Kiwanuka, Michael - One More Night Lyrics

One more night
One more night till the morning
One more night
One more night till the day
I'll be right
I'll be right in the morning
I'll be alright
I'll be right in the day

But I believe it
One more night till the morning
But I believe it
One more night till the morning

I'll be trying
I'll be trying in the morning
I'll be trying
I'll be trying in the day
No more lies
No more lies in the morning
No more lies
No more lies in the day

But I believe it
One more night till the morning
But I believe it
One more night till the morning

I'll be holding on
Holding in
I'll be holding on
And holding in
I'll be holding on
And holding in

One more night
One more night till the morning
One more night
One more night till the day

I'm on fire
I'm on fire for the morning
I'm on fire
I'm on fire for the day

But I believe it
One more night till the morning
But I believe it
One more night till the morning

One more night till the morning
One more night till the morning
One more night till the morning

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Kiwanuka, Michael One More Night Comments
  1. Patrick star

    No twerking. I love it

  2. melissa cereghetti

    Biglemoi dance

  3. maria cristina ruchti


  4. Neolbeum Kim

    I realized that I danced that dance in the shower involuntarily.

  5. nane6

    Didn´t know this song by Michael Kiwanuka. LIKE, big time ... replay...replay...replay

  6. nikoletta

    the best song ever!

  7. maria cristina ruchti


  8. Christina Merbs

    This was on my TV playlist Galaxy thingy, I could have heard this 3 -4 years ago!!!! Omg!! Amazing 😍

  9. Larissa Coutinho

    Este artista é fantástico!

  10. La Kid

    So talented !! should be a blow out success but I want to hold him here like Robert Bradley and The Blackwater Surprise - my little secret of amazingness, but that would not be fair!

  11. Daisy Vitali

    Them long ass legs are a lil bugged out though 😂😂

  12. Daisy Vitali

    New fav artist love love💞💞💞💞💞👏👏👏👏👏👏

  13. mogwai

    how have i only heard of him now??? bang on

  14. ken karwoski

    Where is Michael Kiwanuka From?


    no matter, this kicks ass....

  15. ken karwoski

    ShopRite Bought Me Here!

  16. Raul 2010

    You are here because you have a great taste of music

  17. Gabriel Garnica

    He must have a hard time shopping for jeans.

  18. Manchee 19

    Now we see it clearly

    Slendermen in the daylight👀

  19. cmz8706

    some people are convinced these are stilts, but it's not possible to move on stilts this way.. just great use of some subtle CGI

  20. weston saathoff

    One word RAD

  21. Kaan Aslım

    Cool clip 👊🏻

  22. Rosario Perez Morgado

    Este tema merece muchísimos más seguidores, vamooooooos

  23. alieninthecaribbean

    Fantastic cross-pollination of Moko Jumbies (stilt walking) out of Trinidad and Tobago with contemporary music. Young people learn how to do this as early as 4 years old. Stems from West African tradition of giant, friendly guardians of a village. It has so many creative applications outside the Carnival celebrations that happen in T&T.

  24. Sevgi Yumakci

    Love his music, his style, videos! ♥️

  25. setdrift

    I keep making posts on here but this is like finding religion or something. Listen every chance I get get. and this dud e is coming here (Salt Lake) in January! Happy New Year!!!

  26. Top LC

    Good music ♥️🇦🇲

  27. De La Compostela

    Encontrei esse som por acaso na net, agora eu não consigo parar de ouvir... Que sentimento...E esse refrão?

  28. SirTheSir

    Don't do more than 5cm leg lengthening in tibias!

  29. TEGPRO

    República Argentina!

  30. Mehmet Arabaci


  31. Saqer Alqassimi

    Legendary bro no joke

  32. FranK

    Weird this feels almost racist to say, but I just love afro-american people for their culture, their passion and their music!

    D A N I E L

    It's not racist if your intentions are pure, appreciating culture different from yours is a good thing.

  33. Kathy A

    An Awesome song of EMPOWERMENT!
    Sisters & Brothers, WE ARE ALL ONE......😁🤗

  34. David Nachman

    That video is so dope!

  35. Elmo reno

    This guy gave me Bob Marley vibes


    That's exactly what I thought

  36. Stéphane Florentin

    Est ce que il y’a français ici

  37. Judi Lynn

    Amazing song and it STILL blows me away to watch these two DANCE on stilts!

  38. Vale do Paraìso

    What a wonderful video...thanks Michael!

  39. Haytham Sheshtawy

    thank you "when they see us"for letting me enjoy Michael Kiwanuka

  40. James Jameson

    Thank you Walmart. So many gems play while I’m working or shopping.

  41. Cool White Boy

    Cool video

  42. Tony Bautista

    When it's fun at the very least... 3:)

  43. fortune ntshangase

    One of the best from kiwanuka

  44. Mateo Juric

    Thanks Michael for bringing back the spirit of the 70's

  45. Yang The Goddess

    Oh hey its my Sleep Paralysis Demon


    Fear nothing, no demon, no devil, not death.... you'll conquer your paralysis then. Good luck.

  46. Rosario Perez Morgado

    Todo un descubrimiento 🙏 temazooos, Aaaa el video me encantó 👏👏

  47. Eden Garden

    I heared this song in the Maldives during holiday. I love it!

  48. Oliver Rutte

    If I want to take dance lessons which focus more around this style of dancing. What kind of classes do I take?

  49. Jon Seymour

    I've only heard of this fella a little while ago, but his music is amazing.

  50. Mmm K

    Love it!

  51. rebeka sky


  52. J.M. Stigner

    Homerton E5?

  53. Sheerien Carter

    I really can't love this more than I'm loving it already!!! Just LOVE IT! LOVE THIS GUY!!!! Amazing talent!!

  54. Man de Gaturiss

    Intelectual Soul

    Man de Gaturiss

    Levine 5

    Man de Gaturiss

    Max Martin probably loves this.

    Man de Gaturiss

    [4 Oct 4:44 P.M.] Friday Deew

  55. Lisa Allen

    Great song. I was on my 10min break. And they had music playing in the dining area. I listen to the lyrics, and the rhythm beat. Couldn't get enough.

  56. MrReillac

    love the nutty video!! sweeeeettooooones!

  57. Mobybi Kim

    класс!!!! молодец!!!

  58. Sand June

    love this song , and the video is great, clicked on this by accident some of his stuff, this is such a cool retro feel song. nice to hear brass in the background ....real music

  59. fngrprnts.

    has someone here ever played the game daddy long legs? this is the reason i clicked.

  60. *Starless

    This song plays where I work............ I can't understand a Single Word he says, let alone what he's talking about!

  61. Edward Garcia

    Hip hop shit

  62. Steve Kutz

    At least my 15th viewing

  63. Edward Garcia

    Wut stop playing. Fire

  64. Claude Roellinger


  65. ILD

    Love & Hate, and Cold Little Heart became my favorite songs, and I love them, but when I was curious and tried to listen to other songs by this guy, I'm sad to say, but I was dissapointed...

  66. Stavros Cigar

    Bring back that FUNK music!!!

  67. Елена Диордиенко

    Ok! Мне очень понравился твой клип!)

  68. alitorock

    a alguien mas le parecio parecido a jugo de los espiritus y les aparecio en sugerencias? dios mio me quiero volver chango!

  69. murat öztürk

    everytime l watch this video clip dont know why l smile❤️

  70. Wes Meijde

    New life, break with the old.

  71. Katia Tornay

    Meet you downstairs....

  72. Александр Медведюк


  73. Liz M

    Wish I could dance like that on flat ground. I could gallop on a horse to this!

  74. Jean guy

    Magnificent voice and great song.
    Australia 😊

  75. jason johns

    Why is this guy not famous and rappers like lil pump famous our times suck

  76. Squiddles Mc Diddles

    I love his work it pays homage to those that have gone before him without blatantly ripping them off or just lazy sampling!

  77. José Reginini

    LOVE this

  78. CHUCK20O9

    You have a great gift Michael 👍🏼, I love your music

  79. Karolina Joanna Szorc

    Cudowna piosenka ,cudowne wykonanie- Niepowtarzalny Michael- jestem po prostu ...oczarowana !!! dodam ,ze dopiero dziś pierwszy raz ( całkiem przypadkiem) włączyłam jego piosenkę..*Cold littel Hart * i zachwycona słucham pozostałe jego piosenki...,a -One More Night- jest wyjątkowa (ma cudowny klimat)Piosenki Michaela -to perełki...jestem nim zafascynowana!!!!

  80. Virginia Garcia

    Wonderful music,video,voice I love it!!! thank you😃😄😎😍😍😍😍😅😊😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👍👍👍🙌❤❤❤

  81. Mr B

    Class song

  82. alex le

    Great stuff! Nice video! Thanks 👍

  83. J Richie

    cuts thru to your soul

  84. Jose Rios

    My man, first time listening, I am so high right now. I don’t think I could have chosen a better time to hear you for the first time. Your music took me to a different world. You are unbelievable. I feel your heart, and in turn I was able to feel mine. So much energy in this. Keep it up

  85. Ollie

    I don't even know what to say. I've just listened to about 30mins of perfection. This guy is unreal. Timeless. Faith restored in modern music! Never heard of him and he's got it all. Very rare to listen to a true story teller these days with something to say. And comes out with those Prince/Hendrix-esque guitar solo's! And that voice! Oh my fucking word, he's an absolute beast. Effortlessly original and himself. Turns out mindlessly watching YT vids pays off.

  86. Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia

    *epic mv!*


    One of the best musicians today is Kiwanuka.He has concert in Sibenik few weeks ago, I was not aware.Please Michael send me message if you visit Croatia again, I’ll be there.🇭🇷👍

  88. Lestat Mondragon

    Great lyrics and music structure, my new favorite band

  89. Angel CityGirl

    We need so much more michael and none of the shit on the radio. 😊😊😊😊😊😊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. graham johnson

    love this man's music ' amazin voice ty michael.. u.k

  91. Yanni Slav

    Dancing on double yellow lines totally out of order, Islington council is still waiting for that fine to be paid!

  92. NonViable Venus

    I would be so afraid to fall XD Utter and uncontested kudos to this guy!

  93. Nobody’s Fool

    Just ordered two of your cd’s. Beautiful music.

  94. Romina Delgado

    Just I want to dance with this amazing song.
    Saludos 🇦🇷

  95. Milkey_Way1970

    Hey Get Em...I wanna Dance with them🎶📻❤🤘💋👅

  96. Cedric Raphael

    Omg I've been looking for this song cuz it plays at my job all the time and I was like what song is this?!

  97. June binyamin

    i love you so much <3

  98. Francine Bouzard

    love love love 😊🤗🤗😍😍💜💜💜Namasté 🙏🙏🙏