Knight, Chris - Highway Junkie Lyrics

A hundred cups of coffee, five hundred cigarettes
A thousand miles of highway and I ain't forgot her yet
But I keep on movin', I keep movin' on down the line

Ain't nothin' in my rear view just a cloud of dust and smoke
What do you expect when some old trucker's heart gets broke
Yeah old truckers' hearts get broke

Those big wheels of rubber gonna rub her off-a my mind
I'm a highway junkie I need that old white line

Ten miles out Nashville doin' bout 91
State boy pulled me over said where's the fire son
He said where's the fire son
I said there ain't no fire I'm just runnin' from a flame
Go on and write your ticket but I ain't the one to blame
That county judge tried to rob me blind

Those big wheels of rubber gonna rub her off-a my mind
I'm a highway junkie I need that old white line

So I rolled on into Memphis, I got nothin' left to lose
Wanted to hear some rock 'n' roll but all they played was blues
Didn't want to hear no blues
So I tried to call up Elvis but Roger Miller grabbed the phone
He said "Drive them eighteen wheelers, boy, you're the king of the road"
You're the king of the road

Those big wheels of rubber gonna rub her off-a my mind
I'm a highway junkie I need that old white line

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Knight, Chris Highway Junkie Comments
  1. LCpl. Bisenti

    I’m a biker, not a trucker. But I heard this song on my Pandora, while making a run from Nevada to Texas. Can’t say the sound of that rumbling Twin Cam, the wind in my ears, and this song didn’t feel spooky.

  2. David Elliott

    Excellent song👊

  3. chris walker

    Leave the radio off an at around 2am fog is up an the purr of the diesel going an wheels turning. Looking out over the front end thinking about how's the family an hoping a deer doesn't decide to commit suicide that purr of that engine is addiction. Where you can be alone an sort an be one with your truck an say a prayer or 2 rubbing your eyes an cracking the window to keep you awake garb a smoke an your coffee an drive drive drive.

    Jim Watson

    chris walker lookin for that first bit of daylight

    JJ Vicars

    Amen, brother. It's a whole other world only certain folks know.

  4. country outlaw 01

    This is so awesome,just love that guitar.

  5. ppkeaton

    In a world where the theory that the truest music gets the least recognition, this is exhibit A

  6. Ed Goist

    Hell yes - This is The Stuff right here! Thanks for posting.

  7. Ben

    Heard this in the soundtrack to Space Truckers. Brilliant film.


    so i googled it and find the name of song and author. Great song and music ;)

  8. Matt Hillock

    I'm an old school trucker that got hurt and can't run anymore, and this song is really making me miss the road. I truly am a highway junkie that misses running like a bat out of hell in a cow truck. I need that long nose Pete, a trailer full of cows, and enough road to get down at about 85mph, and this song playing on the radio. Whoop and ride boys!


    Big 10-4, Driver!

    Andrew Toney-Dauphinee

    Don't sound like a bad night too me at all!


    Matt Hillock i hear you truck driver .heres a tooth pick driver lets ride with her in the big hole up agianst the dash.whoop'whoop.

  9. Glenda Peterson

    This kicks mager ass man

  10. Darren Fonzseau

    My Dad was a trucker, and my sister still is today. Poor ole girl working her but off, burning that rubber, trying to stay afloat. So glad I was able to hear this, thanks for sharing it with the world. PEACE.

  11. Darren Fonzseau

    Awesome, thanks to Corey Koehler for turning me on to your tunes. PEACE my friends.

  12. Corey Koehler

    Amazing what this man can do with just a guitar, voice and some kick ass lyrics.

  13. Doug Horn

    good shit man. thanks