Kitten - Me Lyrics

I woke up, someone's in my bed
Feels like hammers hittin' my head
Again and again and again

You wonder why I'm actin' up
Tell me to keep my mouth shut
I gotta pay for all the things you get for free
But you don't know what it's like to be...
(One, two, three, four)

I'm sick of them pretending to know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me

You never had to lift a finger
Don't care about things you don't wanna see
'Cause playin' dumb is easier

Instead, you wanna call me out
Tell me what isn't allowed
Tip-toe around your insecurity
But you don't know what it's like to be...
(One, two, three, four)

I'm sick of them pretending to know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me

Nightmares chasing after me
Same fears slippin' into my head
I'm holding on to the same things
I was when I was young
Nightmares chasing after me
Same fears slippin' into my head
I'm holding on to the same things
I was when I was young

You don't know what it's like to be...
(One, two, three, four)

I'm sick of them pretending to know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me
You don't know me, you don't know me

(You don't know me)
You don't know me, you don't know me

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Kitten Me Comments
  1. Don Van Nostrand

    How did I just hear of this group? She is freaking adorable and she kicks ass. Love this band.

  2. Jono Rezzillo

    Awesome the vibe.🇬🇧❤️

  3. Hartzal Ray Patterson

    Very good , kinda has an 80's vibe to it. Chloe is a cutie that can sing good too.

  4. Christine Sorensen

    Anyone else here from the waterparks show?

  5. therobram

    Great song! 😎

  6. Oliver Fenelon Chee


  7. Oliver Fenelon Chee

    This is the exact song I needed.

  8. Oliver Fenelon Chee

    The Easter eggs. It’s a good fight.

  9. Oliver Fenelon Chee

    Oh wow.

  10. blanque

    Amazing sonnngg damn

  11. Dans Doves

    OMG ! My daughter and I saw Kitten open for Waterparks last night at The Recency Ballroom in San Francisco last night....Chloe is like this tiny human dynamo that sings like nobody's business.Chloe and band put on a great show.But as she introduced the last song of the performance I heard her say she wanted all the strong guys on this side of the audience.At the end of the song she jumped without warning off the balcony into the crowd below!!! This wasn't a stage dive.She dove off a 20 foot balcony!!!! This girl aint no joke

  12. Chip Drusano

    I love the 80s sound of this! Awesome job 👍

  13. crabcake

    ooo they were an opening band for waterparks they were so good bro

  14. Zack Porche

    Can’t say enough about this song. But yes. It’s fucking great, and it’s fucking so lit.

  15. I'm a natural blue

    Y'all are here from someone I've never heard of but okay. I'm here because of Waterparks and I'm in love 😍

  16. Loofah

    I saw you guys perform last night and I fell in love!!! Also thanks for signing my flag!!!


    Back in the day a friend saw Kitten open for Paramore when they were just starting out and told me I HAD TO listen to them. O didn't. They had like two songs and I'm a greedy fan. I forgot about them until this whole nasty cherry thing showed up. Now I get what my friend said. She's the real deal.

  18. Jasmin 0834

    I just seen u at a waterparks concert recently loveeee ur music <3

  19. Tarot Hara

    The youtube algorism got it RIGHT!! Banger.

  20. Adrian Avila

    The song and vocals aren't bad, my issue is the level of shade she is throwing to nasty cherry & Charlie XCX . . . I'm only a few episodes in so dont crucify me however I think Chloe needed to speak up for herself if she really felt this 'misunderstood.' She accepted the offer knowing very well that she would be taking a back seat, allowing an up and coming singer a chance to be lead vocalist and two other extremely talented women doing they're best to learn what it is to be apart of a band. It was kinda everyone's first experience, growing pains happen. Chloe knows shes talented and she came off like she was forcing herself to be happy with the choice she made. Not every opportunity needs to be accepted - she saw a chance for more exposure and that right there shows me that outcome wasnt going to be favorable. Instead of picking one side over the other we need to appreciate the fact that chole is apart of a all women band that honestly have some amazing music! I've literally saved and replayed all they're songs. Now if I take the context of the song and separate it from the show it's really good and I love the lyrics - I'm liking it for that reason alone.

  21. TBR

    Auto tune

  22. Margaret Long

    Love it!!

  23. K M

    It’s this a subtweet in video form for nasty cherry

  24. resting bitchface

    Well done!! U have talent! Here from Netflix nasty cherry!! Looks like you could handle to bands!!

  25. pablo

    is this lowkey shade towards nasty cherry?

  26. Edwin Dominguez

    FIFA 21 future soundtrack song plz

  27. Destiny Wise

    Everyone's like Nasty Cherry or Mike and I'm like....Badflower...❤

  28. Cj Callen

    Put this on fifa 21

  29. Videos at home

    im here cause kitten is awesome glad they are back with new songs

  30. Aria van Krimpen

    I love youu guys so much, your personality in nasty cherry the serie CHLOE 😍😍😍 your so amazing I literally keep watching the show because of you, what a vibe your so beautiful and strong I can't get enough

  31. owl.

    Rachel from FRIENDS in the thumbnail.

  32. Sincity Angel

    I love Chloe!💙 She rocks! Literally! Lol

  33. Titose Macha

    Nasty Cherry brought me here. just needed to hear her singing voice. <3

    mega lolz

    Titose Macha listen to their old shit like g# or lia its way better than their new stuff 😔

    Aelia's Manga and Book Reviews

    I also came from Nasty Cherry

    Mary Poppins

    go check out "Like a Stranger" and "Japanese Eyes"

  34. Lillith

    I'm here because I saw the Netflix show I'm with the band and thought I'd check out chloes band so glad I did ! awesome

    mega lolz

    listen to their old stuff please it’s way better

  35. Sushi and Runt

    Netflix sent me. Fan boy.

  36. Janelly Godinez

    Okay Chloe is actually a really good fucking singer whoa. This is such a good song too

    Gary Morris

    Can you not hear the ridiculously high levels of auto tune

    Gothic mistake

    @Gary Morris I can

  37. cloudburstlia456

    Kitten still got it these guys deserve so much success legit such a good band

  38. Joshua Hamann

    Wannabe Paramore?

  39. uwu xcx

    collab with nasty cherry!!!! hehe :p

  40. nick makavelli

    i think he knows you more than you will ever know.

  41. BottleyBoi

    Who is here because of the ad? —————>

  42. Mighty Marouane Fellaini

    I’m only watching this video because it’s recommended to me on YouTube so fucking much and I thought that was Jennifer Aniston in the thumbnail. I’m disappointed

  43. Omar Mor4

    Buena canción me gustó y su hombligo jeje


    I remember Cut it Out from years ago, totally forgot about this band then got recommended this out of nowhere, but I like it

  45. Sean Rooney

    Ok YouTube there I watched it, now fuck off

  46. Cannon Ball

    What in the Zelda happened to you Chloe? You don't have to get in your panties to prove that you have fans! I don't know you and you don't know me. I've listened to you for along time and still dig you! My favorite Chloe is Like a stranger! I will always remember Hadaway, wait I meant Kitten, lol!

  47. Tory Stewart

    Saw them in Syracuse! Such a great show

  48. Andrew Graunke

    Saw Kitten live with Blue October in 2018, subscribed right away.

  49. Scottie Lambert

    Ghastly. From G# to this tripe. Sad.

  50. Dillon S

    I got to see them open for the smashing pumpkins!

  51. Ashley Reyes

    She’s Jennifer Anniston’s look alike

  52. Shanika Small

    Who's Mike Shinoda?

  53. Vera Wang


  54. D.F. Sudac

    I think this is my favorite song of theirs. Really good.

  55. Coffee Pot

    This is in Mike Shinoda's music videos on Apple Music. I was very confused. Very solid song though so nice discovery

  56. Jen Meyer

    Love you guys!!! Can’t wait to see you again!

  57. Richard Miller

    Well that was a waste of electrons.

  58. sirprintalot

    I'm here because of Miketony Shinodano

  59. American Pancake

    Her sound has changed so much-- I miss the sound of around 7 years ago - miss the line up with Waylon Rector, Lukas Frank, Zach Bilson, and Bryan DeLeon But HEY- Chloe has a huge cult like following who will follow her anywhere -- good for her. she is a powerhouse.

  60. Tyree Smith

    I was a bit worried about the blue 🎸 but a bit later someone moved it crisis overted. Love the new music guys

  61. mega lolz

    i think when chloe cut off her hair, she also cut off her talent

  62. eddie fckn vedder

    i tried to like it. memphis was the one passable song off this ep. but how can you go from making music prince and bowie would be proud of, to avril lavigne sounding, produced by mike shinoda, the bitch of linkin park. kitten, why 🙄

  63. Casper Sabotage

    I love this so much! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  64. Aaron Clements

    The hits just keep rolling! KITTEN knows how to jam! This music video made me LOL too

  65. Diego Fernández

    Who is Mike Shinoda? Lol

  66. Bailey Richard

    The simple life, clever

  67. VIØŁΛ

    I've loved this band for ages and I'm only NOW just realising Blu DeTiger is part of it????


    I think she has only been in the band for about two years. The Kitten lineup has changed a lot.

  68. ToeJ

    Dime a dozen everything

  69. NoJusticeNoPeace

    (1) Who the hell is Mike Shinoda?
    (2) I clicked on this because of the band name, hoping for something like Cub. I got Zoomer shrinkwrap mall rock instead. Nasty.

    Rose Gold

    Mike Shinoda is band member from Linkin Park.


    Ah, well that explains why I'd never heard of him. I only listen to _good_ music.

    Rose Gold

    @NoJusticeNoPeace dude helped write this song. Lol.

    mega lolz

    NoJusticeNoPeace this ain’t a good representation of kitten. listen to their song g# they used to be good

  70. Drew O.

    To be completely honest, I'm NOT here from Mike Shinoda.
    I'm ACTUALLY here from BadFlower

    Stina Megan

    Same dude

  71. Vitalii N

    Одна из моих любимых групп. Когда же у вас выйдет новый альбом? )))

  72. JZLP

    This is so 2001 that i love it.

  73. Nagy Maba

    Where is Max though?

  74. Ej Icon

    Ha, reality TV. Nice one. Did you catch the MS sticker in the bedroom shot?

  75. Aldrei Ong

    58008 and 7734

  76. Egrrrl M

    Awesome!!! Love y’all❤️❤️🙌🏻

  77. Daniel Lourenço

    So Cool! Kisses from Brazil!

  78. Karsten Biering

    I'm here because I'm a fan, and Chloe is super hot. Who the fuck is Mike Shinoda?

    Rose Gold

    He's from Linkin Park.

  79. Элла Павлова

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤from Ukraine

  80. Sjsj Snwk

    Hmm interesting

  81. Alena Ianysheva

    I miss Cut It Out & Kitten era :c

    eddie fckn vedder

    Alena Ianysheva dead ass 😔

  82. Jherick5954

    I don't have sound atm but I'm in love anyways. Kitten forever 🖤

  83. Lugui Dubiela

    Love this, but I really thought there was gonna be a music video for Goodbye Honeymoon Fase haha
    This surprised me haha

  84. mika cullen


  85. linkin krap

    Okay, Mike brought you here. Now stfu and listen to the song!

  86. Nick Tilll

    Chloe is a fucking idiot.being a clown on instagram is her full time job now.

  87. Adam

    this is giving me real CRJ vibes


    Thanks for showing me this dope band Mike 👍

  89. Dj Dub Uk

    Soo good!

  90. George Thomas

    This new EP is amazing, so happy Mike Shinoda is leading people towards your awesome music

  91. Eric Tomme

    Some more great Kitten! Whomever is here because of Mike Shinoda, welcome. I hope y'all check out more Kitten, I love this band.

    Cannon Ball

    Eric Tomme dont like Mike yo

    TwoLiam DaBest

    Eric Tomme love the comment

    Ach H

    what is the link with mike shinoda ?

  92. mrkenray

    If this is your first exposure to KITTEN, then definitely let it roll over to the next song "G#" and GO SEE THE BAND LIVE.


    Seriously, they're so good live


    i just saw them live a few days ago and they’re absolutely incredible!!

  93. TheRealWinsletFan

    FYI Amazon link goes to Goodbye Honeymoon Phase only, only 1 song. Not live yet I guess

  94. PR L

    i'm here because of mike shinoda, but also this is pretty cool

    Cannon Ball

    PR L mike is a punk

    PR L

    @Cannon Ball well i think he's nice

  95. Jasmine Carrero

    who isn't here because of Mike Shinoda LOL

    Allen Smith

    @Julie B he helped them with the song and posted about it on his social medias.

    Julie B

    @Allen Smith ah ok. Thanks!


    I straight up don't even know who that is LMAO

    Casper Sabotage

    🤚🏼 here cause long time Kitten fan

    Coffee Pot

    @VIØŁΛ rapper of Linkin Park