KMFDM - Rubicon Lyrics

Cross the rubicon
Burn the fire sign
Only victory is bliss
Bend a broken rule
Break the symmetry
Put all progress into remiss

Rinse out the ugly and purge every demon
A small step for progress a leap for the mind
The smoke never settles where everything is even

A poke in the eye the equation is nil

Violence for inner-peace
Bombing for therapy
Terror is everything you need

Cross the dotted line
Fake your destiny
Give a finger take a hand
Use the enmy
Turn the outside in
Tell the prophet it's the end

Money is power and power is corruption
There is nothing to gain from the absolute truth
Natural selection is based on deception
The ignorant elder empowers the youth...

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KMFDM Rubicon Comments
  1. lambdawg

    KMFDM sucks

  2. mickeybunts

    KMFDM Sucks!

    Dave Raschke

    you suck


    kmfdm sucks

    Mick Damage

    you suck too

  3. Keegan Penney

    This is just going out to you cynics:
    Ya'll need to stop being so dark about KMFDM. Open the window and get some sun on your face. I'm preeeeeeeeeetty sure the Kapt. is being more cryptic and metaphoric with his lyrics then straight forward and literal. Also this track was written in '98/'99, so I'm also pretty certain it holds no connection to life in the US and the western world after Sept 11th, though it's lyrics do relate to obvious topics that arose after the events.

    Just saying all that since I don't want to see any more 'bomb suspects' or 'gunmen' wearing their favourite KMFDM shirts while they let lyrics written a decade ago about other topics rot their brains about some bullshit happening in front of them in todays society.

    slave No. 4028

    very true

  4. Imrie Schroer

    KMFDM has weakened. However there are lots of spin-offs that totally kick A; Skold and pig and En Esh for example. Never would have heard of them if not 4 KMFDM. Sorry they left WaxTrax.

  5. Lehto

    Sorry, but Osama did not cross the Rubicon. Julius Caesar did.

  6. paula gorman


    Dylan Klebold

    paula gorman FUCKER SHOULD BE SHOT

    Rebel Zombae

    Dylan Klebold oh honey why SMH 😷 👍glad you died tho 😋

    Jameson Heesen

    Dominance Hierarchies have manifested

  7. Cthulhu Mythos

    Yes, yes they should.

  8. AnOriginalName

    I don't get it, what's wrong with Tohuvabovu and Blitz? They're the same music KMFDM made in the 90's but better as it's more refined and has Lucia instead of Tim.

  9. Mr. B

    Simply amazing.

  10. Krebs

    @MintythecatIsABeast I love new KMFDM too. I wish more fans of the old stuff did :(

  11. Ventura Etcitty

    @MintythecatIsABeast i personally loved Adios

  12. Restayvien

    I think they're most recent album WTF?! is pretty damn good. Not their best, but their best in recent years.

  13. TheMcwclewis

    @MintythecatIsABeast I think Tohuvabohu was pretty epic.... don't you? Blitz is the first I wasn't impressed with, personally.

  14. ProthSteriel

    simply perfection!

  15. Arminius Invictus



  16. Daylan Rine

    kmfdm forever sucks

  17. Goolog

    the boundry of julius caesars territory was the rubicon river and when he crossed it he violated roman law and was marching on rome to become dictator. thats also where the saying "the die is cast" comes from.

  18. RoyLikesKMFDM

    lol, KMFDM Ducks, theyre green instead of yellow and shit.

  19. porkymania90

    it's pretty much the point of no return, we (The US) used it in reference to the Iraq war

  20. SZ19891993

    Rubicon is an italian river (Fiume Rubicone,in Rimini) no kidding man...

  21. Albin

    it's a river in northern italy, and when ceasar crossed it was as if he declared war on the senate and there was no turning back so it's like when you cross the rubicon you go beyond the point of no return

  22. RoyLikesKMFDM

    this might be a wierd question, but what`s a rubicon?(im dutch not english or american)

  23. Rae Colson

    Sorry! there are SOOOOO many names...
    And I have a migraine.

  24. Rae Colson

    and weed day.

  25. Derek Lambert

    yhis is my favorite song of all time. badass beats/production. Skold's mellow delivery and ultra deep lyrics explaining the human condition. So glad Tim's working with KMFDM again.

  26. Albin

    whats funny is that, thats also my birthday except i was born 1993 and not 99

  27. Albin

    i wonder why eric and dylan spoke about natural selection and then KMFDM do the same and they have never spoken to each other, and the ignorant elder empowers the youth its almost unbelievable.

    Em See

    I imagine that they both used toilet paper without knowing eachother either.

  28. Albin

    i based on deception
    just destroy anyone not worhty of livin here