Kiwanuka, Michael - Any Day Will Do Fine Lyrics

Hey, listen girl
Can I get along with you?
I'm in need of your time
Any day will do fine

Hey, listen girl
An hour or two will do
Just be gentle and kind
You'd really be easing my mind

My trouble upon ya
There where you lay
But they'll never know
For I'm never sure

And your time will afford ya
Might cost, I'm a pay, ooh
They'll never know
For I'm never sure

Hey, listen girl
After this song is through
I'll be changing my ways
God knows I've seen better days

Hey, listen girl
Forgive me if I seem rude
Now your dues have been paid
Through this mess that we made

My trouble upon ya
There where you lay, ooh
But they'll never know
For I'm never sure

And your time will afford ya
It might cost, I'm gon' pay, ooh
But they'll never know
For I'm never sure, ooh

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Kiwanuka, Michael Any Day Will Do Fine Comments
  1. Joe Seal

    House of soul members, its here......

  2. stollie

    ANY day will do fine...

  3. STYLES2482

    Beautiful instrumental

  4. STYLES2482

    This is that fall music staring out at the leaves on the tree turning from green to orange to brown and the sky being orange while the sun goes down. It brings you back to reality and slow down whatever you’re going through

  5. Alejandro Padilla Lepe

    Esta canción en su composición me parece muy buen. Aun no alcanzo a identificar algunos acordes ( aun no busco la partitura/tablatura). Una breve canción para generar un gran ambiente intimo y personal. Cumple el objetivo de acercarte con tu interior y tus sentimientos.

  6. Heather Mitchell

    Verrry clever stuff. Completely lovely x

  7. robi rab

    great musician and great class!

  8. Elizabeth Toner

    This is lovely

  9. hanyasvagytediszno

    Most beautiful song ever

  10. Vernuth cKairvam


  11. DDA ACiDPoP

    I just love that song.

  12. Miranda Huiskamp

    This goes straight to the ♥

  13. Marijn Nederveen

    This reminds me of a song i used to listen a pretty long time ago , it was something with world or summer i believe , can somebody maybe help me? :)

    Just A Fellow Pancake Lover

    6 yrs later and still no answer, rip

  14. Martijn S

    This is my favorite of him!

  15. Lindsay Anne

    sooooo good

  16. Jake Watson

    I thought his hat was a badass afro... Now i'm fraught with disappointment.

  17. Anita JB Nindi

    Beautiful song from Michael.....

  18. salaialrouahat

    really sensational music....!!!

    απίστευτα ταλαντούχος...!!!

  19. broscosmoline

    yeaaaahhh. i hear a flavour of "aurora en pekin", from the los cubanos postizos record (marc ribot), and lee "scratch" perry sounds. pretty rich stuff!

  20. Zenx Nma

    @Freespirit920 - still intrested?

  21. sallyfieldrequired

    one of those, artists where im so desperate to listen to the next song, but can't stop listening to this one

  22. RiderXV

    It reminds me the AudioSlave...

  23. gosainjaya

    damn...he sings good...

  24. Mireille Bahati.

    Love it! Reminds me of Amy Winehouse

  25. Bridget Magembe

    I'm Ugandan and I feel so proud to see some of my ppl getting their music out...GOOD MUSIC

  26. Lewend Mayiwar

    I mean real music is back world. 60s 70s in 2012 ahhh love it ..

  27. Surfnsound

    @WavuuviAfrica It's cos he has some British soul too

  28. RootsDaughter41926

    Nice to see this fine artist finally getting wide recognition.... he's been a secret too long...

  29. pattycubana

    i want the lyrics...

  30. Of The Sol


  31. JJ Cante

    Impressed. Great talent!

  32. distancegirl

    How am I now hearing about this man?? I'm ashamed. Really. That's ridiculous!

  33. Sugarbabyful

    Stunning. Can't stop playing this.

  34. JustinIsSick

    this is simply amazing.

  35. Guru Meier


  36. xxInfectionx

    Bought it for 6.99 pounds on so I'll take that deal!

  37. Nadz Has

    male version of Amy Winehouse :-) really nice

  38. HamdoomT

    i heard this guy on mainstream radio! i think he is good

  39. Rapaglia1


    Damn mainstream radio when people like this are out there....

  40. switters3

    Thanks for sharing this. Haunting and organic, like watching summer turn to fall.


    switters3 good description