Knight, Gladys - I Feel A Song (In My Heart) Lyrics

Ooh, I love you so
But why I love you, I'll never know
You found a reason for leavin'
Soon as I gave my love to you

And oh, ah, whoa, the pain you put me through
You don't care ‘bout my love for you, huh
But I found a reason for livin'
And I'm through with cryin' over you

And now I feel a song in my heart again
I knew as soon as I felt him lookin' through me
I feel a song in my heart again
High on the wings of the things he's doin' to me

Oh, that a man is fine
Ooh, what's even better the man is mine
He makes me feel just like a woman
Something that you could never do

And now I feel a song in my heart again
I found a man who can out it all together
I feel a song in my heart again
I'm gonna love him and make it last forever

Our worlds have come to an end
I feel a song in my heart again

Oh, oh, oh, it feels so good
You, you, you, you, you never understood
He makes me feel like I'm somethin'
And I'm gonna keep him if I can

I know I feel a song in my heart again
Now I can open my eyes to a new door
I feel a song in my heart again
The man is all that I need to fill my love up

I feel a song, ooh, what a feelin'
I feel it takin' me higher and higher
I feel a song in my heart again
His kind of lovin' I can never get enough of

I don't need your lovin' ‘cause I got his lovin'
Woo, I feel a song again
Ooh, y'all, I've been born again, ooh
(I feel a song in my heart again)
(Feel it)

I feel a song in my heart again
I've got to tell you
He's twice the man that you were
I feel a song in my heart again

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Knight, Gladys I Feel A Song (In My Heart) Comments
  1. Michelle Martin


  2. Charles Hodges

    One of my favorite Gladys songs. Her growls of thinking about that new love gives this song even more elevation. I love you Ms. Gladys 💘

  3. Angela Mcclendon

    Oooooh that man is fine

  4. nonchallant1

    The beginning of the song is soooo gangsta... 🔥🔥🔥

  5. David Paula

    How she never became greater more recognition than she is due, has always been beyond me! This grand songsress can sing any song which so comes from the soul more than any other singer from her time! She is the one we should be calling the QUEEN OF SOUL!! Listen to her sing Cause your the best thing, incredible!

  6. Patricia Wells

    This song is totally speaking to me now!! Love you Ms. Gladys and The Pips!


    Who else came here from star ?

  8. Angelete Ashley

    Oh, that man is fine
    Ooh, what's even better the man is mine...

  9. Jackie Pearson

    I'm waiting to feel to feel thing kind of love again

  10. TBE YRN

    Luv this song

  11. Bobby Alston

    Not enough attention is ever given to The Pips. They are really doing their thing in the background!

  12. Gerrit Schneider07

    Listen this song on 1,25x

  13. Chanelle Reynolds

    The dramatic entrance of this song is stuck in my head

  14. Nita Boo

    This song has been playing in my head for days! Whyyyy , oh well I love it anyway 🥰

  15. kai h.

    i really love this like a lot. i love music nowadays but there is no doubt that there is nothing like old school. this stuff really speaks.

  16. candi thomas

    Strong words.

  17. aaron watkins

    II love this song

    Lisa Warren

    True Sanging

  18. kitty youtuber

    It's been since 2015 maybe 2012?

  19. David Maholchic

    I feel this song beautiful just beautiful

  20. Denise Allen

    2019 love it ❤️

  21. Daniel Douglas

    Ms Gladys K is going off on this here record people! Lawd have mercy

  22. MusicQueen 661

    Love this song!!!! This takes me back to my wonderful childhood. Feeling nostalgic right now.

    Lisa Warren

    Sabrina Mears me too

  23. Joann Johnson

    Gladys Knight was bad before the tv show star🔥🔥🔥

  24. Joann Johnson

    This my jam Gladys did it with this one.

  25. Leslie Brock

    Took me back to my childhood remembering my Mom playing music like this.

    MusicQueen 661

    Same here Leslie Brock. Wonderful childhood memories.

    Lisa Warren

    Leslie Brock product of the 1960’s music was Real

  26. TuMeke

    memories brought me here.... again

  27. Ronald Williams

    Feel the passion in they’re voice

  28. Ronald Williams

    Feel the passion in they’re voice

  29. Sweeptheleg !

    Reading some of these comments is making me feel old. The first time you guys heard this song was on Star?
    I remember listening to this song back in my youth. (Yes...i said youth, told you I'm old) 😁

    Carolyn j

    Chy me too lol.

    Sherri Solomon

    @Carolyn j Me 3!

    Positive Praise Promoter

    1976✌🏾 Made me feel old too lol

  30. Darlene McNealy

    Takes time for this I feel this song...🙂

  31. Kl Fitzgerald

    I feel a song in my 💓 again ...

  32. MGA2

    Understated and smoking hot at the same time. Gladys is the best.

  33. Dave Micklon

    One of GK/P's absolute best.

  34. David Winston

    This song constantly reveals new surprises to me, which is the mark of an incredible performance.

  35. laydet harris

    Sing girl!! I feel it too!

  36. Riley Freeman #JP

    😩😩this is wonderful

  37. Manuel Ruiz

    Cassius sample brought me here it's so interesting to find out who the original artist is😁

  38. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  39. catherine

    The song performed in Lee Daniels Star episode where Gladys Knight was a guest!

  40. Cody Powell

    My song my jam 😇

  41. gailrogers

    What star CAST?

    Annie Webber

    Saw Gladys at Bournemouth last year - what a voice and still so fabulous live - love this one...

  42. Tammy Toon

    Sangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Gladys Knight And The Pips!

  43. Vanessa K Massey

    Is anyone else celebrating that you were not the only one who felt this way... Singers & writers are truly God's messengers to bring healing to all who have experience the pain of rejection

  44. paul bounds

    class nuff said

  45. dj_double_d1

    They don't make songs like this anymore.

  46. George Rother

    When music was great.

    Lisa Warren

    George Rother well said

  47. MrToppdawg7

    I always loved this song. I was the 300th person to like this post.


    Star bought me here only

  49. Janice Andrews

    yes this is a classic nd I agree seeing it on star refreshed my music box

  50. Jeo vani

    am here before watch Star

  51. Aqila Kiah-El

    this song is for everyone who got screwed over and didn't think God would bless them with that special person in their life.I can testify.😇😇😊😊😊😁😁😁

  52. Angelo Williams

    I really like this song. and star had brought me here.


    what star are you talking about?

    Angelo Williams

    gailrogers there is a show called star.

  53. sylvester randolph

    omg the production is crazy. this the shhhhh right here

    Aqila Kiah-El

    sylvester randolph don't get no better😊😊😊😊

  54. yvette hairston

    I was watching the new series on Fox called STAR and the girls performed this song.. loved it

    Ahmed Munsif

    yvette hairston
    It was so good.

    Aqila Kiah-El

    yvette hairston yes indeed!!!/I play this everyday now😊😊😊😊

    Michael Hairston

    yvette hairston OMG we have the same last name it's rare to find someone with it

    Travis boothe

    yes, i just watched their version, and it bought me here

    Haley Brea

    yvette hairston me too

  55. OctoberLibra1

    Star made me revisit this gem. The opening of this song, grabs you and pulls you right into the vocals of the Empress of Soul, Mrs. Gladys Knight. She is a legend....these girls in music today should put more focus on putting some clothes on and going out there and singing...

    Aqila Kiah-El

    OctoberLibra1 yessss!

  56. Jayy & Angelo Flawss

    oh can y'all get the one with star cast did please I mean I love this song because Gladys knight is a legendary women but can y'all do it with star cast please

  57. Pierre johns

    Great song, and awesome tribute from Star.


    star who?

    Lyra Anderson

    +gailrogers a tv show called "Star" on fox. A girl group performed their cover inspired by this song called heartbreak

  58. Christopher Chisholm

    I have always loved this song but the Star cast brought me here

    Jayda King

    BoeBoe Chisholm same


    what star cast?

    Emma Omolaiye

    BoeBoe Chisholm yasssss Star brought me here too

    Sherri Solomon

    Brings so many memories.

  59. Tony Rawlins

    Go Girl.. Extraordinary, range timing and interpretation.. Who in the present crop of 'crotch grabbers' has pipes like this.?
    Saw her at the Hammersmith told her 'We love you Gladys'. She replied. I love you too.

    Once in a lifetime. x


    That's because the Ladies like Gladys, Diana, Dionne, Natalie, Aretha career focused on their vocal ability and style, no so much sex, each other competing to see who could get away on stage wearing the less clothes.. Gladys said it herself, put her on stage with a Mic and a Light and she will give you your monies worth...and she is CORRECT. She doesn`t need all the gimmicks.

  60. Mark Wright

    Amazing tune and voice!!


    +Mark Wright
    Hey Mark, glad you enjoyed this great track.

    Mark Wright

    Thank you!

  61. NakataSet


  62. oswaldo64

    Probablemente una de las mejores canciones alguna vez interpretadas por una mujer...así lo defino yo...este tema cantado por Gladys Knight acompañada por los extraordinarios The Pips es simple y llanamente el deshueve...en mi país Perú así llamamos a algo cuando es mas que extraordinario...Grande Gladys !!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Darnell Foster

    Simply the BEST!!!

  64. zula ray

    great voice truly a legend


    Glad you enjoyed this track zula ray  :-)