Knopfler, Mark - Follow The Ribbon Lyrics

The day's been a while fading
Seems like we have slowed
My eyes are getting weary
Can barely see the road
Been a while since we left behind the city lights
There's just a line winding through the night

Yesterday's lie scattered
Like broken swords and shields
Like the used up shells and bullets
On a hundred battlefields
When, I think of all the close calls
Both sides of love and death
Sometimes I can hardly get my breath

But I'll follow the ribbon anyhow
I'll follow the ribbon
That's all right for now
Up in the high country
Or down where the river flows
Wherever it goes

Don't care if they like it
Don't care if they don't
Never did much care about
If they will or won't
If all you want to know is acorns
Rootin' me a patch of earth
What can you praise
That's really any worth

I'm just living with the ringing
Of tomorrow's ancient rhymes
The road ahead may be shorter
Than the one we left behind
If there's whiskey in the bottle
Leave some for me
I'll get to it, eventually

I'll follow the ribbon
By the cold lagoon
Follow the ribbon
Under the helpless moon
Winding through the dark hills
Where a million stars a-falls
Wherever it goes

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