Knight, Gladys - It Should Have Been Me Lyrics

I saw my love walking down the aisle
And as he passed me by
He turned to me and gave me a smile

Then the preacher, then the preacher
The preacher joined their hands
And all the people, the people began to stand
When I shouted

"You know that it should have been me"
Instead of her walking with you
You know that it should have been me, oh baby
Gettin' ready to marry you, darlin', darlin', darlin'

You made a promise that we would never part
Then you turned around and you broke my little heart
Now you're standing there saying, "I do"
Holding hands with somebody new

You know that it should have been me
Instead of her standing by you
You know that it should have been me
It should have been me
Gettin' ready to say, "I do"

Then the preacher, oh yeah
The preacher asked that there be silence, please
If any objections to this wedding
Speak now or forever or forever hold your peace

Then I shouted, "It should have been me"
You know that it should have been me
You know that it should have been me
Baby, how could you do this to me? Darlin', darlin', darlin'

It should have been me
Don't you know that it should have been me?
You know that it should have been me
It should have been me
I've been faithful to you, baby, baby, baby

It should have been me
How could you do this to me?
You know that it should have been me

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Knight, Gladys It Should Have Been Me Comments
  1. Deborah Patterson

    Gladys sang what you felt!

  2. Paora Te Pue

    Yvonne Fair awesome soul singer R.I.P.

  3. Cary Revels

    How did that powerful voice fit into that little woman amazing....

  4. Davina Stanton

    I didn't know Gladys sang this.
    Wonderful. 🕊⚘💗


    ~ 1963, here 1968, 1976! Love and honour and respect to our living icon: Gladys Knight!
    Many thousands of hours of enjoyment from she & the tipsy Pips! This song was so ahead of its time in the 1960s.
    R.I.P. here for the icon Norman Whitfield, and this brilliant song still fresh in 2019!! Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  6. Dwayne Jones

    This is a very hurtful song I know many people brought tears and bad memories to the eyes but life goes on and on just like a funeral

  7. Jean North

    raised singiin her music and good too!!!

  8. Addie Brooks

    This record brings tears to my eyes...Robert, you married my 2nd best girlfriend from high school

  9. Melody Sanger

    (MAY 12, 1940 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2008) [09/16/2018]

  10. cheryl cooper

    Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin & Pattie Labelle-don't get no better than that! Gladys can sing anything, miss her, come back woman.

  11. Dwayne Jones

    This song makes me cry tears looking back over my life and when I didn't take things for granted this song have a lot meaning to it Smile and sad cases

  12. Ann Rawlinson

    Amazing woman

  13. Berry Barfield

    GK and the P.,I do love , ✋'s up!

    Shirl E

    Berry Barfield 🤚🏾

  14. stephen dunster

    A British show "The Vicar of Dibley" does a great parody of this song ... "Handsome Stranger" episode ... it's excellent .... Gladys is always excellent ... great song ..



  16. Melody Sanger


  17. Micaï. Claude.

    Motown number one in the World.

  18. Kimberly Howard

    still one of my favorite songs

  19. A Englund

    Gladys does this one - amazingly, though it was really Yvonne Fair, but sadly the sound is not that good - any how - smashing tune!!!


    A Englund Kim Weston 1963, Gladys Knight 1968, Yvonne Fair 1976.

    Cullen Swanson

    A Englund I respectfully disagree. But I just love Gladys her voice is amazing.

  20. TheBrummie

    Own up, who is not dancing when they hear this?

  21. Bettye Torkpo

    i understand the meaning of this song, i been there

    Helena Rudd

    Bettye Torkpo I definitely understand how you feel. Those words tell my story.

    Davina Stanton

    @Helena Rudd
    And mine Helena. 🕊⚘💗

    Helena Rudd

    @Davina Stanton Thank you so much for responding. I will tell you it took him 21 years to come back and apologize and to say that forever he would love me and that if he would have listen to me years ago his life wouldn't have gotten so messed up. He died a couple of years after, but at least I know he did love me after all.

  22. Melody Sanger


  23. bilejones

    Not a patch on Yvonne Fair.
    Now there's a voice.

    Marilyn S

    Don't agree. It is just as good as Yvonne's (may she RIP)


    Jayne Edwards version is better than both of these

    Robert Kovacs

    @Marilyn S Gladys' version was so much better-not only her voice, but a the Motown production.

  24. Stockwell santley

    I mean, when we did the Yvonne Fair version, of course!

  25. Stockwell santley

    'SomeBODy call the po-lice/That woman down there is a doggone thief'!  My piano player could NOT stop laughing when we did this one for fun.

  26. F.L. Hud

    I love this lady, her music, her voice are God given talent. God bless her <3

  27. KalimbaKid

    Right after this, listen to the Temptations,""(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's you that I Need"
    Same key, same feel. I'm pretty sure both were written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong. All in the Motown family.

  28. Betty Ponder

    I never tire of listening to Gladys

  29. Paul Evans

    I bought this in the USA in the early seventies on a 12 inch version and it is still mint condition great song

  30. shmuli9

    This version was the hit in the US and Canada. (Yvonne Fair's version did OK, but this was far bigger.)

  31. Joan Donachie

    I agree.She gave it that extra ''kick''.

  32. CaptainHurricane

    Gladys is a great singer, but the Yvonne Fair version of this is superior. More Oomph.

    Marilyn S

    Nope. Do not agree. No way.

  33. joe jordan

    you want to listen to kim westons version,lot better than yvonne fair,and on par with this one,well in my opinion

  34. Mechelle Brown

    She did it as a solo ... and it is on YOUTUBE!

  35. TheAudivisioner

    Motown put out recordings that had very potent "B" sides.
    This song had a very stirring "B" side called, "You Don't Love Me No More".
    That should have been released as a single.

    Caesar Rucker

    I don't know if it was Motown nor do I know if you remember back to 72/73 but The Spinners "It's a Shame" was originally the 'B' side of "How Could I let you Get Away" which was a favorite of mine because I like ballads.

    sarah hughes

    Invictus also did this.

  36. Nadine Dunbar

    this is my favorite song by gladys knight and the pips if I was ever on my death bed and had 1 last wish it would be to meet her in person

  37. higgybaby1

    Ok folks the Empress of Soul was only 24 or 25 when she sang this song, Oh let her sing this now, she'll kill it and still own it. If she turns it into a solo, it's all over.

  38. Boggy Marsh

    I think for its time this is a brilliant vocal by Gladys Knight but 10 years on and the funkier production & harmonies gave the Yvonne Fair version a much better edge.
    Remember Yvonne Fair had worked with James Brown and gave the song that extra oomph !! (In my humble opinion)

  39. Beverley Rainford

    gladys is one of my all time favourite singers and this is a tremendous song and one of my favourites. not a patch on the yvonne fair version though which is simply divine.

    i love this version to be fair, but its really missing something.

    someone mentioned the way the drums build in this, and i agree.. love that

    Cullen Swanson

    Beverley Rainford there's nothing missing it's got Gladys

  40. Tim Abbas

    One of the most interesting parts of this is the development of the drum track increasing throughout the song...

    paul harvey

    Tim Abbas The Yvonne Fair version uses a drum machine for the backing and the rhythm sounds so futuristic in its attempt to copy the original drum pattern, which in itself is very unusual for a motown sound dominated by the 4/4 kick and snare

  41. Carol McVey

    Yvonne Fair......absolutely brilliant at this song!! Gladys good shot at it.....not the same im afraid x

  42. ronaldt491

    Why would you invite an old girl friend to your wedding knowing how she probably felt about you? This is just a formula for trouble!

    Dwayne Jones

    So true

  43. Catherine Mehdaoui

    it happened to me......

  44. lisa Alexander

    love this song how many have said it lol

  45. jeena3000

    i am looking for an instrmental to this version.. does anyone know where i can find it? Please

  46. Sally Maddox

    i love this song

  47. higgybaby1

    Sorry, wrong song. It was "I WISH IT WOULD RAIN"

  48. higgybaby1

    Gladys says that whenever they sang this song in Detroit, that David Ruffin would come up and sang with her, turning it into a duet.