KJ-52 - Brand New Day Lyrics

Wooooah oh oh
Staring over in a brand new way
Woooahh oh oh
Shout it out it’s a brand new day
And I’ll never ever ever be the same
No I’ll never ever ever be the same

Your sun light is on my face
Your life is all I chase
I Run right upon this race
Cause in you I’m gone put all my faith
Some nights I lose my way
Sometimes I walk and stray
But you come right inside my space
And each time you come you give me strength
This time I fix my gaze
This time it wont be the same
This time I wont be ashamed
So this time I can’t help but say that..

Your sunlight is on my face
I look back how far I came
I think about how much I’ve changed
It was hard at times but I’m not the same
You deserve all this praise
You deserve all the fame
You deserve all my ways
I point back to you each and all my days
I reach and grab all you’ve gave
I see your hands all you’ve made
I see your plan and all you’d save
That we can have life (got me singing…)

I’m not where I want to be
But I’m not where I used to be
I’m not where I want to be
But I’m not where I used to be

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KJ-52 Brand New Day Comments
  1. Black Adam 14/18

    I'm an atheist yet I enjoy this song

  2. Hurly Durly

    god bless u!

  3. Ace Condor

    I love this song

  4. Timothy Ferrell

    shout it out

  5. Duker Jo

    Oh , yeah!

  6. Devilms 91

    Nice song to sing!! :)

  7. Henry Wiebe

    Awesome stuff!!

  8. amos91415

    Love it!

  9. amos91415

    Love it!

  10. RedWing X

    like = LOVE IT!!!

  11. Luke lambert

    This song is awesome!

  12. Justin Cochran

    One of my favorite songs from KJ52. I love his music and how uses God through his songs. :)

  13. Joshua Donahue

    this is the most series song i have herd from him i lovvvvveee this song

  14. therandomdude000

    woo-hoo 100th like!!!

  15. Jo Shea

    Loving this!! Me and my daughter always dance when it's on Air1 :)

  16. Nicholas Sotir


  17. k23 Romero

    Who is the girl voice?

  18. Tyler Chase

    oh you fancy!!!! i love it!

  19. Ray R

    Yo this album is frickin amazing. I got to meet and talk to kj like 5 times. He is cool.

  20. Austin Spomer

    Buying this album TODAY. God bless you KJ - LOVING the summer feel!

  21. Nick Roth

    Just so sick! Thanks for uploading, I'll be sure to get the album.