Knight, Gladys - Everybody Needs Love Lyrics

Say you wanna be loved
But you won't let me love you
Say you want someone to trust in you, baby
Can't you see that's what I'm tryin' to do?

I know you've been hurt before
And you're afraid to try love once more

Without love by your side
You're only half alive
'Cause everybody needs love, oh, yeah
Everybody needs love

Say you wanna be kissed
But you won't let me kiss you
Say you wanna be missed
Can't you see how my arms are missing you?

She's got you hurting so inside
Now, with love you try to hide

But no matter how you try
Without love you can't survive
'Cause everybody needs love, oh, yeah
Everybody needs love, oh, love's alright

You need love, I need love, everybody needs love
Baby, don't you know that?
You need love and I need love
Everybody needs love

Say you wake up in the morning, yes, you will
Feeling, ooh, so empty inside
I bet I know what your trouble is, baby
You need someone like me by your side

I know you've been hurt before
But don't be afraid to try love once more

'Cause without love you'll find
You'll have no peace of mind
'Cause everybody needs love, oh, yeah
Everybody needs love

You need love and I need love
Everybody needs love, love, love
You need love, I sure need love
Everybody needs love

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Knight, Gladys Everybody Needs Love Comments
  1. arthur daniels

    old dirty bastard sung this on brooklyn zoo

  2. Brian Pomeroy

    This is definitely their best

  3. Ken Wallace

    No.1 on my list go head Gladys

  4. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Norman Whitfield

  5. john owen

    Only just discovered this classy song, my current favourite song by far

  6. Catty5473

    Big tuuuuuuune!

  7. Marsha Johnson

    Gladys sound so young, but you can still tell it is her.

  8. male3339

    It seems what ever Gladys Knight song I’m listening is my favorite, right now this is my favorite!

  9. monica bella


  10. Terrence Go

    Missing my mom and dad mam...

  11. Steve Luigi

    has she ever made a bad record?


    Nope. Gladys had God given talent. That explains why when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, she knocked it out of the park with no trouble at all... Even at 70+ years old.

  12. monica bella


  13. LaLa B

    It was nearly 52 years ago and I was three years old. I can remember my father playing this song. I see the purple like record going around and around. To hear it again takes me way back to our apartment in DC listening to this classic. Where has the time gone?

  14. Dave

    My first love since the age of 4.
    Adorable lady, fabulous voice & all-round wonderful group. Can't fault it... :)

  15. Demetrius Jones Sr

    1967 i was Bundy college the school with no knowledge. A great song

  16. Cas82958

    Love that sexy intro.

  17. Micaï. Claude.

    I Have & i like this fabulous album vinyl !

  18. LeRoy Creasey

    I found a good copy!! Not all videos are the same quality.

  19. LeRoy Creasey

    I like this version better than the Temptations version (I have both) thank you!!

  20. Marian Byrd

    My auntie brought me here, Saturday or any given Sunday rest on beloved

  21. Robert Velez

    The original version of Everybody Needs Love was performed by Mary Wells with backing vocals by the Temptations in the early months of 1964! Hear it on YouTube and tell me what you think!

    monica bella

    This belongs to GLADYS!!!

  22. Deborah Patterson

    This was my jaaaaaaaaaam

  23. monica bella

    Brilliant ! My fav

  24. Peggy A

    Does anyone know, what other Male Group, did this song about 4 years was not one of their better known songs but was on some other group's album in the mid to late 60's..?

  25. Katie Parks

    Sing Gladys. Love it

  26. LadeeGee Genelle Majied

    The Velvelettes recorded this song with the same instrumental track, but at a slight slower rate. This is a classic dusty steppers cut.

  27. Melody Sanger

    (MAY 12, 1940 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2008) [09/16/2017]

    Kurt Adams


  28. dec des

    My favorite "real soul" songstress !! Go Gladys with yo bad self !!

  29. J C Smith

    Woke up this morning singing this song reminiscing about family members gone and wishing my grandmother happy birthday... Those were the best times! Thanks for the walk down memory lane even if a little sad :-|

  30. Linda Drake

    gladys and the pips the beat is fly

  31. debra ali

    I love her voice, her message and her beauty still shines like a shining star.
    Excited about hearing her perform face to face for the first time, next week🌹

  32. Ronnell Burks

    Nothing like this classic to remind us all that even this ugly World "NEEDS LOVE!"
    You Go, Gladys.......................
    Ronnell E. Burks/It May Be Old School but at least it is School, now, go get educated on that note.................

  33. Diane Hawkins

    To You that ended a 3 year love affair, just because mine didn't work out, I'll PRAY that you will find that Special One Soon. It hurts I know but don't give up like I did. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  34. Melody Sanger


  35. Eddie Mae Wilkerson

    The greatest voice that ever walked the face of the earth!!!! There's absolutely nobody like Gladys knight, now I love and admire a lot of singers but Gladys is simply the best!!!!

    Vinny 68

    Got that right!

    Derrick Crawford

    I second that!

  36. arthur daniels

    is gladys talking to me?


    Seems like it doesn`t it.

    Kurt Adams

    I've always believed that she was talking to me . Lol

  37. Jacqueline Mitchell

    Rest In Paradise, William Guest.

    K Moore

    Oh wow! Bubba is the only Pip left. Sad!!!

  38. LifeSkater

    Bass Line!!

    Eddie Vance

    SkaterForLife Gordon yes

  39. Diane Green

    there are two or three heard it through the grapevine.Hers is the best to me.

  40. jani lane

    sexy tune xx

  41. Addie Walker

    Wow reminds me of a guy I was so in love with...67

  42. loveyouall66


  43. Lisa E

    My favorite Gladys Knight song.  I think I was 10 or 11 when this was out and me and my friends thought we were going to be famous.  We made up dance routines to every popular song that came out!!  Now my husband is amazed that I know all of the words to these songs (LOL)!!  I keep telling him that I'm an original SupaSoulSista!!

    Stephanie Harper 55

    Lisa E hey! I can relate to that now I'm 59 & I still got it yasssss!

  44. Charles Drake

    Gladys Knight &The Pips first release on "MOTOWN"...First record by them I ever bought..(45 R.P.M.)

    Sandra Moore

    Sandra Kaye Moore aka Tickle from Greenwood Mississippi n Chicago now as yada yada love Gladys n never I mean never forget them PIPS u understand are the best I have loved her since I was ñ the wound of my momma she's the best sound the same when she was 16 to 74 her voice don't crack don't get me started I love her she's the best fuck A fuck D fuck P figure it out real Gladys fan no who I'm talking. out Read Gladys book bout À yada yada Gladys love u I'm 54 from Greenwood Mississippi ur the best yada yada Tickle

    Bill Zearfoss

    Charles Drake
    This Is A Great Album I Have Had It For 50 Years !
    Soul To The Maximum Level

  45. MIMI88998899

    This is hands down my favorite Gladys Knight song.

    Hasa Ke

    I love that trailing blues guitar.

  46. CSMedia

    First track on this album, my first Motown Album purchased!

  47. Sheila Palmer

    This jam is sosososososososohot

  48. Sherry Parkman

    ty this one of my fav, often over looked but great song and group.

  49. THE MasterMinder SM

    Everybody need love

  50. Ladyt Ellison

    LOVE IT!

  51. AzucaNegra16

    Thanks for sharing this Groove Addict.