Kiwanuka, Michael - Hero (Intro) Lyrics

I won't change my name
No matter what they call me
I lost my only friend
And I'll grieve you till the end

Am I a hero?
Am I a hero now?
To die a hero
Is all that we know now

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Kiwanuka, Michael Hero (Intro) Comments
  1. Евгений Важинский

    Hendricks is that you?

  2. Emily Ann


  3. nix e.

    Absolutely love his music.......slot of his songs have a strong Hendrix vibe to them. I wasnt born in that era, however his music takes me there!
    Such power and soul.

  4. DjBoofkid

    Modern day Hendrix?

  5. Callum Malone

    Heard this bother this week on NPR and was blown away been jammin ever since heavy rotation on my google play

  6. Brīvība Papagaiļiem

    негр, жениться тебе надо !

  7. momo momo

    This guys is absouluty dropping bombs. What a song baby.😁🤠

  8. Marvellouz

    This my Song now 😁 Thanks Michael 😉

  9. John Nicholls

    Such a beautiful track 💙

  10. Torrin Cooper

    This song is amazing!! 🔥🔥

  11. 19bub92

    My hero moja i twoja nadzieja!

    Jan Slowhand

    zadziwiające wprost jak wiele przeróżnych piosenek sprzed lat ludzie słyszą w twórczości tego wspaniałego artysty


    @Jan Slowhand
    Tak mi sie skojarzyło. Sprawdzałem czy jakiś rodak sie tu znajdzie.
    A muzyka to często produkcja masowa i chyba już ' wszystko było' ;)

  12. Massimo Bettin

    Could someone share the Guitar Chords used for the intro ? Thanks

  13. Vinny Gallo

    Great song suck ass video

  14. Pam Stuckey

    Loved Michael since his first album. So happy to see so many people here appreciating his artistry. My favorite musician. Just listening to his music restores my soul.

  15. Atina Zubier

    So on point!

  16. Misty Martin


  17. ILD

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the video showcases the relationship between blacks and whites and how fucked up it is

  18. Samuel Frigere

    Am I a hero?
    Am I a hero now?
    Am I a hero?
    Am I a hero now?
    Please don't shoot me down
    I love you like a brother
    It's on the news again
    I guess they killed another
    Am I a hero?
    Am I a hero now?
    To die a hero
    Is all that we know now
    Oh, we all get told to go along
    Oh, we know it's all for show
    We know, we know
    Am I a hero?
    Am I a hero now?
    To die a hero
    Is all that we know now
    Am I a hero?
    A fallen hero now?
    Hear my sin Lord
    Speak no evil now
    Am I a hero?
    My gun to reload now
    A broken people
    There go a hero now

  19. Future Programming

    Genius song

  20. Antonio Carlos

    RONca rONca ✌🏻🇧🇷

  21. kat Mats

    As much as I adore the song I do not care for the video. It should have been left to the imagination.

  22. themainbork

    Mercury Prize Winner of 2020

  23. Irena Domanska

    Super! 👍

  24. Howard Koor


  25. ioannis platikostas

    Thia song should have had 100 mil views..

  26. GR44

    Di Canio brought me here

  27. мария григорова


  28. P1 MUSIC


  29. tydodge

    "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children" Bobby Sands

    Felipe Gois

    Brightly man!

  30. REPUBLIC Shall Endure

    someone please cast him in forever gold. I wanna wake up 1000 years from now and know hes still playing.


    He will

  31. jean04100

    je l'ai découvert ce matin aux clips de m6, j'adore , ça c'est de la musique, rock soul des années 70

  32. Yusuf Rafiq

    Sky sports -di canio pushing a ref

  33. George Inmortalus

    Espero lo traigan al Corona Capital, se discute.

  34. Νικος Ρο

    It's a awsome song....perfect creation..Really thank you for your offer!! Greetings from Greece!!

  35. Scooby MiKE

    RIP Juice WRLD

  36. Cheryl Venable

    Love his voice and his playing abilities are off the hook......Yes to more from Michael......


    U are a hero for this track!

  38. Hadey Salem

    Rip off of Nirvana, same chord as Smells Like Teen Spirit

  39. Klaus Kisters

    Had the privilage to see Michael and his wonderful band in Amsterdam two weeks ago, loved every minute, hat of to you Michael!

  40. Paul Blenkiron

    FANTASTIC CANT WAIT FOR LATITUDE NEXT YEAR MY 50th. Hope I can afford it with me and the boy . dylan loves this too. brilliant music. happy when this is on . genius this guy is i tell ya man . ahaha . thankyou so much . very special music. up there with hendrix , even better actually ,more focused

  41. edmond27355

    Here we go again. All aboard riding through and away. Blissful.

  42. J Nimely Belwin

    My new discover artist...
    love this music !

  43. Ron Neasty

    Came up on my spotify play list , real 60s vibe dylan/hendrix watchtower . Will check his other stuff now . Love this.
    Love is Murder by Al Ross led me here thanks spotty...

    Pam Stuckey

    been following him since the start. I hope you have listened to all of his music

  44. Ines Afonso

    Now he is my hero!! I love this song 😍😍

  45. Jhonny Sena


  46. Essme

    Just heard this on the radio and I fell in love❤️

  47. Alex Berg

    I came to this song after sky sports played it on their special on 10 years of the Brawn gp car


    Cat, flat out reminds me of Peter Tosh with a touch of Jimi...

  48. Fargus Seaworthy

    All power to the people!


    2019 best song of the year!

    king bear

    Hell yeah !

  50. CHOKEY Gaming

    Fantastic song. Bravo!!!

  51. AuraTheSongstress

    Mike K is a legend

  52. Christine Auzanne

    Christine auzanne It's pur jewel!Love this song.I am agree we want more music of Michael Kiwanuka.It's a great artist!

  53. nazarenkodenys

    I absolutly adore this!!

  54. Maksym Kmets

    Ukraine loves you!

  55. Maksym Kmets

    the best!!!

  56. ツVegas

    А я от T-Festа пришёл. )

  57. Eric Winslow

    Martin luther king jr etc.

  58. Eric Winslow

    People that stand up for something that goes against the status quo get targeted. Jfk For example.

  59. Eric Winslow

    Not about race. Get your heads out of the gutter sheesh.

  60. Eric Winslow

    I thought this was a white dude singing. This guy is good. This song comes on so many fronts and can mean so many things. Like Soldiers coming back from war and you know the suicide rate. Just lyrically itself is epic. A broken hero now.

    Eric Winslow

    All music comes from the soul.

  61. Chris PF

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  62. Alan Taylor

    Love Michael.. highlt talented.. one of those guitarists whose style you instantly recognise.. like Johnny Marr, Hendrix, Robert Cray etc.. and a sublime voice.. stand out artist in a bland world..

  63. HAT

    REPRESENTING UUUGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRUH BRUH BRUUHHHH!!!!!! beautiful song, such a unique sound..Michael Kiwanuka + Johnny Drille needs to happen

  64. Paul Kozar

    This guy was born in the wrong era. Good stuff.

    Pam Stuckey

    but we need him now!

  65. Satto Kapo

    i love this sound!!!!
    thank you for the music

  66. Wes Headley

    A masterpiece. He's telling the truth and that opens minds. What a killer song!

    Vale do Paraìso

    You couldn't have said it better, this is really a killer song!

  67. giannis sioutis

    The last 2 months i discovered Kiwanuka and Black Pumas and i am listening them all day every day

    Neil Hennigan

    giannis sioutis good month for you brother haha soul and rock n roll are back

  68. BeAsA Roze

    Curse and be damned Co-intelpro. LORD deliver us from Babylon.

  69. Mateusz Kmiecik

    Co za utwór maskra 👍🔥🔥

  70. K Trina

    Videos like that make you want to learn history

  71. Kato Khaelan

    My god... So talented

  72. karrllooss

    Uwielbiam ten kawałek, dziękuję !

  73. Stanislav Mankov

    its incredible

  74. Aaron Boon

    Great parallels in the video

  75. Crafty Spirit

    What a strong statement in the introduction, "I lost my only friend and I'm bleeding 'til the end"

  76. Ferdiana Pbi

    Robbe? Sander? 😆

  77. Te EBa

    Robbe smiling after coming out to Jens ☹🖤

  78. Ash raf


  79. Rodrigo Andres Jara Burgos

    Sounds like silent hill 2


    Yeah, the same chord progression as All Along the Watchtower but the song carries on into a new vibe.... cool,

    Murray Mitchell

    He's clearly influenced by it both musically and lyrically. Everyone is influenced by something but he's not ripping it off like many. Shame great artists like this aren't getting the attention of the mainstream.


    “It's not where you take things from — it's where you take them to.”

    ― Jean-Luc Godard

  81. Aziza Funky

    amazing 😍

  82. Karlotta Jurkschat

    Love the guitar.sounds like the 70s

  83. Артем Пасічник

    Not a Jimmy Hendricks - but something familiar :)

  84. Duitser love beats

    ok the first note i heard i loved it lisa evers is right

  85. ofer arnon

    this dude is just getting better. its incredible

  86. Donovan Dunlap

    I like this.

  87. paula jones

    Even better live. Saw him last week in Bristol amazing.

  88. Jas Bataille

    This resonates with me on a deep level. Although I am not black and could never pretend to understand the struggle of black people, I learned to be a musician with African people. My dad played percussion in the Chicago Art Ensemble in the 70's when they went to France. He then helped some members of the Black Panthers to enter France. He gave job to a great man who was researched by the police all over Europe... I can only imagine how hard it was for those people to trust him... and for him to see fake white helpers... He only talked about it once, about this guy who had to knock out two policemen to get to a gig... And it still continue to this day... why? I don't know... all that we want is to be human, all of us

  89. MrGundam0083


  90. Mark Tanteo

    listening to this while i play Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, perfect timing


    Try dayz jk

  91. MrsElle

    This album is pure fire! there are no words to describe it, I just adore every song! Can't wait to listen to it live

  92. kayleigh donohoe

    How can 374 people not like this ffs this guys voice is something else!!! Can be ma hero any day 👍🏻😉

  93. 1_Cannot_Simply_Create_An_Original_Username

    I'm loving the spaghetti western style guitar, as well as the fantastic vocals!

  94. Vincenzo Ippolito

    A demostration that Laura Pausini's (E ritorno da te) + Jimi Hendrix's cover (All along the watchtower) can became something else. Music is wonderful for that!

    Vale do Paraìso

    Io mi fermerei a Jimi Hendrix

  95. R N

    Every now and again, YouTube pulls through with amazing recommendations. This is one of them.


    R N The trick is to listen to as many different styles as possible. This confuses youtube. It will only come up with good recommendations when its confused. ;)

  96. Serdar Drama

    seversınız gencler