KMFDM - Itchy Bitchy Lyrics

Come on baby
While I lick my lips
Swivel down
Sit on my hips

You've got a dandruff on your snatch
You've got a dandruff on your snatch

Itchy bitchy
Scratchy snatchie

Itch itch itchy

Itchy bitchy
Scratchy snatchie

Itchy bitchy
Scratchy snatchie

You've got to relax
In your sex complex

You've got a dandruff on your snatch

Itchy bitchy
Scratchy snatchie

No woman
No pride

Itchy bitchy
Scratchy snatchie

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KMFDM Itchy Bitchy Comments
  1. Nick Forbes-Warren

    So ahead of their time . ..

  2. SNES Fan89

    No woman< no cry!

  3. Derka Derka

    Up to 10 seconds I thought I was being rick rolled.

  4. Lord Vetinari


  5. Voxy Toyota

    mega mess track!!! 150km/h on bad gravel road...

  6. animegame100

    this can't be 80's sound oh my god!!

  7. x3zell

    another real good track by kmfdm !!

  8. Sprankton DGrichey

    Itchy Bitchy Scratchy Snatchy!!!!!

  9. noah klabo

    kmfdm sucks plain and simple

  10. Georgi Starkov

    That guy on the cover is the Itchy Bitchy guy!

  11. 4evernate28

    @ScrewLimbBizkit If you hate that, you'll LOATHE Control? from MDFMK.

    Spirit Breath

    Control is a masterpiece

  12. Krebs

    @MintythecatIsABeast Sascha is my favorite Lyricist

  13. Vladislav PAVLOV


  14. John Hawkes

    fuck you man i bet you dont like black ball :p

  15. FleetingFrenzy

    Dandruff on your snatch!!!!!

  16. TheFourthSurvivor


    ... you've got dandruff on your snatch.

  17. Dan

    Yeh I found the C&C tunes and found the similarities. Very similar in some bits.

  18. Restayvien

    its the guitar riff in the background

  19. Restayvien

    she's versatile like a swiss army knife

  20. Dan

    This tune reminds me of command and conquer stuff for some reason.

  21. MeanAffe

    As a German myself I'm sorry to disappoint you. Deutsche Schuld means German Guilt in the literal translation.