Kobra And The Lotus - Trigger Pulse Lyrics

Becoming a resistance, ignition coil tightening
Elevating tension, reached the point of fragmententing
As I turn to dust in the atmosphere
Floating from gravity
I set off like a trigger pulse
Shattering into space
Trigger pulse

Elemental patterns, woven too deep to remove
Convoluted fabric, this body's hardly bullet proof

As I turn to dust in the atmosphere
Floating from gravity
I set off like a trigger pulse
Shattering into space

Rise! Rise against the pulse
Rise! Triggered no more
Colour me encouraged!

As I turn to dust in the atmosphere
Floating from gravity
I set off like a trigger pulse
Shattering into space

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Kobra And The Lotus Trigger Pulse Comments
  1. John Typenice

    this song goes hard ! def gives me the chills

  2. Jason

    Wow a band with three women in it! The on one the left is a little ugly, but the one in the center and center right are hotties.

  3. Davor Buklijas

    I came here as a fan of Seventh Wonder. All I can say well done Tommy! Great find :)
    Great band and enchanting voice

  4. שִׂמְחָה


  5. William Hanes

    The more I listen to them besides You Don't Know I AM IN LOVE!

  6. Francky FX

    Ouiii j'achète,,,,

  7. José Augusto dos Santos


  8. ArwenStarsong

    <3 i will always love Kobra :3. she's the sweetest individual and she is a powerful and unique voice :D!

  9. Volker Schneider

    Found it searching for my favourite bands. You definitely have a new fan.

  10. Mark Easley

    This may be my all time favorite song....love this band and album...so very good...still can't stop playing this CD! Great live also....and what a babe they have for a lead singer....HOT and sings beautifully!

  11. Fernanda Mestriner

    Wtf this voice! Mygosh! U got a fan!

  12. Bruno Silva

    3:15 loved the vocals

  13. NoxAurea

    Female In Flames <3

  14. PetsScreen

    This song is amazing and I love the band so much 😀😀

  15. Eric Mallet

    I really love the lyrics of the song, very spirituality oriented. I had not listened this kind of lyrics since the songs of Symbolic from Death. Really great band :-)

  16. MrDR7no

    Her voice reminds me a lot of the singer of Unleash the Archers

    Jay Johnson

    Fkin' LOVE Unleash the Archers 🐧💙

  17. Mitchell Ross

    This sounds exactly like a Distubed song; even her note choice in the chorus is eerily reminiscent. Not a bad thing; I'm a fan.

    Hello World

    Mitchell Ross I know right that's what I was thinking a very disturbed feeling.


    I can see it. With a bit more distortion and David's voice....

  18. Alex VL

    Great song !

  19. Alan Buffon

    Kobra Paige !!!!

  20. SaadMG

    tat man

  21. uluyurth

    one of the best underrated song

  22. oscar espinoza

    Amazing band lml

  23. Fred Hobbs

    just started working on on getting their back catalog... their first on, out of the pit is hard to find..... love their sound, awesome voice, heavy as F*?k! Thanks for the upload.

  24. Mike

    Vibrato is used more sparingly than the other albums. Cool cool cool.

  25. Christi Goth

    "Cover me in porridge" ?

  26. Jan Rotvik

    Awesome album! \m/\m/ Keep the magic coming.

  27. Steve Sullivan

    1:10 "I got Chicken balls! Shuddering in Jules face! CHICKEN BAAAALLLLS!!!"     Sorry. I so love this band, but it's what I heard.

  28. kksteeler

    too much easy and radio friendly, I want the heavy metal of old Kobras

    Refardeon Las Guevas

    kksteeler indeed i was thinking the same. This song in not as good as many here think. I rather prefer the second album.

  29. BJeans

    Someone suggest to listen to this! I've appreciated, also "You don't know". Thanks a lot, it's a really good band!!

  30. Robert Pack

    This is one of the best songs I've heard this year....nice job Kobra.....Keep it coming

  31. worldimagemedia

    big love to this Band, worldimagemedia staffer love

  32. MicShazam

    Pretty varied so far! I'm a big fan of Gotham, less of the other song I heard. Literally only half a minute into this one. I'm probably buying the disc. Feels like it's going to at least be an interesting experience, no matter if I end up loving it or not. (Which I might).

  33. Douglas Karda

    I love this band!

  34. Josh Smith

    Love it.

  35. INGSOC

    I love it!!!

  36. Jenya The 1st

    Dear Napalm Records, why you didnt suggest me this band before?!
    I feel betrayed

    Jay Johnson


  37. Thexdudetrenton

    I love it ¡ Greetings From Honduras

  38. Daniel. llorca


  39. Leoneedus M

    I am going to a concert next week. I am hyped af. \m/

  40. Joerg Wiegand

    i love she

  41. Mush V. Peets


  42. Camila Bueno

    one more awesome song of Katl

  43. Shadowsoul

    This is good! And bad at the same time, because now the wait for February 2017 will seem much longer...

  44. 3rdEarMusic


  45. Vandrefalk

    "As I turn to dust, in the atmosphere, floating from gravity. I set off like a triggerpulse, shuttling(?) into space. Triggerpulse."
    I must've listened to this tracks hundreds of times by now.. can't wait to see you live with Delain!!! :D

    Mitchell Ross

    Shattering into space; :)

  46. Gabriel O'conner

    What a great song! This band always made amazing albums!!

  47. Paul Martin

    I love it ! Hail Kobra ! \m/

    Vayos ReaperoftheVoid

    *The Joe's Breathing intensifies*

  48. BruceinFalkirk

    Great music. I can'tell catch their next Glasgow appearance but maybe next time

  49. Durandal 980AD

    1 more reason to like Canada, this is Bonza Mate.

  50. Erik Wiles

    where have i been? i havent heard of this band until just now.. good song

    Jen Ferris

    You should also check out Edge Of Paradise, saw them do a show together!

    Erik Wiles

    i will look into it

  51. f il

    i miss charlie!

  52. FrankenSteinsGate

    After listening to this literally all day, I finally realized, this reminds me a _lot_ of In Flames. And that is not at all a bad thing, because this is amazing.

    Jonathan Schoreels

    Guitar riffs, indeed :)

    Ryan G

    Matt Yoh I can't unhear that now.


    I knew I would find such comment eventually :)

    Jay Johnson

    In Flames is Awesome 🐧💙

  53. Danilo vinicius D'Souza

    Eita Porra! Epic music and amazing sound i like it. HAIL KOBRA!

    Marcelo Melo

    BR detected!! ((imaginando gringo dizendo "eita porra"kkkkkk)) |m|

  54. Da Silva

    Phoda demais.......

  55. ChidoriSnake

    How am I just discovering them? Holy hell this is cool!

  56. Mike DLS

    At first I thought that was Ellie Goulding in a metal band

    Niki Gřešková

    no f*cking way! :D This is absolutely completely unmistakably different. :D

  57. Maxim Ivanov

    you are great. I wish you support from the labels I wanna see you go big

  58. Isma RM


  59. Mr T

    a bit too weak for me

  60. Cristhian Amador

    where the hell have I been ? This band it's awesome !!!!


    No. This is literally their only good song.

    Cristhian Amador

    maybe the new album it's going to be good

    Niki Gřešková

    they have a lot of great songs :)

  61. Agarwaen


  62. Darth Yoda

    This. More of this please.

    Jay Johnson

    I'm sad I ONLY found them THIS YEAR 💙😿

  63. Анатолий Шляховый


  64. сергей басаров

    Блин, как же мне нравятся ваши рифы! При прослушивании пальцы сами наигрывают нужные ноты. Чуваки, вы лучшие!

  65. DethronerX

    really like where they are with the heavy tone

  66. Caleb Steele

    Quite surprised... I liked it.

  67. Caleb Steele

    I'm triggered.

    Caleb Steele

    @***** I meant in the SJW way... but I was joking. I like the track, though.

  68. AJ Federowicz

    Fucking hard , great job !

  69. AkiraSpectrum

    cool track!

  70. Taves


  71. Wangavision

    Possibly the best thing KOTL has ever done.

  72. Reth Bloodhand

    Love it! The way KatL continue to evolve and get better and better is just mindblowing.

  73. Marcelo Melo

    whatthafuckisthis? \,,/


    its amazing CANADIAN power metal!!!!!!

    Marcelo Melo

    I know, it's the first time I hear the new song! I'm very impressed with the KATL evolution.

    Jeroen Aerts

    high priestess is really good too

  74. cogitoergo