Knight, Gladys - Help Me Make It Through The Night Lyrics

Take the ribbon from my hair
Shake it loose and let it fall
Layin' soft against your skin
Like the shadow on the wall

Come and lay down by ma side
Till the early mornin' light
All I'm takin' is your time
Help me make it through the night

I don't care what's right or wrong
'n' I won't try to understand
Let the devil take tomorrow
Lord, tonight I need a friend

Yesterday is dead and gone
And tomorrow's out of sight
And it's sad to be alone
Help me make it through the night

And it's sad to be alone
Help me make it through the night

I don't want to be alone
Help me make it through the night

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Knight, Gladys Help Me Make It Through The Night Comments
  1. Colin Tait

    All time fav song EVER this simply superbly n beautifully sung!!!👏👏👏

  2. David Hubbert

    A truly majestic song take a bow miss knight.

  3. robert carloss henney

    too slow

  4. michael mcmillan

    What a jewel by our Queen👑

  5. cor de ridder

    hartje van mij xxx

  6. Sien Van De Laar


  7. Michelle Hill

    Thank you so much for thia song. This is my
    Mama. X

  8. Mahmudi Oke


  9. ebr

    I will always

  10. donna hookem


  11. Damir Štefan

    One of best songs of all the time - Much better then original

  12. Cat Stevens


  13. jon nifae

    tonight I sleep alone, I always sleep alone and I always will.

  14. Dennis Breter

    Still haunting..

  15. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1972 {September 23rd} Gladys Knight & the Pips performed "Help Me Make It Through The Night" on the nationally syndicated television program, 'Soul Train'...
    Six months earlier on March 19th, 1972 the song entered Billboard's Top 100 chart at position #74, five weeks later it would peak at #33 {for 2 weeks} and it spent eight weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #13 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart and #11 on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
    Between 1961 and 1988 the Atlanta, Georgia group had fifty five records on the Hot R&B Singles chart, thirty one made the Top 10 with ten reaching #1, plus they had another five peak at #2...
    Gladys Maria Knight, aka The Empress of Soul, will celebrate her 76 birthday come next May 28th, 2020...
    Sadly, two of the Pips have passed away, Edward Roy Patten at the age of 65 on February 25th, 2005 and William Guest on December 24th, 2015 at age 74...
    May Mr. Patten, Mr. Guest, and Don Cornelius {1936 - 2012} R.I.P.

  16. Cat Stevens

    Ok. Take the ribbon from my hair!! 😘♥️😘♥️

  17. Leila Gomulka

    Help me make it. Every night I’m up at 3 am. Don’t know why . I’m missing something. Or someone.

  18. David Sinclair

    Who is alone tonight?


    Amo ésa canción...😍❤

  20. Yfke


  21. Nora Uri

    love this song so much😚😚❤❤❤

  22. Gerwyn Evans

    Phew! All my windows have steamed up - again! I bet when Kris Kristofferson wrote this sublime song he never imagined it being performed so seductively and so exquisitely.

  23. Ivan Sanofi boca


  24. Harley Hipwell

    Makes u cry what a song such a great voice

  25. Pato Cullen

    Who's still listing to this incredible song ❤

    Christoph Dequidt

    I am... What a dong

  26. Rik Loeys

    Magic kleine

  27. charliechod

    great track great voice absolute classic

  28. Christopher Hillings

    21 years ago my mum rest her soul was in hospital and things were not looking good at the time and the hospital radio came round and asked if she would like a record to play that night thay at the time asked all patients mum said son you know what sort of music I like and I knew this one of my mum's favourites next day she was in fit's of laughter with me mum said she listened like so many including the nurses to the station and there words here's a lovely record for Rosie on ward Sandringham help me make it through the night all who were listening were laughing such a sad time but to cheer my mum up at that time without meaning to priceless

  29. Greg Rossiter

    Just the best version.

  30. Harley Hipwell

    What singer so smooth her voice like silk

  31. Cat Stevens

    Muah. 💋💋♥️💋♥️💋

  32. Zoran Matovic


  33. Jon Francois

    Massive UK hit for Gladys. We love her over here.

  34. sacramentum est-opertum

    Gladys Knight should be the role model of every woman alive today, she sang with a compassion and soul that expresses a true feeling of love, dignity and respect a truly remarkable woman and human being

  35. micheal pratt

    Sammi Smith still better, this is okay. Gladys is still one of the greats.

  36. Drew Peacock

    Teesside says this is perfection

  37. Julie Palmer

    Fabulous song ❤️

  38. acajudi100


  39. Mehrdad Dan

    This is for sure the best version of the song

  40. Tom Smith

    Best Soul & R&B Quiet Storm Old School Slow Jams Love Songs (PERFECT DATE MUSIC PART 2 PLAYLIST)

  41. David Hubbert

    Musical masterpiece right here .

  42. Kostas Vavoudakis

    I'm NOT....that.....lucky one, as Gladys days.

  43. Bea Torres

    Amen blessings to you beautiful lady

  44. Casino Royle

    Let the Devil take tomorrow, tonight i need a friend, you tell em girl

  45. gary williams

    Illisten to a lot of music andthinjk gladys Knight;is best female singer

  46. tj schoenlein

    Very nice - don’t miss Sammi Smiths version - beautiful

  47. Steve B

    one word, incredible

  48. Barbara-Ann Winter

    All these years later and I still remember the lyrics! .. 8th August 2018 beautiful absolutely beautiful!!

  49. Raquel Estela

    Qué voz, qué poesía, un deleite.!!!!

  50. Ljiljana

    Wonderful song! Thank you!

  51. Blesstheworld1

    You're never alone my Love...Come to me🌹


    So sad, beautiful!!

  53. magnetic teez

    This song, sung by this woman makes me so emotive. I’m not sure if it is because it reminds me of the days when I was a child when Mama was alive or the song itself but there you go.

  54. una martin

    The best song and voice forever all over the world.

  55. snotpiet1

    It's just like i wrote the lyrics...exept the part with the ribbon ;-)



    Kostas Vavoudakis

    Lyrics....made to kill a "different" way!!!!

  57. Eugene Simon

    This version evokes beautiful memories

  58. Raymond Stiles

    The greatest ever...

  59. Francesca Galesi

    This version is an absolute masterpiece. I remember hearing this for the first time as a 16-year-old, on some random Motown compilation CD I bought at Target. I thank God for that compilation CD, because this song has been a consistently meaningful source of consolation for so many years. Thank you Kris Kristofferson and Glady Knight!!

  60. terrell brannon



    My mum loved this song singing it all the time , i only appreciate now shes gone its so sad.

  62. Stephanie C h

    I'm in love with this song ♥


    This is so very beautiful!


    She's so GOOD!

  65. Steve Da

    I am 68 years old and this song still steers my soul, another broken marriage another broken heart, some people just don't hear the message being sung here or the love contained within.

  66. robulusx2

    it was a great country song and then Gladys blew all other versions away. I still love the original Sammie Smith too though.

  67. Jan Behaeghel

    Incredible voice, she sang also the Bond theme; "Licence to kill".

  68. Guhbs Beats

    Erick sermon destroyed this.

  69. Ady Steptoe

    Utmost respect for a wonderfully sung song

  70. Awakened sistar

    my family had this version on an album back in the days. the memories and that voice. so soulful & powerful. I love it!

  71. Avatar610

    I wonder who wrote the intro- was it Gladys?  My father brought the single home one day when I was a kid and I have loved this recording ever since!  Easily the best version of the song: Sammi Smith may have had the charted hit, but THIS is the real deal!

  72. Donna Farmer

    You're welcome :) He probably did drink a bit but the song isn't about that, for sure.

  73. Lisa O'Brien

    Chris Christofferson wrote this. He is an alcoholic. He wrote it about making it through the night without a drink.

    Donna Farmer

    Um....NO. First, it's Kris Kristofferson and secondly... the song is about being lonely and not having the one you love and being with someone else just to "make it through the night".

    Lisa O'Brien

    Thank you. Someone told me he is an alcoholic and that's what it was about.

  74. Mieke V

    loved this old song xx

  75. christina iwanitza

    one of my favorite from her....beautiful.....makes me cry..

  76. Serina Shemayme

    I LOVE ALL OF GLADYS & PIPS SONGS.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. john Baldock

    The last Few Minutes Are The REAL SONG!!!! SO POWERFUL XXXX

  78. reinaldo duran

    Hermosa cancion Dios mio!


    magical, honest and raw talent can pull off a song like this..... eternally deep and beautifully performed.

  80. Sheppie Het

    Hauntingly beautiful. One can hear that pain that sometimes accomplish loneliness in Gladys' voice.

  81. Jasmin Ferrer


  82. Olav Uthaug

    I`m playing this because I feel somekind of lonely tonight ...

    Anastasia Beaverhausen

    hope you're feeling better...


    +Olav Uthaug - me too

    Austin Gibson

    Olav Uthaug
    let the music fill your heart

    David Sutt

    I'm hoping this song helps me to reconnect to my first love from over 30 yrs ago

  83. paul eggins

    simply fantastic.

  84. ZS joseph kim

    Her voice must have been blessed by God! It brings me to my past days, to the beautiful times, to where I can never go back again.

  85. Angela das bonecas

    I loved!

  86. Wendy Black

    That special place you get taken too...

  87. joanna curtis

    wow just wow

  88. Sharon Frye

    Brown sugar

  89. MsIllumination64

    What a beautiful song

  90. Timetraveller2208

    Every time I hear this beautiful song, I think of my first ever proper girlfriend I was 18 and she was 16 who could sing this song so well, that was in 1980. We split up in December of that year, and god, I still miss her so much 35 years on!!

    martin van den berghe

    i have been there we were both 17 split up after 4 years i am 54 now and i can't forget her i found her back on fb and we are friends now,i live in Spain and she lives in Belgium we have both a relationship and we are happy, but sometimes i think stupid i was,


    I hope heaven rains down all the joy on your heart forever! Love is tough! Good but tough.

    Teresa Hollenbeck

    I know the feeling. I could write a book.

    Helen Whitehurst

    Your first live is never forgotten 💔

    chanel Gez

    I know how you feel your one and only true always that will be in your heart you do miss them it’s hard when you are used to that one person then there gone whom meant the world to you you have to adjust. It it’s the little things that get to you always have your memories that never go away

  91. Tina M

    all time favo

  92. Sukiaki Deni

    help me make it through the night. real

  93. Jane Corley

    Beautiful song. I wish there pics of Gladys instead of just the words.

  94. Davina Stanton

    💖 Such a beautiful song. X💖