KJ-52 - He Did That Lyrics

He went and rose of the third yeah he did that
Gave me all his promise and his word yeah he did that
What you never ever heard? yeah he did that did that
Well then it's time that ya learned that he did that did that

Eh yo the kids back this cat can only claim he did that
I only aim to give back the holy name with this fact
I'm a state with this rap Jesus came to fix that
I was lame sin stacked but right now since that
I found the way crossed it tossed it and then passed
The sin of up on my life just at the cross where he nixed that
Like rocking two different types of socks is a mismatch
Is you trying to ice out ya watch w/ some thick stacks
Now you's up a creek w/ no paddle on a big raft
Think you got a handle on ya life and you can kick back
But dude here's a sample of advice I wouldn't risk that
You're lies are the whopper but you far from a big mac
I ain't a thug but I hangs w/ the riff raff
To attract em like a bug to the light w/ a lit match
Now ya life may break apart in pieces like a kit kat
But that's why Jesus came to free us from the sin trap

Now he was beaten he was bruised but never hit back
Can u see the lashes that been used now on his his back
Now everything that happened he went through cause of this fact
That he's so deep now in love for you he went and did that
Now everything I ever thought was cool I threw in his trash
And let him dump it out just to prove I never been back
Now the pain and all the hurt I ever knew it's just been since smashed
Since I went and gave it all up to you I've never missed that
Now forever I'm a live up w/ you its evidenced that
Whatever I'm a lift up to you I always sense that
That together I can live through any storm life gives back
When I remember that the veil has been torn when you finished that
And you got the perfect timing on and on like a click track
Whether or not my problems kind of big or small like a tic tac
Now I could try and count all ya done but never list that
I'd rather get my hands up to the one and steady lift that and say..

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KJ-52 He Did That Comments
  1. Mc John The Auténtico México

    The Best Rapper North American saludos desde México city

  2. TackerVideos

    I have been listening to all styles of Christian music since 1991 (I am 40 years old btw), but HOW IS IT that I am JUST NOW hearing this song?!?!? Looks like i'll be playing non-stop kj-52 tomorrow.

  3. Jo Garcia

    Yeah definitely 2009

  4. jason brown

    I rather give my hand to You who are Faithful, O LORD JESU. Thank you, for never failing me, and always loving me. Amen. He did that!!! Father Son Holy SPIRIT.

  5. Randy Abeyta

    Get Yo Blessings KJ-52 And Know This Your Rappin Is Totally Skilled With Realness From JESUS OUR SAVIOR

  6. Scott Larrabee



    Scott Larrabee So you go to all of his videos, and watch, and listen, just to comment how "corny" he is? 😂 Got too much time on your hands.

  7. benjaminlewis75

    good track.

  8. Na Noelle


  9. Na Noelle


  10. CYGUY29

    I like how all the ending words of a line rhymes with "that" haha, must've took time to write this. Keep doing what you doing, God bless


    Wouldn't you hear that rather than Big Sean saying "a**" half a million times in the chorus, followed by a dumb "now make that motherf*cker hammer time?"


    I'm not implying that he isn't creative or whatever you were assuming. I'm saying he's creative how rhymed with the same sound in practically all his lines.

    CappaKrunch CappaKrunch

    @Rawk4Life wobble de wob wobble wobble?

  11. john wallace

    only jesus can do this

  12. john wallace

    kj makes me smile that i love the lord so much!

    Scott Woodham

    I'm with you on that buddy i love ever body nothing. Can change that i love you like a brother okay

  13. Adeara Haratha

    Stfu danny

  14. Tim Underwood


  15. Tim Underwood

    But are they really honouring God with their moths when they sing those words

  16. Casey Pemberton

    Give me an example

  17. iHeadshot

    Some christian metal bands do...

  18. Rednek_gamer

    im an eminem fan but now i listen to kj i still listen to eminem but i perfer kj for growing christans or christians in general

  19. jesus carbajal

    Christian rap? Wtf

  20. sportsygirl8

    @TheZombiesExist he did this song at Creation and Uprise.

  21. sportsygirl8

    @CJLilDisTheDisciple "Cut the track!"

  22. sportsygirl8

    @JPAADad I can't stand Eminem! I do like the pardoy of his songs The Real Slim Shaddy and also Loose yourself. They are called The Real Sin Savior and Look Yourself by ApologetiX check them out they are awesome. I <3 this song by KJ-52 because it is true Jesus did rise on the 3rd!!!!

  23. pandazlove

    @JPAADad sometimes they do

  24. Ewoma Ayetuoma

    la la la la la :P

  25. christopher sipes

    what is he wearing around his neck? Where can I find one? :D lol

  26. Monica Fierro

    This was AMAZING at Heart Fest! Thumbs up if you were there!

  27. G0vnah

    The LaLas sound like something you'd hear on a Tim Burton film or something...

  28. tighe143

    @cpxv Same here, his pretty awsome!!

  29. cpxv

    im a metal head and i like his songs

  30. James Ballard

    for the first time in my life I heard rap that I enjoyed.

  31. superjam18

    @kbamiot yeah I know its silly..oh and thanks for the comment I forgot I commented on this song and your reply only brought me back to this song

  32. Jeniece Youbert

    He must really like McDonalds LMBO :P

  33. superjam18

    some churches are against christian rap music

  34. Dalicia Salas

    thiz iz my song luv it lotzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe

  35. Dalicia Salas

    thiz iz my song luv it lotzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Raynee Fisher

    he dident cuss JPAADad ty verymuch

  37. Kevin John

    2:05 was pretty sick!!

  38. William Sparks

    oen of the best rappers lol lies on a whopper but fails from a big mac god bless you

  39. microphonejones

    That dude, is pretty sick a break dancing..