECEMBER 2019 ~almost 2020~ 😳😳????

    david valley

    TheCubanito49 ion know how I just found this sound & Kodak’s always been one of man 3 favorite rappers..This Jawn is hardddd fam.

    Hallie Bedour

    yes😭shits fire.

    Luis Sosa

    TheCubanito49 here after new year’s

  67. Alexander Taddy

    Honestly y’all need to shut the fuck up “who’s listening in 2019!” Stop no one rlly cares lmao usually or because some people, you know re watch old videos in the future but this song trash ngl

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    copped that audi and i ran that check up and i aint even been out here a week 💪🏼🔥💯🥶😈

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    Hit dat like button if you tried of YouTube being mad late bout these damn recommendations shoulder put me on this shit 3 years ago

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    Just noticed they showed her titties at 1:00 and they ain’t demonetize the video

  78. Overdose on Positivity

    That jag didn’t do it for him. Gotta have a soull😍


    Can I baby dreaming of you is my addiction like having HIV it's killing me with no drug that can cure me dying slowly don't you see,that I love you deep like hell I'm the King and you be next to me as my Queen can I baby fuck it.

  80. scented candles

    Listening right now


    Im CEBALLOS BOY proud of it fuck it if you like it or not run up on me I'll be you're death dream,put you on that forever sleep.

  82. Charles Bush

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    Banger 🔥🙏🙌

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