Knopfler, Mark - Terminal Of Tribute To Lyrics

On the road again in cabaret
Grey hair and Fenders
Old ghosts revisited today
No original members

Pick out a pretty one and toss your hair
Seems foolish when you’re older
You always felt you never had your share
A chip on both your shoulders

You’ve been faking it so long
Now you don’t know right from wrong
Or what the future has in store for you
In the terminal of tribute to

Every day you take the bitter pill
The minibus driver says and you are who
You never made it and you never will
In the terminal of tribute to

Where your plans are forever falling through
And your dreams are movies never shot
And you’re someone, a shadow passing through
Nobody ever knew, so nobody forgot

Your bag has fallen from the carousel
They say one day it could come back to you
Exactly when nobody can tell
In the terminal of tribute to

You’ve been faking it so long
Now you don’t know right from wrong
Or what the future has in store for you
In the terminal of tribute to

You’ve been faking it so long
Now you don’t know right from wrong
Or what the future has in store for you
In the terminal of tribute to

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Knopfler, Mark Terminal Of Tribute To Comments
  1. IZ5DKJ

    Un capolavoro

  2. Monsieur Feedback

    Encore une pépite. Et il les enchaine apparemment sans le vouloir, comme en concert lorsqu'il semble toujours aussi surpris de la fascination qu'il exerce… Mark, j'avoue : je suis fasciné.

  3. Claudio Bondi

    Con questa Mark ha tirato fuori il porche

  4. Joe Trent

    So glad I purchased the Tracker Deluxe CD at the time of release. All of the bonus tracks, especially this one are my favourites on the album.

    Michael M.

    Was traveling thru the desert southwest a couple years ago with this CD playing, especially this song.With snow on the mountain tops, gorgeous scenery, and this song playing words cannot describe the feelings a person can get when all these work together!!!

  5. Paulo P. Gouveia

    Not very good. Maybe directed to A Clark or C White.

    Papis Diaw

    Je souhaite une longue vie et une excellente santé a tous ceux qui l'aideront a traduire fidèlement cette merveilleuse chanson de knopfler


  6. Ahuto Yeptho

    you are legend n unique sir mark

  7. barry clarke

    Dam how many good songs does he put out, the best ones are the ones that grow on u, he gets beta with age !

  8. david phillips

    Yeah,really growing on me.

  9. Melodi Var Öngel

    ohh listening to it over and over again!! can't stop

  10. Ruth Mcadam

    Everybody knows at least one person like about who he's singing....

  11. Paul Wilkinson

    I can so very much hear Hendrix in this track . Awesome !


    Exactly. I posted a similar comment months ago ;)
    Same inverted chords vide.

  12. Jessica Ann Morrison

    "And your dreams are movies never shot"

  13. Silvia Nem

    Eu amo as músicas desse homem.sua voz é um espetáculo,suas mãos são mágicas nessa guitarra

  14. Glenn Kavanagh

    I still like basil/skydiver, the rest is more or less meh.. ✌️

    James Bruister

    Glenn Kavanagh you nuts bro

  15. Willem van Wasburgen

    This is what I call Sovereign Guitarplaying. Nothing compares to the guitar of Mark Knopfler!

    Michael M.

    So right!!!!!!

  16. Alexander Roß


  17. Bob Middleton

    Not the Knopfler I know. This guy is even better. Bob Middo

    sebas de bordeaux

    no better than the usual Knopfler for me, but very good indeed!!

  18. mp gogo

    Best track on Tracker

    Michael M.


  19. David Edwards

    A bonus track from tracker. Why a bonus it's magic.

  20. Xavier Hamel

    Un tres tres grand morceau ... quasiment du niveau de télégraph .... une merveille - le refrain est splendide et le solo final beaucoup trop court mais formidable


    Ouais le groove est mortel, la prod et les arrangements sont sublimes (knopfleriens). Assurément l'un des meilleurs morceaux que j'ai écoutés ces dernières années.

    sebas de bordeaux

    excellente chanson c'est vrai mais aucun rapport avec le génie de "telegraph" !!! excuse mais comment peux tu comparer???

    Xavier Hamel

    dieu sait que j’ai adoré TR depuis presque 40 ans .....

    mais je considère qu’il y a d’autres chefs d’œuvres dans sa discographie, et j’avoue que ce morceau est magnifique ..... de toutes façons j’aime presque tout ce que Mark a composé , c’est bien simple

  21. Detlef Davis

    Here's one for you Stef Price

  22. ilanbar17

    Great song. was immediately added to "my favorites"

    Carlos Pires Correia


  23. knopfleru

    meravigliosa è dire poco!

  24. numv2

    I can listen to that song 50 times in a row. It's a good one, trust me ;)

    mp gogo

    same! It's just a perfect track. love it

    Michael M.

    At least 50!!!

    Karl Hallman

    yep, im at 5 or 6 now.

  25. cwmiller2006

    ok so someone must tell me what this song is about...i love the song !

    Fredrik Jönsson

    I think mark could not care less. he got all the money he will ever need. he does not need anything from Dire Straits anymore.

    Floyd Foxler

    I believe this songs is a general critic of all tribute bands, who make money and tour all over the world over other people's work.

    Dave Cotant

    oh no....this is about the dire straits tribute band.....its a shot at phil palmer baby....from the tossing of the hair right down to it all. palmer started the band and even got as cocky enough to say he can play all the guitar parts as well as mark if mark doesn't want to ever appear with then from time to time. pissed mark off big time. someone making a living on his music and his name......ever thinkof why mark didn't show for the hall of fame induction? had to do with the hall snub in its self, but this tribute band thing weighed heavy on him as well.


    I guess it's no accident either that this song has more of a DS vibe to it than much of his other recent work...

    Sophie Danze

    Yep...but what Phil Palmer or who else forgot is that Mark is not just a guitar player! He is a unique SOUL❤.
    He only gathered and kept around him musicians sharing the same values: exigence but deep humility and devotion to MUSIC, not selling souls to the devil for money.
    Love you what you ve become, love your band of men...

  26. Ahmed Ezzammoury

    best song on the album


    always love coming across a Knopfler track I'd not heard before.. hint of Clapton in their i detect.

    Paulo K

    This song reminds me of Let it Grow.

    Donald McFungus

    i agree.

  27. simon grech

    Bloody awesome

  28. numv2

    Wonderful. Great Hendrixian chords groove.

    sebas de bordeaux

    some chords and his touch too is a bit "hendrixian" as you say.. funny