Kite String Tangle, The - Words Lyrics

Can't find the words
I'm falling apart
Can't find a leg to stand on
You tug at my threads
You pull me apart
You wear me down
Now I'm broken
You didn't have to say no
I didn't have to see you go
There's a lump in my throat
I can't get it down
You keep me afloat
But I'm sinking
Look at the time
When nobody's watching
But it's flying by
And I'm falling
You didn't have to say no
I didn't have to see you go
You didn't have to say no
I didn't have to see you go
You didn't have to say no
I didn't have to see you go
You didn't have to say no
I didn't have to see you go

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Kite String Tangle, The Words Comments
  1. Ashley Blasdell

    Wow it sounds very familiar when it come I don't want to see u go

  2. Jack K

    One of the best songs ever created. Get chills everytime I listen to this!!

  3. Nancy Alexander-Carreira

    Great song !

  4. Justyna Walska

    the kite string tangle your voice gives me chills:)) besides, there is something marvellous about your way of expressing feelings through words. I'm Full of respect to what you are doing with your talent, it is surely2not to be wasted!

  5. Too Daloo


  6. lesababy

    Are these guys on tour anywhere?

  7. Nana Shongwe


  8. FireZek

    I found out about this song on their live stream and I love it this song is truly amazing and so relaxing

  9. Oliver Palrén


  10. Star Shatter

    I didn't have to see you go.

  11. 4eversupersonicgirl

    dear Lord i love his voice.


    Anyone notice something strange in the top left corner of the picture?

  13. Rakin Feroz

    I listen to Mr.SuicideSheep so much now, I identify songs by thumbnails instead of title lol

  14. Andrea Conerly

    What genre of music is this omfg 😍😍

  15. Michael caplinger

    All the music on this page is just so damm chill

  16. LVRS films

    If you love this sort of music I have a Spotify playlist with similar stuff in ~

  17. Nadia

    This makes me cry

  18. Maarten Mtr

    wow such an incredible song :D ty sheepy

  19. Büşra Kiraz

    cam kırığı.

  20. John Thompson

    Almost cried when I heard that harmony

  21. Royal PBJ

    I just love their peaceful sound and how it makes me feel, just a breath of fresh air that there's music like this.

  22. André Seifert

    best music

  23. atrocious _ pr0xy

    ...these type of sounds are why i believe music to be man's greatest achievement.....

    Crab guy

    Why men you sexist pig

    atrocious _ pr0xy

    +CrabDude ....oink.

  24. Isabella Adad

    can't find the words {to describe how amazing this song is} 🙌🏻

  25. April Pineda

    im crying this song was in stitchers.

    felix navarro

    +April Pineda Camsten, please don't disappoint me!

    Isabella Adad

    yessss that's how i found it too #camsten is endgame

    elle palmer

    April Pineda why is Larry so real everywhere I go

    Anti-Social Ban-Anne-Na

    And after like a year, I finally found it #betterlatethannever

  26. Justyna L.

    Can't find the words
    I'm falling apart
    Can't find a leg to stand on
    You tug at my threads
    You pull me apart
    You wear me down
    Now I'm broken

    You didn't have to say no
    I didn't have to see you go

    There's a lump in my throat
    I can't get it down
    You keep me afloat
    But I'm sinking
    Look at the time
    When nobody's watching
    But it's flying by
    And I'm falling

    You didn't have to say no
    I didn't have to see you go

  27. jimmy dowen

    start sounds like Tessellate- Alt J

  28. Kim berly

    the kite string tangle does music with its own strong and very deep magic. everytime i listen to his voice i'm drifting away. i'm in a whole other world..i have no words for that. it just touches my deep soul and kinda heals me. don't know what i would do without this music. thanks. words can't describe it.

  29. Michael Pagano

    soul searching music does wonders

  30. Abraham Aspra

    Lyrics pls

  31. Jade Suggs

    Where has this song been all my life!! This is beautiful!

  32. Rakin Feroz

    This song has me in the "what is life?" mood. Definitely hits

  33. Your Fave

    The repeat button will explode <3

  34. William M Tucker

    Teacher, grading papers, this comes on, I stop and my head just starts going to the music.

    Good tunes my friends

    Nalani Vazquez

    +William M Tucker a teacher that has great taste in music must be a great teacher

    William M Tucker

    What ever let's me zone out and get stuff graded.

    Michael Pagano

    soul searching music does wonders

  35. Che

    just wat i needed...

  36. Majestic Lamp

    What can I say, I'm at a loss for *Words.*


    @Nondescript Lamp can you show me?

    Timber Fedor

    @Mister Bus Seeing there have lived nearly 110 billion people on this earth, there is a near chance of 0% that there hasn't lived one named Jesus. I believe that right now at this moment a few thousand people named Jesus are wandering about. So no, he or she is not fake.


    +Timber Rhodes He's actually a Mexican who was filming a movie called "Juan Aloha Snackbar" but he lost his life during an epic explosion in the scene. So everyone known him as "Jesus died for your Scenes"

    DK AlphaUnit

    +Sythe Wolfius Coz religion is there to take the piss out of :)

    Maarten Mtr

    xD majestic lamp, that is an awesome name :)

  37. GAN HS

    all the comments on this channel made me laugh so hard lmao

  38. Leanne Ball

    cool song

  39. melissa tan

    but have yall heard of wyatt - attention. it;s has a similar vibe although different!

  40. Alia Mm

    I keep punching the repeat button :3

  41. Hella Blacksun

    2:31 Dat moment when u feel Thrills

  42. KaiburOfficial

    Goodbye, my love.

  43. Ebony Matson

    Danny's voice is so soothing

  44. Gennessix C

    "He didn't have to tell you no. I didn't have to see you go."... Sadfacts: My crush decided to stop talking to me because her bf told her to stop... Each time i hear this song i feel so sad.

  45. Quoc Thai Kieu

    @Sheepy Hatter 

  46. Brandon Setsodi

    Idk what I just listened to, but it was inspirational.

  47. Kid With a House Productions

    Song made me start taking deep breathes , So Beautiful, thanks for sharing Mr.Sheep!

  48. Novalinnhe

    Holy sh*t. When this song first started, my first thought was "oh great, another Sam Smith vocal stuck over the top of a random beat". Then the chorus came in and like, I think I need to make my apology public. I am very sorry, Kite String Tangle. This is amazing. ._.

  49. Whoopdewhoo

    I don't have words for this...there's no word to describe what this song is doing to me...

  50. Kate Nolan

    i feel so light and peaceful when i listen to this

  51. Erica Salomons

    Who cares what genre this is? Its 2014, genres will be non-existent soon. Everything will unite :)

  52. lokna

    Goes right to your heart. Lovely song.

  53. ChromaticCoot

    he can't pee

  54. Niklaus Mikaelson

    that vocals though.

  55. BlvckFire TrvpFire

    Words can't describe how this song makes me feel inside :)

  56. Somayya Shahsafi

    Thank you so much for sharing this song with us, Monsieur. This song brings up emotions I never knew existed. Thanks again. 

  57. N K

    Is This Darude-Sandstorm ????

  58. TheSunDownProject

    Soooo good - even better than the Tennis Court cover!

  59. truman louve

    so beautiful

  60. Abigail Silvis

    Thank you Mr.SuicideSheep. Because of you, I have a way better taste in music than a few years ago and I have found songs that are like therapy for my soul. <3

    Not An Alien

    My god, you said the words I have been looking to describe why I like this music so much. "Therapy for my soul" Yes. Thank you 👍

  61. Alexia Figueroa

    can anyone tell me what genera this song would be in? I'm looking through the comments and I'm not getting clear answers.


    It would be hard to specify this to one genre. If I had to give something close, I would just say it is a chill EDM song. But EDM is as broad as it gets, so I'm not really sure. :/

  62. sportsmusic114

    This, just so many feels right now I can't even...

  63. JezBeedz

    Wowza! Was playing this and half listening, I had to reload to feel the vibes fully.

  64. Ansel

    ..Delusion 2?

  65. Meggion

    Channel lost alot of its charm for male listeners. Music became way too sensual & calm.

  66. Tudor Ionel

    Is it ok if i listened to this song 40 times in just 2 days ? 

  67. Dave Dave

    Gotta love the comment section on sheep's videos! so diverse and Brilliant!

  68. Desmond Tan

    Real SICK!! 

  69. Armendicus

    *tries to sing lyrics*
    "I'mfaaaalling" *dun dun dun dun dun* "You didn't have to saaaaaayuwhaaahuwaaaaaghnaaaa" ..
     What ever they're saying sound goood.

  70. Pugasaurus

    My God what have I been listening to up till now...

  71. mohamd ahmed

    i like this one (wonderful)

  72. Jennifer

    LOL god I love the sheepy community. 

  73. Lanea F.

    Holy Kite String Tangle Batman, this is mind blowing.

  74. iiTzBluNTMaN

    Wow this one hits home! reminds me of Real Slow - Sad Kids

  75. Scott Stenning

    Gsus Mr Sheep every song you post is just so good! Forever a loyal subscriber <3

  76. n o

    Where can i get this picture?

  77. Triplay Official

    Ahh so nice. 
    Euphoric. Who else is in love with the style?

  78. Queen Sandra

    I'm crying.

  79. Kasper Citosp

    Sometimes ill be in the middle of posting a YoutTbe comment, then ill think to myself, "this is pointless, no one will even care" then i delete the whole comment and go on with my life

    Angry Llama

    Hello! I AM FROM THE FUTURE! and 3 years later i have stumbled upon your comment and i wanted to tell you that i find it very relatable and relevant LOL though there was this one time i left a comment about how i can't do more than 2 sit ups on a work out video which kept getting many likes ...that made me feel nice!

  80. Zaziiil

    Jajaja faceboobs?

  81. Daniel Cook

    I had a crazy, pretty depressing, moment with a girl i met on Friday. I listened to this song last night and i felt a strange way. I was sad, lonely, but had a tint of a feeling that was almost good. Really good.

  82. Dreadcide

    That jump at 2:32 lol

  83. Ant Pants

    Listened to this song at least 40 times in a row.

  84. 리아

    I think I failed my AP test! (Procrastinating) XD Well this song helped me with the stress, now I might just sit in bed all day playing video games and relaxing -n-

  85. RØSE

    TKST <3

  86. daniel setiawan

    Headphone, Sofa, OrangeJuice, Sun, Naked

  87. Cxeri93

    just before i pass away i want to hear one of mrsuicidesheeps songs in my head, it would keep your mind off the pain. #beautifuldeath

  88. adji BOURAIMA

    Hopefully we'll be 2million by the end of the year
    I love this lost in thought song :)

  89. Nox Ikotsu

    It's strange how music can easily change your mood...
    Thank you Sheepy for sharing this beautiful song.

  90. Voidroamer

    Mr sheepy, i used to love you, but our tastes have diverged :( i guess ill still subscribe though, for nostalgia sake :D

  91. tzm2019

    This song reminds me on one song. he melody of the strings are so similar to a song I've heard. Btw. That's an awsome track :)

  92. LOLgeckoos

    am i going insane or is this guy who sings in like most of the videos uploaded ? :)

  93. Rocco Siffredi

    the dude is taking a piss


    It won't come 😅

    Rocco Siffredi

    now aint that a B

  94. jrmusante1

    Perfect way to start my morning(: