KJ-52 - End Of My Rope Lyrics

I'm lost at the end of my rope
And I'm burning, I'm yearning
I'm hurting for hope

I'm needing this burden to go
But I'm searching for
Purpose, I'm searching to know

It knocks me down to the floor
Till I'm pounding the ground
And I'm down in my hole

It's got me down till I go
Till I cry out to you I
Can't take it no more

You are the one that I hold
You are the one in my soul
You are the one that I know
That will come when I call
And I fall and I fold let's go

I'm at the end of my rope and
I can't take it no more
I think I'm losing control
I am about to let go

I am...

So you said to let go
Let everything I had hold
Let go till its all in control
Let go till its gone up in smoke

Crush me mold me make me
Stretch me fold me change me
Until I ain't just the same me
You the only one my safety
You are the one gonna saved me
And I don't wanna ever live safely
Destroy my world and take me
Past the end of my rope break me

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KJ-52 End Of My Rope Comments
  1. diamOnd RG3

    how do we get this guy the recognition he deserves?

  2. Jimmy Hopkins

    Love this song.

  3. Heidi

    This is good. I listen this first time in my life. And, I like this. ♥
    Sorry, I don't speak very much english.

  4. dominiquejones jones

    good sing that kj52 is hottes rap;live

  5. momoT4000

    i have shoes that look just like those!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Christopher Hayden

    i wish this song was longer

  7. Ben Moreland

    luv u kj52

  8. mrm64

    God bless this dude!!!!

  9. Hidden Silence C


  10. nikewarrior24

    This is sweeeeeT!

  11. Elaine Cruz

    ahhh i love this song so much i'm actually working on something with it hehehe on the d.l. :)