KJ-52 - Adventures Of Tweezyman Lyrics

Its the tweezyman
they call him tweezyman
Its the tweezyman
they call him tweezyman (get get down)

oh no here we go again
I was rolling in when he was going in
he was like Oh no man I know you’re him
let me go to the door and get my older friend
held it in with a grin is what I went and did
when he came back fast w/ another kid
I had to laugh when he asked as I shook my head
He was like aint you the dude from rob and big
hold it kid man I think you’re blind
you got me confused w/ another guy
I went and looked at the dude when I said I rhymed
and he was like yo… Kevin federline! Whats up?
ya need to check ya eyes
step back get the fact then you’ll recognize
cause I’m back to attack what you expect to find
it’s the new and improved kj supersized

take it back to the 1980’s
when my hair was black and wavy
way back when I was acting crazy
I was mad couldn’t attract the ladies
these girls about to break me
you wanna know how they’d play me?
I was hoping for Patrick Swayze
but instead I got Kevin spacey
oh baby whoop dee whoo
nowadays when I straight come through
all I hear is how old are you
all my friends say 42
42 are you crazy mad
ya crazy rude where’s ya brain just at?
I’m 34 in case ya asked
you’re old enough to be my dad

whos the man a w/ a grasp of grammar
who writes songs on a pack of pampers
the only rapper loved by yo grandma
haircut like adam sandler
no matter how you gone see me
what I wrote is the hope that you see he
whether cd live or 3d
just Jesus put him on a repeat
don’t believe me I keep rehashing
this junk just keeps on happening
you can just keep keep on bashing
while the world just keeps on laughing
but I’m a just keep on rapping
till the hammer pants back in fashion
while the crowd just keeps on packing
its just Jesus the focused passion

t dot weezy weezy
its off the heezy beezy

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KJ-52 Adventures Of Tweezyman Comments
  1. Ray Larivee


  2. SparkieGT

    Was listening to this today, friend asked if it was Eminem.

  3. Misadventure!

    Crap...I wanna get a computer and now I hafta buy all these raps... and manafests raps... and wow.... Im broke again.... (starts looking for job)

  4. Carlos R Castro


  5. Elijah Martin


  6. Hayden Bock

    love this song!!!

  7. Prosper in the Stars

    My friends say you're 42
    42? No, 34
    You're old enough to be my dad!

  8. mrm64

    hahaha nice kj!!!! Gos bless ya :P

  9. Roeland Hoekstra

    easy tweezy fo sheezy maneezy

  10. Katie Gray

    I love this song!!!! My fav part has to be around 2:45! I love the whole thing though!!

  11. Zanef77

    @TheBjs345 Yup, bought it on I-tunes on Thursday or Friday :)
    I am addicted to Lets go!!!!!

  12. TheBjs345

    your old anuff to be my dad!

  13. TheBjs345

    got tweezyman?

  14. Zanef77

    Love the trumpet/saxaphone :)

  15. Zanef77

    Its the TweezyMan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Elsa TV


  17. Steffen Yoshiki

    i love how KJ's doin the whole rapper stuck in the 80's.

  18. Jonathan P

    woo hoo good song

  19. freetobeme03

    Ya know, its the same old beat with the same type of lyrics KJ's been doing all along...but somehow, still loveable. Don't hate, appreciate.

  20. florin buckner

    yeah! tweezy!!