KMFDM - Headcase Lyrics

You think you're better, two steps ahead
You got a long, long way to go
Shut that hole up in your face
With your foot in mouth, do more harm than good
Not the measure, above all things
What I aspire to
Watch your step, don't lose your head
You might just get what's coming to you

A bad movie I've seen before
I read you like a book
I let it slide for long enough
But this time you're not off the hook

We got a problem, we're in a fix
And it's all because of you
Got a scratch, a bone to pick
Well you've bitten off more than you can chew
There's not a remedy, apology
Yeah you made quite sure of that
You're out of luck, I've had enough
Now it's me flipping out on you

Yeah, I think I'm ready for the axe to grind
Got a point to prove and I never lose
Don't for a second turn your back on me
You're not getting off so easily
Once and for all put in your place
How loud can you get with my fist in your face?
You brought this all down upon yourself
Fuck you bitch, go to hell

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice
Come on motherfucker, make my day

It's too late for wrong or right
I'm finished playing nice
You set off this whole charade
If you get what you give
What you got is a headcase

There's no way to treat you right
The olive branch has snapped
You burned the bridge, called the dogs
If you get what you give
What you got is a headcase

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KMFDM Headcase Comments
  1. Maximiliano Aedo

    Would be perfect for an anime opening, even in Japanese.

  2. Joey Wall


  3. Hi I'm Trash

    Wait is she actually singing pancakes?

    Aldo Macias

    "Come on Mother Fucker and MAKE MY CAAAAAAKES!!

  4. LightBumble

    THIS IS KICK ASS SHIT.......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) ( :D 0--0--0--0--0--0 HEADCASE

  5. Doppelminds

    most underrated band ever

  6. Lady Mary Ann

    i love this

  7. Bloodrayne Hot Sparda

    its a good song  to devil may cry

    Lady Mary Ann

    @Bloodrayne Hot Sparda yeah its good to in my theme

  8. ImYou KnowMeif

    Addicted to this while in sober living.

    Brittborg Rae

    Kmfdm is the drug for youuuu 😉🔥

  9. Starson Al-abur

    fuck ya

  10. yoshidude093

    2:50 so powerful

  11. rattlehead66666

    Thanks a lot. Now I won't be able to listen to this song without getting hungry. :D

  12. General Snuggles

    Isn't "Sucks" one of KMFDM's songs?

    Feukka 1

    General Snuggles yes

  13. The Gaming Ground

    That´s one hell of a awesome song =)

  14. DavidFshr

    absolutely, their every song SUCKS :-)

    Steve Armstrong

    Sucks that's the Third time today I've seen this word used..sigh, here's an idea just put i dislike this or be dramatic use the word hate. Suck(s) is a over used word be Original

    Feukka 1

    Steve Armstrong lol what a fuckin noob

  15. acracehorse

    delrippant femurs!

  16. MJP474

    Awesome new album - thanX for upload and sharing^^^^

  17. MishterSmiley

    Points to you sir!

  18. MishterSmiley

    If you get what you give
    What you got is a headcase!!

  19. Gottlieb Elend

    Fucking CHAMPION!!!))))

  20. Vamperor45

    2:25 PANCAKES!!

  21. Clacker Volley

    @catkong7 I miss Jennifer Ginsberg .. and En Esch, while we're at it..

  22. Larry Bentley

    @iknowmyusernamesucks Perhaps I do. But I have been following this band since 96 and to this day KMFDM SUCKS!!!!!

  23. Larry Bentley

    @rvndmnmt1 Didn't know I was top comment.

  24. Larry Bentley

    @rvndmnmt1 Sorry for the repeat. But they do.

  25. Larry Bentley

    KMFDM SUCKS!!!!!

  26. IfYouPlayThisGameBackwardsShow

    Much sucksess to you, KMFDM!

  27. Sancho

    @Biteofgod Because she has a much better and dynamic voice than captain K

  28. Biteofgod

    Why they let this girl sing all the time. Thats bad.

  29. ChildIncomplete

    @XrockerXmosherX they did it at the N.C i went 2 2 years ago as well :)

  30. ChildIncomplete

    @iknowmyusernamesucks no when a guy says KMFDM sucks that means he really digs em :P

  31. Zac Taylor

    Fuck you Bitch, Go to Hell