KJ-52 - Go Lyrics

In the father there is Freedom
There is hope in the Name that is Jesus
Lay your life down give it all now
We are found in the love of the Savior

We’ve come alive in You
Set Free to show the truth
Our lives will never be the same

We’re giving it all away away
We’re giving it all to go your way

We are sold out to Your calling
Everything that we are for your glory
Take our hearts now have it all now
Let our lives shine Your light like the morning

We’ve come alive in You
Set Free to show the truth
Our lives will never be the same

We’re giving it all away away
We’re giving it all to go your way

You rolled back the curtains from our eyes
And now we can see You
You’ve shown us Your way Your truth and life
We offer our lives to bring You fame

We’re caught in Your freedom
We’re caught in Your freedom

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KJ-52 Go Comments
  1. Ania Claudia 03


  2. Nate videos

    Great song ❤

  3. kkuczak0001

    One time I was listening to this song while living as a backslided christian. I could feel that the demons around me hated the lyrics!

  4. Alex Vance

    This is a fun song to listen to and very God-centered and uplifting. This should be more popular!

  5. sourapple

    I look love this song!

  6. Patrick Hill

    when I heard this song for the first time I thought about my mother who passed at 52 almost as if she was trying to send me a message

  7. Patrick Hill

    I love the rhythm of this song it rocks😂

  8. Patrick Hill

    and this song go is just not rap it has meaning about our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior awesome😂😂😂

  9. Patrick Hill

    awesome song so true so great😂

  10. Ysabeth Sweet

    love this song more than the rest on this album, it's just me though...😁

    Bees Rubi

    Ysabeth Sweet Speed that light is my fav🐝

  11. WarriorForChrist85

    Awesome Song. Btw KJ 52 is Just one Guy Just  Saying 


    And here I thought it was 52 different guys all named KJ

  12. John Smith

    for me most of his songs dont sound to christian

  13. Cameron Bergant

    KJ52 is like my fave christian band lol Shout out to Mr. Parks for showing me this AWESOME band!!!!!!

  14. sweetness Love

    Nice nice nice

  15. SoyAbiLoyo


  16. Armando Perez

    Hillsong's original version is better

  17. Hannah Aguigui

    Yea but you can always ask them if you can do a remix!!!!

  18. Hannah Aguigui

    Yea Kj52 makes ery'thing good:)!!!!!!!!

  19. Hannah Aguigui

    Lol:) I think they would be too

  20. Hannah Aguigui

    Dang!! You come off kinaa hard!!!! You could'a at least been a little more nice in your choice of wordz

  21. ElevateWorshipEvents

    this is cool, always good to hear a fresh spin on things, but cmon, the original is by Hillsong UNITED man!

  22. Brent Young

    I Love it i definitely think there needs to be one with lyrics haha. Fun song to sing a long to if the lyics so you could learn it for youth group, im a worship leader and i think it would be awesome to do for a service something fun and unique for sure

  23. siiicknamedude

    this is quite nice, but i would still go for the Hillsong United Cover anyday!

  24. Erik Wuesthoff

    now THAT'S pushing it a little bit

  25. Mayra Aquino

    best song ever!!!!!

  26. soccerchick9841

    Where's The Love Button?<3

  27. CLAYM8s

    Man, this is awesome. God bless KJ, represent Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  28. Ervin Nierras

    HALLELUJAH !!! this sounds GREAT!!!

  29. Nefu860

    go buy it

  30. cristiankid51494

    Oh my goodness! This is wow too! Hillsong would be proud

  31. Lia Uzun

    Loved this song from Hillsong United- now I see a KJ-52 remix?? Amazing (:

  32. Christian Rockers

    First of all, it's all on my channel, you just gotta search for the tracks. In fact this was the last track that was uploaded from the album if I'm not mistaken, so it shouldn't be that hard to find. I don't do ".zip files"; sorry man. - C.R.