KMFDM - Looking For Strange Lyrics

Jetlag limbo can't decide
Like molten rock I turn to stone
Take me outside of myself
Do it nice and slow
Somewhere down here in the underbelly
No words are used to speak at all
Comatose from lack of sleep
Will I ever learn to talk?
Echoes scream without a sound
Mirror pond reflects no face
Shellshock avalanche
Dialed out can't be reached
No failsafe at close range

Girls and boys
Guns and noise
Beat by beat
Be the best that you can be
Best to your ability
Your future's bright and ours to take
Do exactly as we say
Step right up, sign right here
Your name in blood, have no fear

Get ready set all systems go

Good life Godlike
Wanna see it from the inside
Bound down gun shy
Looking for strange
Go on give it to me
Don't stop let me feel it
Looking for strange
Faster, Harder, More
Last chance, no return
Looking for strange

Freefall swan dive

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KMFDM Looking For Strange Comments
  1. Robert Smalls

    I just stumbled across this band a few days ago when I saw a KMFDM poster in an antique shop, and I have yet to listen to a song by them I didn’t like. Finally a band that speaks to my sheer hatred of the deep state, and government control.

  2. TheSavior


  3. Meow Maximum

    *Devil May Cry intensifies*

  4. Nootropix

    Lots of acid stop daughter you may be

  5. The Prayer [UK]

    Superb Song

  6. smokin' bones

    Really been getting into this band.Love it!

  7. KoRnBaKo



    You sunof a bitch lol


    @Zalseon Stuck in your head? 🤣


    @KoRnBaKo N-no shut the fuck up you!


    @Zalseon 😮🤔



  8. Robert e. Metzger

    10/07/2019.Chicago Time. Still listening after all these year to these guys !! KMFDM DOIN IT AGAIN AND AGAIN !!! LOLOOLOLOLOL

  9. Ufo Mechanic

    Listened to em in outer space of course earth lyrics are different

  10. Mark Barlow

    Looking for some strange!

  11. Carmin Carocciolo

    Dig these lyrics ya know we all do it - Well unless your content- Which eludes me?

  12. J O'Sullivan

    Saw them play in a small bar in Victoria about 6 or 7 years ago or something. Shook Lucia's hand, met Jules, and got a free shirt from the Captain for helping them load some equipment after the show. Such a memorable night!

  13. Michael McCartan


  14. Antisocial Levi

    𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞, 𝐆𝐨𝐝𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞.

  15. Evan Chaffin

    I cannot get enough of this track.

  16. Jeremy Cornwell

    Doctor strange

  17. Τάσος Μιχαηλ

    Άξιοι άψογοι ανεπανάληπτοι καλές επιτυχίες πάντα παμεεεε🏆💨

  18. Costantin Dolton


  19. Richard Whitehead

    I eat discipline..Or used too..Where do you go next?.. I'm Red Halo ..Inferno.. Blithe...O:-)

  20. Joe Ma’ma’

    This came out after columbine sorry

  21. Ralph Chunksoup

    Such a gem that slice

  22. Yana Mladenova

  23. Alexis Anderson

    i ❤❤❤ KMFDM!!!

  24. Alexis Anderson

    this song is badass! that girl in background is ME! u wanna play with fire sun, moon & rising sign? lets go, bitch! 😂

  25. Andrew Stevens

    Who are the 53 people that gave this thumbs down? They should be strung up by their balls

  26. Brett Augustine

    53 disliking idiots must be hip hop fans which is equivalent to being a fan of dog shit .

  27. vancat VII

    Beat my meat. Beat my meat, my meat.

  28. diskuse diskuse

    Lucia lemme smash


    1 of the best

  30. enkephalin07

    This. This is one of the most profoundly beautiful works I've been exposed to in this lifetime. I've listened to it repeatedly to pick it apart and analyze it, and it just gets better and stronger every time.I could go on at length as to why, but I'd rather replay this and enjoy it.

  31. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen




    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen


  32. cargoass

    beet by beeeet

  33. Garland FX

    Meet my feet meet my feet my feet

  34. Minagola

    Beat my meat beat my meat

    Get better sex

    Godbye columbine

    Xd my ears are fucking weird


    “As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.” — Lao Tzu

  36. Иван Шиповалов

    EEEE ! Very Great composition !!!

  37. CIJEN

    I’m looking for strange where should I go

    No Need


    Sorry, that's looking for trade

  38. spinzaar gledhill

    How did they get Fortnite on an album cover back then?

  39. Anglin David

    I am having an eye opening mind delighting flashbacks.

  40. Paulo Bitecouski

    This is the best song i've heard in my life

  41. CIJEN

    I’m looking for strange

  42. Jacqueline SanMartin

    2:17 columbine

    Dylan Proffitt

    Jacqueline SanMartin no, god like

  43. Enrico Franchi

    I fucking love this one !

  44. Shuhei Hisagi

    I want some strange, here. I want some strange there. I am looking for some strange. Why oh why cant I have some strange now. Why oh why wont one just gimme some strange tonight. gimme strange long time, Oh I cant wait to have some heavenly Strange. oh yeah, oh yeah gimme me my god damn abundant strange, fk'n pussies.

  45. Larry Bentley

    My guage of music ranges on the destructometer. The more likely I am willing to destroy something the higher the rating. KMFDM in general rates an 11 of 10 therefore suck to the utmost.
    Disclaimer to butt hurt idiots: If the music doesn't move me it's crap. Sad I have to include that in this day in age.

  46. Raven 777

    don't stop give it to me!

  47. ConfettiDemon

    Pish Tosh.... no matter

  48. brooklyntheredone

    This is one of thoes songs that was made to be blasted through a muscle cars speakers.

  49. Erik Devine

    im looking for you

  50. Erik Devine

    just woke up

  51. ryan owen

    noob fan here wut da fuck did i just hear like now??? Just wow!

  52. Unicorn


  53. Dwracky Wyreien

    yeah prison planet earth f... you all what a hell hole no wonder nothing gets anywhere this stupid slave camp planet.

  54. Dwracky Wyreien

    yeah prison planet earth f... you all what a hell hole no wonder nothing gets anywhere this stupid slave camp planet.

  55. Clark Kierstadt

    I love this band so fucking much I just woke up from a long dream where I went to their concert and I woke up feeling cheerful and completely optimistic which is a big change from what I was feeling just earlier today. It's wild. I watch all their live concerts on Youtube so whenever I have this dream, and it's at least once a year, it's incredibly realistic and detailed. I even remember thinking "Fuck, I'm gonna miss a song" while taking a piss break in dreamland.

    I woke up with the chorus to this song specifically in my head and had to go and turn it on. KMFDM fucking rules. Ty for upload. Ty KMFDM for rocking my cock and glock for so many years solid

    Ryan Reed

    taking a piss in a dream is riiiiiiiiiisky business lol


    @Ryan Reed no doubt !!! Haha

    Raja Ram

    Kelvaraku to 2million

    Vetter Burns

    I own a few CD's from the late 90's... (I love Symbols!) But, to THIS DAY! Sept 2019. I'm still discovering MOAR! (Soo many albums, soo little internets... Until NOW!)

  56. James Harris

    This. kicks

  57. gravey07

    Sounds like..."beat my meat, beat my meat my meat" ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼
    I'm probably gunna download this banger.


    Thought you was gonna say that made you beat your meat.

    Nero Vz

    Can't unhear... Thx.

    Gabe Floyd

    Damn it dude, wtf thats all I hear as well. I wish I could get reasonably mad at you for how the brain works. xD Lmao


    Down here... In the under-belly


    beat my meat my beat meat

  58. Unicorn

    18 people have no ears

    Daniel King

    They have no strange.

  59. jan Koper

    i used to think they said goodbye columbine

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen


    Brett Augustine

    @jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen and if you're gonna insult something at least spell it correctly you stupid , uneducated , dyslexic piece if shit. Fucking ignorant moron ,you wouldn't know good music if it hit you in your ugly stupid fucking face , loser .


    @Brett Augustine how about you calm the fuck down?

    Spits Sperms

    jan Koper can you not associate columbine with this band please shut the fuck up

    Ямба Дула

    @Spits Sperms You've won.

  60. jan Koper

    kmfdm sucks

    Clever Name

    You might enjoy MDFMK, then


    you might enjoy the song that they were referencing, too


    No, they actually suck.

    Fenris Wolf

    Kmfdm rules

  61. Agarthan Executioner


  62. JaCk CaCk

    Compare Money to this pile of shit song... KMFDM needs to return to its roots.


    you can return there right now! just type it into youtubes search bar and youre there. no need to dictate to an artist what they should or shouldnt make!

    JaCk CaCk

    Ive been listening to them for 30 years. go fuck yourself.


    theyve been playing for 30 years. go fuck yourself and play your own damn music you fuckstick.

    JaCk CaCk

    fuck off poser.

    Lindsey Ormsbee

    Without En Esch and Guenter Schultz they will never be able to return to that style. Listen to Slick Idiot if you're a fan of that era. Very satisfying.

  63. Reed G

    Best track

  64. Matt Johnson

    Wow I'm reading comment bickering from four years ago

    CIA are in the comments section to divide us

    In the future, they will use advanced investigation and AI to find out what comments on youtube changed the world the most. At that time, they will find that basically I ran the world and nobody could see it at the time. Then they will laugh about this comment.

    Ron Fiasco

    Holy shit! Time tunnel!!

    Buzzkill 808 Raven

    Wow I'm reading your comment from 3 years ago about reading comment bickering from 4 years before that


    @Buzzkill 808 Raven its even more weird when the last comment on a video was from like 2008 and it is just emo kids talking about shit its like a time capsule

    nabokov orbust

    Wow, im reading a comment from 3 years ago about reading a comment from 4 years ago.

  65. Tim Fanning

    They are like an industrial version of the B-52's aka they sucks and anyone that compares them to NIN needs a new pair of ears.

    Derek Brown

    nine inch nails suck.


    Nine Inch Nails ate your moms pussy for breakfast.

    Vega Vice

    Wow so convincing. Guess I can't listen to this music I like anymore because my ears lied to me.

    P.S. can you afford my ear- replacement surgery? Shits expensive.


    KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Ministry and Killing Joke destroy NIN. Trent basically ripped them off.

    Hamaidi Rayane

    KMFDM is better than NIN

  66. Sprankton DGrichey

    I've been looking for strange and I'm about to get what's coming to me.

  67. Katja Thesaurus

    no one told me what or that anyone told if so.

  68. r0gg_

    so fuckin catchy!

  69. Mr_Fallout

    who did the cover art?


    +Mr_Fallout Aidan Hughes

  70. Devin Harris

    This beat.


    +Devin Harris by beat by beat by beat

  71. ShivShank Redemption

    who r u?

  72. Levent Coskun

    looks like Rob Zombie...



  73. Butt Hole

    fuckin love kmfdm!!! saw them in milwakee, bad ass as fuck



  74. Michael Ransopher

    KMFDM all the way !! better than the best !!


    +Michael Ransopher Megalomaniacal and harder than the rest!

    Michael Ransopher

    yes and kill mother fucking depesh mode :P

    Fenris Wolf

    Kmfdm sucks!

  75. Attack Reload

    KMFDM, NIN, TOOL, and the DEFTONES baby!!!!!! And Manson's old shit.



    Splooge McFuk

    what? do you work for google or something?  half the time their lyrics are incorrect.

    Skware US

    Saw Revolting Cocks/PIG/KMFDM/Cubanate live at Coldwave Fest, Ministry (twice, HOB and Chicago Open Air), White Zombie/Deftones(Riot Fest Chicago).. NIN/Deftones/Soundgarden/Incubus(Tinley Park)

    Attack Reload

    @Skware US

    That's awesome. I'm jealous LOL 

    sgt fluffy

    Skware US shit white zombie. I saw them in like 94. now I'm sad. I saw sister machine guns last show here in Chicago

  76. Attack Reload

    KMFDM. Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode!!!!! Na I'm playing but Kunst kicks ass.

    Awesome Bill From Dawsonville

    @Nihil 666 Kill Madonna For Drug Money
    Kindly Monks Fucking Dear Men
    Karl Marks Found Dead Masturbating
    Kinky Mindless Fundamentally Debauched Mothers
    Kinky Masturbators Found Dirty Movies
    Keep Me Frequently Doing Marijuana

    ect ect

    Attack Reload

    @Awesome Bill From Dawsonville

    LOL. I thought it was "Kidnap Madonna For Drug Money"

    Attack Reload

    @Diabolus Perditor

    Yeah I know man. I was just screwing around. 


    +Nihil 666 ohhhh you foooooled me yooooou goooottt meee hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Ecchi Predatoes Beware

    +Davinelulivega Ew, they aren't eunuchs, are they?

  77. Jones

    Good tune,fucking love it!

  78. Fuqu Pal

    Step right up! Have no fear! Sign right here!

    You wanna know what the all-seeing eye is all about?
    It's an entity that has caught us into a mindset we cant grasp
    looking out on the material world which it wants to rule.

    The most of you are fucking fools!

  79. Savadorason1

    Lookin 4 strange, pussy.

  80. DJ Mithril

    fuck you kmfdm. i love you,

  81. 13istaken

    Love it!

  82. Arlene Sanders

    Looking for normal

    ShivShank Redemption

    You are in the wrong place then.

    Jim Aetos

    looking for a guy is inspired from reb and vodka ;)

    Brett Augustine

    Normal is boring and uneventful .

  83. Marty Helbig

    oh yeah V smasher strange, sit on my face & fuck me like you hate me...

  84. Randy Gutierrez

    he's like " I CAUGHT A MILF!! ' lol

  85. ZeGamer62


    V. N.

    Nein. Das bin doch ich...

  86. Gibbous Fowl

    Sword and

  87. Estrella Domínguez

    I lov all the KMFDM tracks :D They're cool guys

    Fenris Wolf

    Estrella Domínguez yes hottie yes!

  88. Morgane Carette-Léger

    A écouter en boucle ... :)

  89. Keoni Anderson

    I was reminded of this song after seeing the new South Park with Foofa

    riley collens

    sucks sucks sucks 

  90. DrewskiTheLegend

    I'm gonna pound that strange when I find it.

    Ralph Chunksoup

    like good young veal

    Ralph Chunksoup

    your gonna bet beat

    Nigel Cleland

    Maybe it finds you first...

  91. theWolfman4u

    Looking for straaaaaange  ;)  ...

  92. LtUnreal

    new fav band gg

  93. ArcFlash 64

    People are still explaining the "KMFDM sucks" thing? Primus does it too, lol.


    I don't know what you're talking about. Explain it to me please.

    scotty brix

    pigface sounds like shit!!! PgFc

    Louie CabeYo

    Explain to me

  94. IronBrown

    save your venom sad crow, they are refering to the song Sucks where the lyrics state that "KMFDM Sucks" which is a funny opposite of their song Megalomaniac. Good looking out buddy, but save your flame for those who really need some.

  95. Jodi C

    big fan of them..not of this song though

  96. sad crow

    you suck

  97. KSYR OGX

    Still my favourite !

  98. theboarman

    lmao u told him