Knopfler, Mark - Heart Full Of Holes Lyrics

You can tell me your troubles
I'll listen for free
My regulars trust me, it seems
You can come and see Uncle
To get through the week
Leave your pledges with me to redeem
Some folk sell their bodies
For ten bob a go
Politicians go pawning their souls
Which doesn't make me
Look too bad, don't you know
Me, with my heart full of holes
All my yesterdays broken
A watch with no face
All battered and old
Bits of the movement
All over the place
And a heart full of holes
A heart full of holes
A heart full of holes

Brass knuckles and banjos
Are out on the town
At the knees-up
In Teddy Boys' Row
The gold block and tackle
Tells the time upside down
Rock n' roll - well, I don't know
Dead people's wedding gifts
Walk out the door
A clarinet squeals to be free
Accordions hop
From the shelves to the floor -
Start playing their polkas to me

There's a ringing of bells
A dunderhead's curse
Fingers are pointing at you
And you take work in hell
And be glad it's not worse
And you get to the back of the queue
Handcuffs and hunting knives
Clang on the bars
Air pistols shoot out the lights
I've a whole Wailing Wall
Of electric guitars
Could shatter the windows
Down Brick Lane tonight

If one of us dies, love
I think I'll retire
See my boys and my beautiful girls
A Garden of Eden
No gates or barbed wire
Who knows, maybe gates made of pearls
Well, if we go to heaven
And some say we don't
But if there's a reckoning day
Please God, I'll see you
And maybe I won't
I've a bag packed to go either way

Redeeming your pledge, dear
I'll keep it for you
It's not going to go anywhere
But your soul, your soul
That is not what I do
There's not a lot I can do there
I remember the officer's watch
In my hand:
'Repair it or die' I was told
It's a wonder to me -
I still don't understand
Why I ever survived to be old
With a heart full of holes
A heart full of holes
A heart full of holes

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Knopfler, Mark Heart Full Of Holes Comments
  1. Christopher

    This is such a perfect blend of lyrics and music... absolutely stunning. One of his very best songs imho. The album as a whole is totally underrated, some of his best storytelling.

  2. jrflyrobin

    I recently saw MK and band in Milwaukee. Fantastic concert. I always thought this song was about a bartender. It is so much deeper. Glad he included it in his set list.

  3. Christopher Rampley

    It's all I could ever say. Play this when they put me in the ground, I could never say it better. Thank you Mr. Knpf.

  4. Krakers

    This song makes me think about great polish song "Pomarańcze i mandarynki"

  5. Dailystar

    One person put dislike for this mesmerizing song. My dear disliker i feel sorry for you. Within all my heart.

  6. israelmagazine

    il y a eu Elvis Presley , les Beatles et...... Mark Knopfler

  7. PlZfindAname

    The only musician I have over 100 songs in my playlist, and I dicovered this one only yesterday. He is truly a music genius!


    Me too. Almost endless songs that I don't just like, but absolutely love.

    Niamh Curtin

    Most definitely! I don’t think I have over 100 though unfortunately. I am 13 and I absolutely adore Mark Knopfler! Just sit in the car and watch the world go by. The lyrics of his songs have a meaning and they are so powerful! ❤️ A musical masterpeice!

  8. Peter Turner

    Only found his folk albums in the last month. In time, this genre will overshadow his work in Dire Straits? Discuss. Peter Turner, Old England.

    Jock Tamson

    Knophler was born in Glasgow his music is very Celtic yes when he goes roots it will be better than Dire Straights cos its timeless the work of Robert Burns is still remembered same with this guy strip it down to bare bones sing with your heart guys got the soul of a poet to so why not only guy to go play country to late on and still have the same feeling and be accepted by all the Nashville crew who were born into it in there blood


    @Jock Tamson He has Hungarian origins too. I'm Hungarian and he is my number one musician.


    Jock Tamson He was born in Glasgow, but his mother is English, father Hungarian. Lived there until 7 years old then moved to Blyth near Newcastle, which is where a lot of the stories in his songs are based.

    Abraham Gross

    @andreandi24 Mark records his biography (almost obsessively) in his songs. Now, does he have a song which goes back to his Hungarian roots? Could this one be that song?

    Marty Howe

    I don't think so. Dire Straits is the format from which we discovered/knew Mark. His early guitar work was much more prevalent on the songs & commanded attention. His solo work much more laid back, & guitar taking more of a "back seat" to the overall production of the song. Much like no matter how good McCartney's solo work (and exceedingly longer) might of been, his first remembrance will be with the Beatles. As a side note, I think Mark's newest solo album (Down the Road Wherever) is the best overall of his solo work.

  9. happykatau

    One of his better songs from within the last ten years, in my eyes. Nice :)