Knight, Gladys - Since I Fell For You Lyrics

You made me leave my happy home
You took my love and now you're gone
Since I fell for you

Love brings such misery and pain
I guess I'll never be the same
Since I fell for you

It's so bad, It's so sad
I'm in love with you
You love me, then you snub me
But what can I do
I'm still in love with you

I guess I'll never see the light
I get the blues 'bout every night
Since I fell for you
Since I fell for you

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Knight, Gladys Since I Fell For You Comments
  1. James McNulty

    Love this version...and Jarreau's, and Streisand's, and Etta Jones''s such a great song it allows room for a million interpretations.

  2. Crystal Roberts

    I came here from It's Complicated

  3. Bob Rule, Jr.

    What a CLASSY singer!!!

  4. emad ahmed


  5. Gary Jones

    It seems no matter who sings this song it is always a great randition of it. But I personally prefer Al Jarreau's version of this cut. But Gladys knocks it out of the yard fr!


    She kills here & Gladys is gonna kill the super bowl half time show too! Soul—FUL! 👏👏👏

  7. Rhino Black

    Lenny's is untouchable george benson,nina now gladys is the best...

  8. grayvicle

    The sax! Incredible!

  9. Jerry Johnson

    May 28th: Happy birthday R&B-Soul-Gospel-Jazz Singer-Actress Miss Gladys Maria Knight "The Empress of Soul," Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 6 x Grammy Award winner, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Las Vegas Music Awards Legendary, star: Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thank you and God bless. Thanks for the upload, Multiplicityme2too. Blessings

  10. Emiliya P

    ''I can't get you out of my heart''... Amazing performance...Appears in ''It's complicated'' - such great movie!

  11. sweetwildangel1

    I guess I'll never never never see the light !

  12. sweetwildangel1

    Nicely done Gladys 💖

  13. doyen marc

    Blues , love and élegance !

  14. Eric Washington

    my parents favorite singer god i miss them

  15. Kenya Nkhrumah

    Laura Lee does The Most Incendiary Version of This Classic.

  16. Manny Rodriguez


  17. Elizabeth Barbosa

    Amo esse disco dela.

  18. Juerg Landert

    who is playing the sax?

  19. 06monarch

    Gladys is one of the top singers - ever. Lots of good covers of this song, but even Gladys gets a run for her money from Mavis Staples version.


    Check out Al Jarreau and Debbie Davis...North is awesome !!!

  20. Stacy Steele

    <3 How great is this <3

  21. Danielle Farade

    c'est tellement excellent que j'en apprécie chaque notes, chaque nuances, chaque vibrations, Merci

  22. Mike Evans

    very bluesy from one sexy mama and a great singer


    oh yes!

  23. Murp h

    She can do it all --- great vocalist --- pop jazz soul --- wonderful singer for years--

  24. eaglestirreth

    Nina Simone does a great version too...


    Please check out the late Dusty Springfield's version, she was superb.

  25. peter clark

    in love love love with her voice!!

  26. Marta Susana Arce D' Elia

    Maravillosa...acabo de escucharla en "Enamorándome de mi ex", un film del 2009 que dieron en TV. Esta canción hace viajar. Estupenda versión de Mrs. Knight.

  27. crystal reynolds

    This is one of my fav. songs. My mother taught me Ella Fitzgerald & Lenny's versions years ago. Miss Knight, a fav. of mine, sings it nicely as well. :)

  28. Princess BLARITY

    I heard this from it's complicated

    Elaine Leatherman

    Me, too!

    Alyna Michelle Forgus The Hedgehog

    Princess BLARITY r u sure its from the movie its complicated?

    Patches Cessna

    It is.....

    Andrei Jabido


    c f

    So do I . Watching the move right now ...

  29. Andrew McLaughlin

    I just adore this woman ...she can sing anyyyyyy thing :)

  30. John Colas

    Lenny's version is still the best!

    Daniel Forte

    i concur , but pleas remember buddy and ella , who wrote it and sang it first .
    arthur prysock also has a great version .

    dean l

    @John Colas You can't sing can you?......loser!!!

    dean l

    Sorry but I don't even recall posting this but I'm sure you probably sounded very "Good".

    Ramardo T. Hunt

    Laura Lee

  31. Tiffany Ellington

    great song:)

  32. Elizabeth Ravenhill

    Fabulous, and a great scene in the film Its Complicated xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. babyboomerrodg

    always loved ms simones version but in a different way love this as much

  34. Donaduh


  35. Mirian Teresinha

    The best song to my hearth!!!!!!!!

  36. jean callaham

    this is a classic and humble lady i just enjoy all her songs she sing from her heart thanks for such a person as ms.knight

  37. Arlecia White

    I really like this song !!! so jazzy .