Kiwanuka, Michael - You Ain't The Problem Lyrics

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Kiwanuka, Michael You Ain't The Problem Comments
  1. Red Pill

    I just heard your music for the first time on a local college station in Boston! I absolutely love it 😍 and hope you have a very long career and keep the music coming! Btw, I’m no spring chicken 🐔! I’m almost 63 but I know great music when I hear it! ❤️💞. Awesome talent 👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻

  2. fireflythe2nd

    video clip would be better without Kiwanuka, no hate

  3. Sue Parnell

    Michael I have only just discovered you, purchased all your cds for my car, what an amazing talent, soulful, deep, true feelings and emotions, please come play in the UK

    Jan Slowhand

    Dear Sue !Michael Kiwanuka was born in London UK in 1987 and as far as I know he still lives there

    Sue Parnell

    @Jan Slowhand thank you, thought he was from America until I heard him speak in an interview I was watching, maybe I'll get a chance to see him live.

  4. John Mutiso

    Who else just discovered this soulful artist in 2020?

  5. 1santos1

    It kinda reminds me of a "soul inspired" Polyphonic Spree!!!

  6. Mang Tutee Microfarmer

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

  7. Fernando Blanc

    Live is 1,000,000 Times better .... and this video kicks butt big time so you can bet how good is it live ... love that kinda french- italian movie from the 60's vibe in the choir ....

  8. Barry Beastmode

    Can’t wait for the Coldplay collab.

  9. M. Pollock

    This sounds very UMO-y

  10. Creative House

    Youtube AD brought me here

  11. SEEK ONE

    Soul funk back in effect for the 2020🔥🔥🔥🔒

  12. Indira Sunny

    I've had a rough couple months but this tune reminds me that its gonna be okay. I'm not the problem.

  13. Eu sou a Marii

    Ele me lembra Zé pequeno kk

  14. Percy Mabandu

    The photography in this video is so lovely

  15. Ngasiirwe Katushabe


  16. haruchi

    this is literal art and nothing else, keep up the work!

  17. Random Anonym

    Man, I needed that

  18. GLADYS

    Français s'il vous plaît

  19. Campaign Central

    Unique among performers who occupy our planet, Michael Kiwanuka understand how to transform the struggle of the human condition into a masterfully arranged songs worthy of comparisons to the Motown great, to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joan Baez, Curtis Mayfield, and Bob Marley but still very uniquely Kiwanuka. Sorry Brittany, sorry Big Thief, sorry Lizzo, and sorry Billy Elish, Kiwanuka is by far the best album of 2019.

  20. EndTime Grime

    This is, for me, beyond a doubt one of the nicest tracks ever made. It touches me and makes me so happy; every time. Thank you so much :)

  21. Arr Ziz

    Like ‘A wonderful world’ by Louie Armstrong, I think it might be inevitable that this song will be used ironically. In the meantime, I’d like to enjoy it unironically.

  22. A_Boijay

    New Johnny cash on are hands

  23. Berend de Liagre Böhl

    Stellar artist, stellar album!

  24. furiacabocla2 Furia Cabocla

    What a precious music..Fusioning everything ..

  25. Chris M


  26. R. D.

    I discovered this song on 89.7 WTMD. It made #3 on their 2019 countdown!

  27. valter biasi

    Baronessa sconoscuta solitaria desso capisci poi devo risapere Simonetta Spiri tua sorella io rispetto sempre lei poi ti ho conosciuto esiste solo tu per me amore mio bacio

  28. R. Delight

    so much of rare bestness

  29. Celtic Fan

    What a feckin tune. Song of 2019!

  30. Foto Design Studio in Frankfurt

  31. Maor BV'

    No way this is from 2019 it sounds so familiar

    Elissa Schnelwar

    It sounds like tv on the radio

    Vvbb Vvbb

    Red hot chili peppers

    Maggie Lou

    Reminds me of some old La Quinta commercials

  32. Arie W

    Finally a "lalala" part men can sing :P

  33. Angela Arts Practice

    Pure joy ✨

  34. Sarah Reinhardt.

    This guy is the coolest.

    Jan Slowhand

    and also the warmest

  35. chave. plug

    muito foda!

  36. torch0001

    Such a great song 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  37. Neyyire Ayse


  38. madanha muchineuta

    that fly at 3:55 thhough kkkk

  39. A Mohammed

    He should do a colab with Gregory porter. 2 awesome voices.

  40. Jake Roberts

    Reminds me of Curtis Mayfield!

  41. Steven Silva

    I can't stop dancing with this song is the best; Michael Kiwanuka you are the best.

  42. Franco Petraglia

    claptone remix!

  43. madanha muchineuta

    Its like i have heard this song a long time ago but thing is it was released this september.

  44. Jug Head

    Loving the sound heard it blasting on my bosses spotify and I instantly fell in love.

  45. Beatriz Pérez CLICK FOR A SURPRISE

  46. avi aman

    I love you Michael from isreal

  47. Cristina Real Talk

    This is what I’ve been waiting for

  48. Vale LB

    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la

    [Verse 1]
    Love makes you blind
    I hope to find
    Who I believe in
    Get back in line
    I can't deny myself
    Show me the feeling
    Oh, you got me wrong
    If you don't belong
    Live in the trouble

    Don't hesitate
    Time heals the pain
    You ain't the problem (I know)

    [Verse 2]
    I lived a lie
    Love is the crime
    It's you I believe in (I know)
    No need to play myself
    No need to die
    I'm only human (I know)
    I'm done, you got to put me on
    I know when you come along

    Don't hesitate
    Time heals the pain
    You ain't the problem

    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la

    [Verse 3]
    I point the gun
    They shoot for fun
    You are the problem
    I try to help myself
    You are the one
    Do all the talkin'
    You got me wrong
    I caught you fallin'
    I hear you callin'

    Don't hesitate
    Time heals the pain
    You ain't the problem (I know)

    [Verse 4]
    I lived a dream
    I hope to be
    Who I believe in (I know)
    I used to hate myself
    You got the key
    Break out the prison (I know)
    Oh, I hope to never see time passin'

    Don't hesitate
    Time heals the pain
    You ain't the problem

    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la
    La, la-la-la, la
    La, la-la-la, la-la

    La, la-la-la, la

  49. Jeff Ankton

    Never herd of him before, until this morning got a text from Detroit. My brother told me to listen to this you will love it. And guess what??? Another door of music has open for me. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Jan Slowhand

    Listen also to his two previous albums and live performances(especially live at RAK Studios). I don't have enough words to praise his talents.

    eloaci wichert

    Me too..

  50. anton k.

    god, people here are really poisoned from pop culture.... Tarantino, Fifa... what are you talking about? this is just a masterpiece on its now. and great video too

  51. Spike Burst

    Brother . Beautiful . Male . Music .

  52. Jeferson Centeno Gutiérrez

    This video Is like a porn video. Haha the teenagers are the actors and they are touching between them

  53. EastGhost

    Reminds me of a soul version of red hot chili peppers

  54. A.D Keebles Removals

    Just discovered this guy - fantastic !! - reminds me strongly of Gill Scot Heron!

  55. ss ri

    Love the chorus... Reminds me of a late 60s early 70s gangster movie.. V retro

  56. Jacqueline Wernett

    I danced Carmen with NYC opera

  57. Adriano Piazza

    Listen to Piero Piccioni...

  58. Gallus

    That latin american dancer, I know him from somewhere, but can't remember where from. Can anyone help me out?

  59. Jacqueline Wernett

    L'chaim from Jacova 11..Gevurah..Thank you Carmencita Lopez. NYC. Flamenco teacher

  60. Fraser McIntosh

    He sounds like the lead singer from Reverend and the Makers

  61. Srinath Jayachandran

    This song is just beyond words!!! What a masterpiece!!!

  62. 666lenn

    I have Faith in soul music.

  63. ZS 15

    The latino dancer in the vest is a MOOD. Love everything about this.

  64. Alesha MacD

    Thank you for creating such quality music and lyrics that make me smile. #Youain’ttheproblem. 🙏🥰

  65. Davennier


  66. fluffy fox

    The whole album is the great soundtrack to an even more great movie that doesn't even exist yet.

  67. ThaSouth Garcon

    I’m intrigued.

  68. Just passing throoo

    Love this! I'm getting ' The Christians' vibe, Mixed with 'Curiosity Killed The Cat'.. 70's, 80's sounds and ... heck! So much going on. Anyone else?

  69. Alexandros Saiu

    Beautiful people!!!

  70. María Ramos

    The beginning reminds me Marine Girls

  71. NiCk Dj a k a pseudomino

    Danger Mouse is alive!!

  72. Vincent Laberenne

    Come to France soon ... We wait you with pleasure .

  73. RB music

    This song is unique nostalgic, love the music video too. I like his style 👌🏾

  74. Dot

    I just wanted to say, I came across this man's music last week week by letting Youtube select the next songs to play. I have since bought 2 of his albums and a pair of concert tickets to his up-coming show in Boston. Never heard of him prior to last week. Instant fan, my ears are very grateful! To anyone else whom might not be familiar with his work either, I came across a live set of videos he did back in 2012 that have some Jazzy overtones which was equally pleasant to the ear. I highly recommend checking out.

    Imen Korea

    Same here😍, thank you YouTube 🙏

    Red Pill

    Dot I’m from Boston and I just found his music on FM 88.9 the college station. I’m hooked and if I wasn’t sick with fibromyalgia, I’d be sitting next to you at TD Garden for that concert!! Love this guy! 😘

  75. Emre

    Alright let's get it!

  76. Olga Lebedeva


  77. John Petersen

    Timeless beauty. One of my favorites of Michael's. The spirit of this lifts me up and gives me hope for all.

  78. Duncan Disorderly

    He's successfully fused a wide range of styles and it sounds sweet. It's funky, with one foot in the past, one in the present, but with its eyes looking forward. You know it's good if it borrows from the past, yet manages to sound fresh, modern and somewhat unique.

    Heard it in my car. Tried to remember the title. Forgot. Two weeks later. Found it! Music is always worth searching for. Peace.

  79. thetrue arsyha

    just like the rest of the album

  80. Gasparuccio X

    shit this is the first record i want to buy since 5 years or's really excellent!! it's good to know that there's still good music

  81. tyler stone

    well dang i would have liked to audition for his

  82. Enes Bergman

    Thanks I needed to hear this today. “I ain’t the problem.” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. pro Sluer

    Loving your work!!! I feel refreshed listening- inspiring 🔥🔥🔥❤✌👊❤💖💪👏🙌😁

  84. Erline Andrews

    Reminds me of Curtis Mayfield.

  85. Name9426

    I'm gettin Dan Auerbach vibes I wonder if he helped produce

  86. Saulo Padilha

    339 bots randomly disliked this video.

  87. Dimitri Godhead

    I'm not impressed by much contemporary stuff but this guy's got soul and swagger and that's refreshing

  88. Ichorof

    So are we just not going to talk about how gay this clip is ? I mean between 2 athletic black guys and 2 lean redheaded white boys wrestling on the ground naked, the entire homosexual fantasy spectrum is covered. I'm not saying anything is wrong, it's just unacceptable that this video has no comments pointing this out, we are on the internet after all...

  89. Bhanu Prakash

    Did anyone wipe their screen 🤣

  90. Jack Friel

    I feels like it's the 1960s

  91. Armpaouti

    amazing timeless song with a beautifully crafted video.

  92. Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    Interesting new sound. I like it!

  93. Edgar Rondon

    Yes, bravo! The new album is BRILLIANT!

  94. Norman Ridge

    Done a remix/bootleg of this on my channel if anyone is interested :)

  95. Héctor Baptista