Knight, Sterling - Hanging Lyrics

How 'bout a little bit of soul, some integrity.
I'm not talkin' about no fake kinda feeling
But the girl in my dreams will be
For real without a doubt so

I don't know who you are but find your way to me
Uh, in no rush to see

Baby, I'm hanging, hanging on for you
(I'm hanging) That's where it is, go 'bout my business

Hanging, hanging on for you
And you'll be mine in future time
It's true ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

How 'bout we wait a couple years till you do it right
I gotta a little game left
Soon I'mma hang up in a play and share this line
And you can do the same yes

Cause this horizon soon will focus into view, yeah
Uh, in no rush to see

Baby, I'm hanging, hanging on for you
(I'm hanging) That's where it is, go 'bout my business

Hanging, hanging on for you
And you'll be mine in future time
It's true ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

There's no rush, we will touch
And it will be a whole other level girl
Just one kiss, yes this is
The heaven that will conquer the devil's world
Uh, in no rush to see

Baby, I'm hanging, hanging on for you
(I'm hanging) That's where it is, go 'bout my business

Hanging, hanging on for you
And you'll be mine in future time

Hanging, hanging on for you
(I'm hanging) That's where it is, go 'bout my business

Hanging, hanging on for you
And you'll be mine in future time
It's true ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Hanging, hanging on for you
(I'm hanging) That's where it is, go 'bout my business

Hanging, hanging on for you
And you'll be mine in future time
It's true

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Knight, Sterling Hanging Comments
  1. ohmyvoid

    i miss this song 😢😢😢

  2. Cho G.S

    Seriously. Disney should make a continuation of SWAC even if it's 2019. I would be super happy if it happens. But I know, it won't. When Disney made a ship that we loved so so much, then crashed our hopes so so bad.

  3. - highlightjjk -

    This just makes the ending sadder

  4. thaniele leticia

    Eu amo sterling knight

  5. Kristina Mir

    Chad,Chad,Chaddi di Chad…

  6. CєƖєѕтιαƖ Mσση

    They left me hanging with an unhappy ending for SWAC

  7. salwa as

    March 5 today is sterling's bday 😊😊

  8. Mari Vidal

    I love him, since Sonny With A Chance <3

  9. Hailey Stalion

    it's better when you turn it in speed 2 trust me IT'S AWESOME!

  10. hanbaobao12

    holy gosh this is my new jam! so addicting, too bad i discovered it 6 years too late... still praying for a sonny with a chance season 3... ONE DAY I STILL HAVE HOPE

    Pika Chu

    Lmao Ikr


    2019 and I'm still here listening with hope

    nikiii bnfc

    Actually there is a season 3 but it was renamed SO RANDOM and it's without Demi Lovato

  11. MakaylaRay

    what episode does he sing this in

    Mediocre Gamer

    unfortunately he doesn't sing this in the show

  12. Larissa Caroline

    channy <3

  13. k.lina.g 4518

    uh, no rush to see (my fave part)

  14. Accio_Fan_6797

    to the person who uploaded this: THANK YOU!!!!!!! my new favourite song!!! love sterling and trying to find clips of him singing!! thank you so much!!!!!!!! to Sterling: thank you just for being alive :) <3

  15. Naomi Vicks

    he snapped

  16. Rebelde Rodriguez

    autotunes he couldnt sing. much perfect.

    Rebelde Rodriguez


    Rebelde Rodriguez

    Im just the opposed of him

    Rebelde Rodriguez

    Please Let m alone i critiqued him months ago

    Rebelde Rodriguez

    Jaja he removed his video

    Arya C

    Niebes Silveiro He actually can sing.

  17. Rebelde Rodriguez

    does somebody hate him??

  18. Rebelde Rodriguez

    never in life Loser

  19. Jordann Pastel

    Going from black veil brides to this? Fucked up child hood 😶😶❤️

  20. Tanya Pearson

    Hi hi hey sterling how are you doing nothing for you well bad thanks you have you something but the baby about this whole testing I talked about last night was pretty awesome enjoy last night on video 13 last night really good very good last night of all I want to talk with photo you got any got any Earth fault what photos yeah I think your photo is good I think it's a baby pictures of baby at all to scan baby I think my baby I think well yes you must be a girl boy thing will you be a girl do you know that letting your girlfriend I'm not your girlfriend not your girlfriend Pokemon you said you said you're going to love me that's my life call of course I do because I love you I want to marry your daughter I wouldn't know you know I don't want to bother you with my daughter because I want to know you cuz I want to be your daughter your silly neither do I need when we know just going to close just going to work going to work would work or buy how many days are you working for about 5 weeks BA5 weeks now until tonight and just do my homework baby 5 weeks do my homework for me I know baby I know it's only 5 weeks baby until we have this baby comes out there and you only meaning of a baby only mean you are having a baby together if you want will have a boy or a girl what you think we should have a boy or girl maybe a girl yes you did good name for a forgot the password to your work this is only 5 days in 5 weeks and TV I know you're going to pass level work and you've got a bout it I know but the passing level the door because the pass it on to The Diner is it ok with me then you don't that's alright I know I'm working with you you know that don't worry only love you baby don't you worry I'm going to pass somewhere With the Zohan worked on like cuz we are going to pass on testing out of my league I will homework until I say I do that means you are in love me don't you cuz I do cuz I love you cuz I want to know you yes yes I want to marry you course I do I want to be with you baby I'll be there for you thank you and I'll be there for you baby always no one else just me and you

  21. Tanya Pearson

    Hi Aaron bishop I love your baby hiring hello Helen hello is your not you doing if you are not sure what you want do you not want to do anything you what's going on Avon what's going on in there man what's going on with you and love it you and Robin you are in and Lauren Lauren yes thank you it was going on what's going on what's going on in your head because you told me that you that you thought you were so that you were what you told me that you lied to me that you want to go out with your husband with your husband and your husband your husband I'll ring hello are we are yeah that's what it is you want it what are they getting married you know when are you getting married no because I don't know if you want your love it's all good I thought you would love it I thought you was her know before you were I thought you look loving each of you is looking for is looking for you ain't going to ask you to marry you want to me I'll see you tomorrow you want a login going to ask you to want me to see you what you want me to see you tomorrow why why was me see you tomorrow what's up is it because you lied top universities like universal oh my god it's getting all wet now I said I didn't mean it anime what do you mean anything you like to meet you know now that you've alright but we would suggest something oh yeah something about it what do you want to meet me you want to meet you show them knowing who does Lauren Lauren Lauren still don't want to meet me who does why why don't you want me to meet you is it because of it is it bad it its it's bad wildbad why did Dad why bad because you are kissing in your keeping him you're keeping him no way I give my boyfriend to myself I get my boyfriend to myself self what what to get your boyfriend to self is your husband and your best boyfriend ever he's nothing to do with me ever again if you can keep it I don't care I don't really care I don't care I don't care for me and boyfriend

  22. Tanya Pearson

    Hi aaron bishop I love you will marry me hi Alan Wren Avenue mean Aaron yes yes hello hello hello I'm reading hello hello yes Amazon I haven't talked to you in days so when you going to marry me already yes yes I'll marry you yes I know that you got me yes babe I will yea yea yea yea yea I'm using without shortly wow next week I went to the house nursery Tavern want it went to the house nursery I want to go into the house now see me too I do as well but the New York apartments holiday yes New York apartments holiday yes yes me too well but in something about you you Hotel I've got you really cuz you got the oven I love you I love you please note the oven please have a wedding on sea in the oven I'm a wedding on a seat in urine no way I went over if you want me to marry you coffee will yes I will yes I do yes I will they have said it yes I love you I love you babe love my heart we see me tomorrow we see me tomorrow see you tomorrow will are you tomorrow anyway and I are you um I'm going to be tomorrow and tomorrow I'm going to the beach tomorrow at redcar Redcar Potter you're a wanker possibly know it's really really love my god you going out tomorrow Come on Eileen it's not the phone I want that is not the phone I want that what are you doing I would babe what are you doing nothing I was just telling you because I love you and I want to cheat on you I want to have sex with you all the time I want to f*** you all the time I want to f*** you all the time all the time I can see you all the time

    Tanya Pearson

    What are doing like kisser

  23. Maya S

    he's my prince charming eversince 2009!!! xxx

  24. KittyKat 107

    I love this song

  25. Maria Ferrao

    Love u. U are the best...

  26. Dayanara Torres

    I love this song it's so cool and awesome

    Jordann Pastel

    Same ❤️

  27. Stephanie Mcroberts

    i love sonny with a chance but i dont think i heard this song before

    Stephanie Mcroberts

    Oh well I guess its OK then lol

    Noelia V. D.

    hahahahaha, ok .

    Jordann Pastel

    I only ever heard of when I bought the album ❤️

    Arya C

    +Noelia V. D. There was going to be a third season and How Do We Do This would've been on it but it never happened. Maybe Hanging could've been performed as well.

  28. mely sosa

    I love it

  29. Stephystar

    I can't believe this is a Disney song, it was actually on the Sonny With A Chance soundtrack oh gosh lol

  30. Erin Villalobos

    which episode was this in

  31. katie s

    please make this available on mobile!!


    like you sterling 

  33. Annabelle Wong

    Which episode was this in?

  34. Amanda Davison

    He is kinda cute

  35. Kaitlin Durkee

    I love this song!!!!

  36. Chloe Tam

    Me too :) @Elizabeth Vivanco

  37. Aarushi Gupta

    GAAAAH! this totally screams channy! CHANSICLES

  38. Elizabeth Vivanco

    Love his songs

  39. It'sSwagProduction

    <3<3<3<3<3 flawless guy...adorable guy....<3 and don't tell me that ia m crazy about him :P i wub him! <3

  40. SassyHalfBloods Percabeth

    when Sterling says "uhh" omggg SEX ON LEGS, Sterl

  41. A'isyah F

    Sterling! :*

  42. armutiger5129

    OMG i have been watching Sterling/Chad filled episodes of SWAC and Im like TOTALLY in love with him now!! I especially love his voice <3

  43. mari anne

    I didn't like the end of sonny with a chance :( they should have ended together!!

  44. Mahek kaur anand

    He's so hot

  45. Jaylee Dylan

    I want 2010 back!

  46. Hayley Wong

    This song was not in any of the episodes

    Limelight Bella

    Hayley XD it was on the soundtrack

  47. gone gone

    Tão.. tão .. Perfect!

  48. Anyuchang


  49. MANYAK

    İ love sterling

  50. TheFRIBExx BandXX

    I really love his voice .its so nice

  51. Tamzin Carolan

    Disneys gone downhill since they got rid of sonny and wizands

  52. Aviva

    Is this in the show? What episode?

  53. ninel perez

    i love sterling he is so cutte -3 im uppses with him since like i saw the first season of sonny with a chance but got even more uppses with him when i saw starstruck theres a funny song that he sings in sonny with a chance it goes chad chad chady chad chad its funny and catchy if your a big fan of sterling search in youtube chads awesome birthday song thanx!!!!!!

  54. kiara sidhu

    i think every one wants sterling he is an really good actor and an epic singer i love him so much <3

  55. heyitscleo1

    0:58 Did he just say that he is gonna wait for me?

  56. Sydney Wurtzel

    i love this song so much and i wish he was my boyfriend and i call dibbs on him

  57. Sydney Wurtzel

    lol same here

  58. EwuNiaaa189

    on ma na prawdę dobry głos, taki...wspanaiły..oby więcej piosenek pisał i wydawał !

  59. kiki246810

    I like Sterling alot more than Zac Effron...

  60. D*ana ♠

    What is he doing now that he isn't on So Random anymore?

  61. Shirley Mackenzie

    I LOVE YOU STERLING! You're so hot!

  62. Mary Grace Domingo


  63. jim havner

    Him n Demi shud do a song!

  64. Eli

    This is my boyfriend Uh, No rush to see!

  65. theblueranger

    OMG! He HAS a girlfriend now!?? I am going to hunt her down and KILL her! :P Who is she anyway?

    salwa as

    ayla kell
    You have no write to speak like that

  66. MilaStevy

    He should going on with the music. ♥

  67. meme rene

    i know right <3<3

  68. Cristina Bolaños


  69. Aleksandra Djuric

    Hey girls!!!!!!
    We so have chance with Sterling.
    His girlfriend isn't enough beautiful for him!!!!!

  70. InnerRedNeckWoman

    kiss your hand 5 times then post this on another video there will be and pink ipod under your pillow

  71. Destiny Rose

    i love him he is so cute and his voice is sexy

  72. Denver Dee

    that one when he sings 'chad chad chaddy chad chad' for dokotas bday he sings really badly but its funny

  73. Shinee Sparks

    Yeah, thanks for the reply. I remember in an episode o SWAC the "New Girl" Chad sings weirdly

  74. SassyHalfBloods Percabeth

    "Uh, no rush to see" dang it! he's damn sexy as hell!

  75. heisherlobster

    So, they take away Channy...
    Then Sonny With A Chance...
    THAT'S MEAN! :'(

  76. Samantha R


  77. NessaBlume21

    Sterling Knight distracts me from my school work and from my sleep. I've been going to bed @ 2:00am on school days watching him on Sonny With A Chance and listening to his songs. aaaaaaaaaah he's sooooo dreamy..............................

  78. NessaBlume21

    lovin this sooooo much
    missing him on Sonny with a chance, Channy were such a cute couple :(
    <3 Sterling Knight <3 :*

  79. Sabrina Rain Samson

    I miss Channy :(
    He has a great voice. =))

  80. Shinee Sparks

    What episode is that??

  81. Carla Sablic

    haha it´s true:) ♥.♥

  82. Orienthal Spencer

    Opes!i mean me to gil me to

  83. Orienthal Spencer

    Meto girl me to

  84. Orienthal Spencer

    you should of told Demi oh and i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove u and im Demi im your
    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt fan

  85. Kim Bui

    there are actually still in it for years 2012?and there are films of him still in the year 2012??

  86. Jess Wayland

    cool song

  87. sabrina bayonet

    I should make an album.

  88. LOLChanny819

    Happy birthday, Sterling!!!! You're so talented!

  89. MrTimbolinha

    I love yooooooooooooooooooou(and song)!

  90. Antonio Luongo

    This beautiful song and a beautiful show, but he and

  91. anna maria

    @SWACforever101 you are right!!!! i can listen her voice too :D

  92. Maggie V

    Baby I am hanging on for you!! The Best song Love it <3

  93. Katheryn Gallagher

    Sterling <3

  94. SWACforever101

    i dont know why but i just realized it sounds like Demi in the background singing Hanging when he sings it weird but it just does

  95. SWACforever101

    @Maninder592 yea i can c how you think its kinda wrong

  96. Shweta Dutt

    I'm in love with his voice! :O
    And in love with him! :D <3