Knopfler, Mark - Let It All Go Lyrics

When it's pop goes the weasel
Let go of the easel
You don't want
This rickety rackety life
It's seat of the trousers
It's all sink or swim, son
I'd kill to get crimson
On this palette knife
And I'd steal in a minute
I'm up to here in it
You here behaving
As though I'm a saint
Get a job with a pension
Don't ever mention
You once had a craving
For the brushes and paint

So go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go

A hack writer judges
My swipes and my smudges
He doesn't like pictures
With blotches and blots
The drawing room tea set
Wants horses, sunsets
Sweet nothings -
The seaside with yachts
Here's the end of the thirties
No time for arties
Over in Poland
A right old to-do
So go join the navy
The air force or the army
They'll all be enrolling
Young fellows like you

So go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go

These are not my decisions
Flaming visions
Ringing expressions
The clamouring voice
It's volcanic desire
The unquenchable fire
It isn't a question
Of having the choice
Anyway, now I'm old
But if you won't be told
If you've been created
To answer the call
All passion and lust
Is going to end in the dust
But you'll hang on some
Government gallery wall

You must go, forget it
Let it all go, let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Go, forget it
Let it all go, let it all go
Go, forget it, let it all go
Let it all go

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Knopfler, Mark Let It All Go Comments
  1. MrThomasv

    Mark with the stratacastor... like it should be.

  2. Екатерина Кулигина


  3. 전흥식

    굿 .... 땡큐

  4. Rainer Diaz-Floyd

    If it were only so Easy MK!!!

  5. laura montedo

    Bravo Marck
    Hermoso tema y siempre dulce y una letra hermosa
    Ven a Uruguay
    Pleas por favor!!!!!
    Love you Marck 💜♥️💜💜

  6. Silicon Tusher

    Really, Love You Knopfler!

  7. Chris Evans garden services jones Jones

    Awsummm ❤️❤️❤️❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😎😎😎😎🎤🎤🎬

  8. Scott Harrison

    the bassist resembles Sting

  9. Jon Gowan

    Make it talk mark.You’re the best.

  10. PhukIT1865

    I think I saw a pick? I have never seen MK play with a pick ever


    around 1:15 wow


    Yeah, I've rarely seen a live recording where he uses a pick either- maybe for this one it was for easier access to the whammy bar

  11. Jeroen Kuilman

    Another beautiful song.

  12. uh1c-chief n/a

    When loud children get tired of loud noise we welcome them into the music of Mark Knopfler.

  13. John Motta Cabrera

    Eres el mejor amigo Mark.

  14. Priyadarshan Nag

    First time I see Mark play with a plectrum 😃

  15. Mauro Antonio Caputo

    Semplicemente fantastico

  16. Mario K.

    Einfach nur schön!

  17. Constantin Kostenczyk

    Well done , Maister Knopfler is one the best in the music of real life : Maitre , like BB King ....tschuß/servus dragilor ol over the world ...kit


    Genial saludos desde Colombia

  19. Douglas R Wallack

    So much heart in this man! Thanks Marks for your gifts... :-)

  20. Tania Mara Selinga Iess

    Mark Knopfler, and guitar.From BRAZIL.♫🎸).♪

  21. Claudio Larosa


  22. Jason Calacanis

    nicely done mark

  23. Tjerkje Hofstra

    Thank you for your beautiful music, i love it always :)

  24. ed schneider

    Let it all go? I was thinking math, and wondered about now, eleven years later.

  25. Blues Bird

    Super like always!!!

  26. Edith Moreira

    MK pra sempre 💙💙

  27. Antonietta Sorrentino

    Complimenti voce bellissima molto rilassante 💓🎸🎼😍😘

  28. Gab. Man.

    I wish I could let all the bad go right now.

  29. Dave Cotant

    damn i love this man's music. i'm 56 and i grew into a young adult listening to dire straits and now as i age and see life differently i can have mark, who is also aging and sees things differently as just speaks to me.

    Rembert Jones

    Dave Cotant same here pal

  30. Adileia Del Puerto de Abreu


  31. Amedeo Filippi

    Beautiful music and he is the best

  32. Cristiano Ferreira

    Obrigado Deus por colocar em nosso meio Mark Knopfler, o coração da música. Deus abençoe seu trabalho Mark, e que não deixe acabar as mais belas melodias acompanhadas de lindas mensagens. Minha inspiração 🎶

  33. Ron L

    I thank God for Mark Knopfler, a gift and talent for our times, if not for the ages!!

  34. Flávio Luis Noronha

    He is a gênio!

  35. Tina Kurtidi


  36. Antonietta D'Auria

    Semplicemente il numero UNO! The Best! The KING!

  37. Manuela Gil

    Mark Knopfler THE BEST guitarist 😄🎶🎵🎸🎵🎶


    yes, is the best

    Manuela Gil

    Armandinho 💋

    Annalise Kristensen

    Andrea berg

  38. Mike Leeds

    Doing America any time soon? KC, MO?

  39. Rahul

    your fans are waiting for you. We like to see you again on a live concert.

  40. WLF Josh


  41. Jim hammond

    Big thanks to the Mark Knopfler Channel for posting these great quality videos. Can't wait to see him live again.

  42. magui G


  43. Vall Guittar

    Show mestre! What compressor?

  44. deb8tn

    Mark, you are such a great talent. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have made over the years.

  45. Adriana Soares

    vem pro Brasil mark 😍

  46. Adriana Soares

    vem pro Brasil mark 😍



    Roseane Oliveira

    Meu sonho

  47. p.k.j.

    안녕 하세요?
    언제나 감사한 마음으로
    듣고 있습니다.
    그리고 사랑 합니다
    당신의 음악을.또 그음악을 만들고 부르는 당신과 맴버들을 ...
    새해 복 많이 받으시고
    행복 하시기 바람니다.

  48. Frank'N Guitars

    Never saw him play with a pick before

    Gab. Man.

    Frank'N Guitars had to stop the video to focus on that! did I really see a pick in his hand???

    Rob Osborne

    I know. I thought the same thing.

    Gab. Man.

    Rob Osborne anyway, he's just as amazing as usual... regardless of how he chooses to play!

    Juan Ramirez

    Yan Iamamoto .

  49. Lachlan F

    i've always wondered what it means by 'kill to get crimson' its so poetic

    David Kieltyka

    The character in the song is a painter, and crimson (a rich and yet almost sparkly red) is an elusive and difficult hue to mix with a typical set of base colors. So he’d be thrilled (would “kill”) to get it right.

  50. TreChiodi

    Grande Mark!