Kiwanuka, Michael - Money Lyrics

Money, money, is it really love?
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear
Money, money, I feel it killing love
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear

I think I want everything
Everything all on my own
Can't you see my diamond ring?
Twenty thousand carat gold
Girl, I wanna talk to you
I can be your money tree
One hundred million, maybe three
More than I could ever see

Money, money, is it really love?
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear
Money, money, I feel it killing love
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear

I can buy an aeroplane
Fly you all around the world
I'm spending when I feel ashamed
Spending 'cause I'm all alone
Girl, I wanna make you mine
Can't you give your heart to me?
I would give you every dime
You're more than I could ever be
(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Money, money, is it really love?
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear
Money, money, I feel it killing love
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear

All money lies, there's no surprise with that
When money tries to ruin everything
Pain in disguise, money can't cover up the lies
I need true love tonight

All money lies, there's no surprise with that
When money tries to ruin everything
Pain in disguise, money can cause a man to cry
I need true love tonight

(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Money, money, is it really love? (Oh Lord, money, yeah, money can lie)
Money, will it be love (Money left, is this real, real love?)
Oh, man, again, I swear
Money, money, I feel it killing love (Oh, money goes, money feels, money comes)
Money, will it be love (Money, money, money yeah)
Oh, man, again, I swear (Money yeah, money yeah, money yeah)

Money, money, is it really love?
Money, will it be love
Oh, man, again, I swear

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Kiwanuka, Michael Money Comments

    This Song makes wanna buy a Cheap 70’s Suit so I can Groove too this!😎👌

  2. N Patel


  3. Matin Dadib

    Didn't know tom misch played bass too

  4. Fitri Ariani

    Every generations approved to dance with this song

  5. Carmine Conte

    Hanno scongelato uno dei DELEGATION?!?!

  6. Vincent M.

    it's soooo good.

  7. Deep TreaJah music

  8. Deon Richards

    Wish I could buy my own aeroplane! Just to see my family and friends in South Africa 🇿🇦 every half term! Mixture of Khalid and Drake! Love it! Pump! Pump! Pump up the BASS!

  9. Pie Akimoto


  10. Anfernee Tomlinson

    Damn, finally found some great music!!

  11. Stefano Sormani

    Sound like 70's whisper.

  12. N0rt3x

    Don't worry Tom, you'll get more comfortable with this kind of music video :)

  13. Lofi Wurld

    what does it all mean?? is he really rich or daydreaming?

  14. Utopia Sound

    Big up that Coviran spanish steez hahahah

  15. Bog Creature

    The equal distribution of Mo'ney the equal distribution of rights and freedom? If you pay mortals an equivalent diet of freedom - everyone in the same union of life and life's long-term advantage and that's a balanced economy, since, you can project the quality of life further utilising the equivalent benchmark in financial freedom between consenting adults of an equivalent kind? A commonwealth economy supersedes the unethical, amoral, illogical wealth of the few game-plan?

    L homme Qui valait 890 euros

    Amen !!!

  16. Élaine Grisé

    UK's two brightest diamonds.

  17. Amanda Hansen

    really good song <3

  18. Foto Design Studio in Frankfurt

  19. Ace Hardy


  20. Jake chancellor

    this song was hands down best song of my 2019. say no more.

  21. Kerry Anderson-Jones

    If this was a movie I’d want a second part

  22. Gregory LaGrange

    Uh oh!
    Please, somebody tell me that Michael's not pining for some IG model.
    Things were going so good for you brother. Don't start pedestalizing these females now.

  23. M.I. Fadhil

    Why is this video clip so lowkey depressing lol

  24. Daisy Vitali

    " all money lies, money trys to ruin everything!!! Money cant cover everything!!!!" Mike drop ...thats deep

  25. Daisy Vitali

    Love the song ..i wk in retail...why they look like inmates!? 😄😂live him and this song

  26. Akiru's Lab

    The funk will never die.

  27. Cris K

    this song a BOP


    Surprising collaboration in funky groove; gooood !!!

  29. ke Gusto

    Grown up listening kool And The Gang! I LOVE THAT SOUND!!!

  30. Elena Plainaki

    Τα λεφτά τα λεφτά τα εκατομμύρια.. Τα λεφτά τα λεφτά τα μπικικινια!

  31. Matheus Giron

    Cara, que música gostosa de se ouvir!!! By the way, as imagens do clipe estão sensacionais. Não conhecia o Michael ainda, vou passar a ouvir mais ele

  32. Bigtrek34

    Lawd! How am I just hearing this song for the first time? Thanks Youtube playlist, this a stone grove baby!

  33. 我你

    I hear that GarageBand drum loop Ahah

  34. Allison Johnson

    Why do I always hear the best music in H&M.


    Brilliant Artist :) #fullfunkvibes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. TS Truffel

    So funny 😃 Love this😍

  37. Briana Lovell

    Tom Misch 🤤

  38. 2:42 NICE 😁💥🤣😅😂😊😉🙂🙄🤨🙃

  39. Tom Brunyee

    2.1mil views? Absolute joke. Deserves 200milli

  40. Anthony Jones

    Who puts cartons of milk on a shelf like that?

  41. Christina Medina

    Money. I love this song. Well, I don't think I dont like any of Michael's song/music...

  42. Scotty Scotty

    J adore cette chanson jecoute en boucle

  43. suneyer

    It's been years & years since i heard something this good hallelujah to music again!

  44. Carmine De Sanctis

    This song is not in the album...🤔

    Dee Wrekk

    But at least it's in the world :D

  45. Jenn (Hall) Nodine

    Michael Kiwanuka does it again. I used to say he’s a modern day Bob Dylan, but I see now that’s a totally incomplete assessment of this young man’s artistic talent. No single pigeonhole will hold him. I’m a devoted fan and I can’t wait to see what gifts this young man will bring us next.

  46. Robert Beutner

    Michael Kiwanuka is a special talent. Just great stuff. I cannot say enough to anyone that will listen that you have got to listen to this music.

  47. Olga Lebedeva


  48. Lou-anne Buan

    Ok, I'm in love 🤩

  49. Guillaume Pinchon

    Exceptionnel !!!!!

  50. Guy Gibbons

    would be dope to get a tom misch rap version

  51. Rachel Ray Ray Wright

    I love this man ❤️ I can’t stop listening to his funky tunes,,, they make me dance wherever I am 💃💃

  52. paul Waymondo

    Joe hart on bass

  53. Riccardo Gavazzi

    Ehi I love this...the bass and the guitar are simply fantastic!!!!

  54. tara mceown

    Bing Disco Back Fully🕺🏾

  55. Asia Kobaltowa

    Thank You 🌻

  56. Nemexi

    I know it's supposed to be funky but it makes me feel sad 😔

  57. Liliane Beeckman

    Zijn songs hebben hem geen windeieren gelegd. Nu de vraag... wat is een windei?

  58. Rafael Sanz

    Its a fucking spanish grocery store man.

  59. PapaGeorg10

    So is this song not on his new album? I don't see it on the track listing

  60. Tony Bautista

    This guy is a musical chameleon. Get to movin'... 3:)

  61. Edwin James Pope

    Prince wants his d-side back..

  62. Ryan Sansaricq

    First song I've heard by both these guys! Going through every song they have out now.

  63. Justin Brock

    2:54 we enter the next level shit

  64. Tim Volkov

    Luv Lee

  65. Khawla m

    In looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  66. wisienkakochacie

    A very weak effort from MK. A terrible muzak to be more precise. good this won't be on his third album

  67. Ace Hardy


  68. Mayanja Ronald

    Imagine this on a warm Ugandan Sunday morning ☀️

  69. Ndugga Ivan

    This song explains my life in Abu Dhabi

  70. Cazando osos

    really nice collaboration man
    saludos desde mexico

  71. Violet Energy

    I just found you a couple of days ago and you are so amazing you are like Marley with those lyrics, Jimi when you're on that guitar, the hypnotic ascension of Pink Floyd and funky like the old 70's groups. What planet did you come from?? I'm glad you are here with us now giving us the gift of you.🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💙

  72. leo T

    reary nice music.Money dream Funk

  73. Kustom Denver

    Also ur lucky ur hairline so terrible if ur tall w good hair everyone would hate u baldy short band nerd

  74. Kustom Denver

    Why u always in USA Tom? U copy SoundCloud beats so u can be a nobody in USA? Ur so lucky ur so short and look like a beta cuck or no one would like u

  75. Kustom Denver

    All the stupid loser idiot s of the world can be in one place too

  76. Gary Coughlan creative music

    Great tune 😍😍😍😍😍 love it , well done

  77. Nakitende Rose

    This is really good

  78. Shannon Nefra

    Genius. 😂🥰

  79. Clone #786

    Michael is so adorable in this 😆

  80. P.A.L TV

    Can someone please please please make a slowed down version of this. I would really appreciate it lol

  81. Space Rock

    Well done!

  82. igising orsomething

    Music is great and all👌🏽... but can we talk about how the milk wasn't in a refrigerated section?! And then he had the audacity to spill it?!



    King Flippynips

    lmao, I think that was supposed to be one of those open-air "cold isle" type of fridges that they have at supermarkets.

    Dropping the milk was just symbolizing the shock he felt once he finally realized that he lost "himself" after leaving all his friends/coworkers behind after giving them cash. He feels bad for half a second them goes to numb his pain by spending more money and drinking alone (Is this really love?)

  83. zCharged

    Amazing tune!

  84. YAMUVE video marketing

    It must be a spanish supermarket, isn't it?

  85. Wanda Colon

    i love this guy! i have put alot of people on to his music he is bad ass !i love everything he puts out !!!!!!

  86. Carlos Santtana

    Thank you Michael Kiwanuka and Tom Misch. Music like this renews my hopes that humans are still capable of creating meaningful art

  87. Sandile Shange


  88. afortiori

    good.. very very very very good funck..... thanks misters

  89. Luke Harbur

    Panda Skare's "The Mood Is Right," another pretty funk song --->

  90. Vik Sandhu

    Reminds me of Jamiroquai at his peak

  91. Stefano Barba

    1:27 You can see how much is enjoying doing this

  92. Linda Hardy

    Money, money, money, money yeah!

  93. bundisensi

    seems like is been recorded in spain ?

  94. O C

    Soul and R&B belong to Michael Kiwanuka. This era’s Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Bill Withers