Kobra And The Lotus - Hell On Earth Lyrics

Trapped in a prison of sickness and pain
Watching the world go by
Sitting in torment, I hear people calling but I can't reply

I'm locked out by my misery, scraping my knees on eternity

Whoa, this is hell on earth
Whoa, I found the devil
The devil's inside me

Oh how I love the taste of my own blood

I am an addict to all my excuses
Belive me I'll find a new vein
Don't try to help me
I won't take it kindly
I'm confortable in my decay

I shut out possibility
I won't admit it, that would make me weak

Whoa, this is hell on earth
Whoa, I found the devil
The devil's inside me

Whoa, this is hell on earth
Whoa, I've let in the devil
For the devil will never blame me

Sympathy, empathy, give it all to me!
Am I sick? Is this a trick?
A devil inside me

Did you think it was going to be that easy?
I'm addicted to my disease
You can't help me!

Whoa, this is hell on earth
Whoa, I found the devil
The devil's inside me

Whoa, this is hell on earth
Whoa, my own hell
My hell on earth

Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth
Hell, hell on earth

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Kobra And The Lotus Hell On Earth Comments
  1. stienen jacky

    It's a wonderful band, this song is great...

  2. Michael Færgegaard

    Now play it at 1.25 speed. You're welcome metalheads.

  3. Thanatosx33

    Amen und attack hehehe...

  4. hamvelt

    Одна из лучших, если не лучшая песня в альбоме. Просто в неё не сразу влюбляешься)

  5. Gus Kosilos

    female jeff tate i hear. cool

  6. William Hanes

    For the Anime fans, I think I just found a new Hell Girl theme song.

  7. Super Duper

    Sounds like the US of Trump

  8. Noel Hughes

    My god I love this song I've listened to it at least 20 times now.

  9. Noel Hughes

    Favorite song on this album! I like them all though!

  10. Lilith Iscariot

    This is very powerful

  11. Jan Pospíšil

    similar Grafotom's Illuminati I saw at Monika Naceva - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-xV0r_X_48👽👸🐝

  12. Good Vibes

    My procastination song ♡

  13. Fairytail Princess

    Love love love!

  14. Goddess Of Nightmares

    Oh how I love the taste of my own blood. 😻 I love this song and kobra including her band kobra and the lotus the snake goddess always prevails. ❤❤❤❤

  15. Antoine Cortis

    wow i love this song a lot \m/ \m/

  16. Yayan Ahdian

    this band remain me of Luna Mortis

  17. chrysalis

    Cheesy lyrics, but powerful song!

    Svetlana Volkova

    chrysalis cheesy? In this moment and Butcher Babies take that crown...

  18. elGusty agq

    Impresionante está banda!! Lo mejor que escuche en 2017!! Cada disco lástima no puedo conseguir en Argentina Heavy metal del mejor!! \../

  19. Chaos & Propaganda

    Sounds like fun sing along metal to see live.

  20. Alan 123

    me gusta la canción y ella

  21. Victor Strange

    Awesome Track

  22. Pamela Willetts

    Fantastic song + go see them live fantastic 😊

  23. Marko Mansikka

    This song shot me straight in the heart

  24. Clement Gaillard

    only song I liked from this album by now...

    Svetlana Volkova

    Clément G you have pretty bad taste of this is the only song you enjoyed on the album.

  25. thanatorz

    Wtf napalm records instagram page got me here. Wasnt disapointed :D

  26. Abandoned Mountain

    so cool and hypersnrfy song and lyrics, Kobra'z vocals iz so hypersnrfyly coolzzz like alwayzzzz i lovezzz it 😍😈😍😈😍😈😍😈

  27. MrUncleslayer

    Great song!

  28. RenegadeWolf Photography

    Awesome track, Awesome album

  29. Catalin Ion

    I saw them at Underworld for the first time, they are brilliant live . I'll do again on the next opportunity.


    Best song of Prevail !

  31. King Curmudgeon

    Well that was an uplifting feel good track.

  32. Александр Стаховский


  33. joeeddore

    A great song from a great album. They were brilliant live in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. If you get a chance go see them.

  34. Mokariginus Gonçalves

    Nossa essa banda é uma merda que bosta!!!!

  35. Hans Martin Steinsland Østensen

    I love the singer, and the video is kinda creepy

  36. Joseph Freese

    It's pretty metal.

  37. Gordon Carmichael

    Awesome, lot of references to addiction too, wonder why they wrote this

  38. Barry Filter

    I really don't understand those people who said that they lost speed and power wit their last Album.

    Listen to this and tell me that this is not speedy enough?

    Svetlana Volkova

    Barry Filter people are just used to listening to generosity shit like ITM and Butcher Babies. This is awesome, so is Check the Phyrg abd basically every song on the album.

  39. Diana Rune

    Wow!... I love it. :)

  40. Marie-Therese Ward

    Love this song, great band and lovely people. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Dublin a few weeks ago and they were amazing \m/

    Aido g

    Marie-Therese Ward I was there too. We can count ourselves lucky to have seen them in a venue like that,they were class, brilliant live band.....was a great night!!

    Marie-Therese Ward

    Yes it truly was, I stayed to meet them afterwards and they are such nice people and amazing artists.

    Aido g

    Marie-Therese Ward I had to run for the bus back to Limerick 😖
    Keep on rockin!!

  41. Aido g

    Awesome song. What a band!!

  42. Kaotsouki Faskeloma

    Hell is earth.

  43. azavor

    Второй диск-то будет, нет? Или передумали уже?

  44. mastermanio2

    inb4 lawsuits over epileptic seizures

  45. ArwenStarsong

    Added to my youtube music playlist :D how did you guys do the video effects? They were super wicked ;)! Awesome as always, KATL! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  46. Thexdudetrenton

    Ohh how I love the taste of my own blood 😍

  47. Itan Thetitan

    hell on earth 2006

  48. José Augusto dos Santos


  49. Nicki Collis

    This song is alright, but not a big of this band

    Svetlana Volkova

    Nicki Collis oh please, go back to generic shit like ITM and Butcher Babies. This is badass.


    Yeah, this band is lackluster at best, formulaic and boring.

  50. Pogo Cat

    Kobra and Lotus sexually molested me

    Renegade Notehead

    Lucky bastard! :)


    You make it sound like it's a bad thing?

    Vladislav G

    And i like it!

  51. Jamila Andersson

    Awesome and Cool

  52. Karin Åberg

    I love this song. I hope they will make a music video.

  53. Nefertitis Guber

    ah,que buen video,fabuloso😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  54. Sebastián Nahuel Paz


  55. Ryan G

    I got pulled over for the first time while listening to this lol.

  56. сергей лавров

    нормально только почему все дергается и в одном цвете? и зачем эти буквы в середине экрана?


    Что-же это Вы Сергей Викторович, в рабочее время клипы на напалме смотрите? ^.^

  57. V3ntilator

    I were lucky to see Kobra and the Lotus live in Norway 2-3 years ago. :)

  58. Magmelok

    Ooh I like this

  59. John Doe

    This is good not big fan of the band but this song is very good.

    Svetlana Volkova

    John Doe you suck if you’re not a big fan.

  60. corey 666 360

    Now it looks like old Kobra And The Lotus.

  61. Eduardo Machado

    Great song...


    Eduardo Machado ...?

  62. Mike m.

    My wifey😜

  63. merve

    klipte sarkida yarragim gibi olmus

    Le Sacro Saint Depardieu

    gardrop fuat sorry i don't understand elfic. 😉

  64. Jake pilmore