Kite String Tangle, The - Arcadia Lyrics

Oh how things have changed
Feels like I don't know you
You're in a whole different place
And I've strayed from who it was that you knew
We're drifting apart, we're parallel sinking ships
You're anxiously reaching out but I'm losing my grip

You were tryna make it work
You were sleeping in my shirt
Sometimes things don't come full circle

I was hoping that you'd care
I was distant I was scared
Sometimes things don't come full circle
(Sometimes things don't come full circle)

You're still on my mind somehow
You're fit and you're shades of blue
There's no way to go back now
Couldn't get back even if we wanted to
Couldn't get back even if we wanted

You were tryna make it work
You were sleeping in my shirt
Sometimes things don't come full circle

I was hoping that you'd care
I was distant I was scared
Sometimes things don't come full circle

Sometimes things don't come full circle
Sometimes things don't come full circle

You were tryna make it work
You were sleeping in my shirt
Sometimes things don't come full circle

I was hoping that you'd care
I was distant I was scared
Sometimes things don't come full circle
Sometimes things don't come full circle

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Kite String Tangle, The Arcadia Comments
  1. Thokozile Sakala


  2. Monika

    Triple j.. that is all 🤘🏽

  3. Muhammed Avci

    They threw me into the well but it's fine...

  4. Moti Gobana


  5. Aaron D

    Those close up shots were actually really beautiful!

  6. Cosmic Unity

    A cosmic angel

  7. Cosmic Unity

    I'm just a butterfly

  8. Cosmic Unity

    Beautiful rabbit

  9. BDSA 1

    Who is the girl?

  10. IBrolo

    I didnt think this song would actually be called arcadia seeing as thats just the name i thought it would be

  11. Gabs A Estranha

    I found out about this song a little bit after episode 2 or so....

  12. Brendan F

    What a gorgeous song man.

  13. Wolfy Boi

    Very less viewed, come on people we can do better this!

  14. Dennis DNO


  15. Dennis DNO

    this was my shit!

  16. Marissa F

    I swear this song was important in my past life.

  17. Justin Vacha

    This song was on her fall asleep playlist every night when we were together. Coming across it now months after she left me has me in more tears than I care for right now. Very touching song 💕

  18. Julia Toze

    He went to my high school so fight me

  19. Lee noturbiz

    I just found out from my lil' sis that Arcadia is made up of the former members of Duran Duran. Is she fucking with me?

    Wait! I'm on the wrong video! This is the song Arrcadia not the band.

    Don't look for stuff on YouTube when you're stoned.


    Or am I?

  20. Yimjala Jamir

    love island AU

  21. Katie Stait

    💕 💕 💕 😢 😢 😢

  22. JayeBird

    Great song and video. I’ll be back!

  23. disnerdrcy

    here i am two years later still mourning the once majestic ship that was Chaolaena

  24. Stephanie Young

    End of honeymoon phase in a relationship. Fight 4 it!!!!

  25. Ekmaiylea Williams

    This song will always take me back to probably one of the best camping trips of my life, and all i can think of is why didn't i take more photos.

  26. Yarelis Serrano

    I love this song. Is there any songs out there like this one?

  27. Calem Dunphy

    I bought the album for this 3 years ago after hearing Arcadia for the first time. To this day it is still my all time favourite song! Every time i hear it i feel like i'm hearing it for the first time all over again, which is something i never thought music could do to me. Thank you Danny for making such a wonderful masterpiece.

  28. Justyna Walska

    Wow great video. 😍

  29. Karissa Conlon

    flawless song and video

  30. lovely jongdae

    Not sure who this Connor and this Eva is ,but my friend brought me here and I must say tis a good song :D

  31. Wolf 4691

    Anyone from Milo?

  32. Melisa J

    like a mix between glass animals and the 1975

  33. Ruby Sykes

    this is still my favorite song

  34. Rebecca Vasquez

    a comment from another music video brought me here.. thanks stranger!

  35. dani_alyse

    I'm actually here from Saving Hope

  36. Woah, how mediocre

    If I ever have a daughter I'm calling her Arcadia, it's official

  37. Gerhart Vondrivesabus

    So much of KST reminds me of flume, he has that feel in his music, I love it so much

  38. Frisbee Girl

    Beautifully, painfully evocative video. Thank you.

  39. Grace Elizabeth Edgin

    Wow this a beautiful song❤

  40. Melissa Pierce

    Arcadia Bay tho ;) ugh the heart break

  41. Eric codeman5995

    i think this one of my favorite music videos a lot of symbolism and very creatively done.

  42. Kay Kay

    Spotify !

  43. lesababy

    Saving Hope brought me here. This song sums up the characters Charlie and Alex perfectly.

  44. Elijah Blair

    this song is perfect

  45. Acadia B

    My friend used to play this song whenever someone would say my name during one of the best months of my life but now I'm home alone without any of those friends sobbing over the fact that even if I go back there it won't be the same

  46. xHeyImBobo

    Love you man! All of your music is so amazing, I can't get enough of it!

  47. Breanna Lake

    Hey I just found this song and I'm addicted to it! It's great!

  48. Mina Jackson

    hey I appreciate your work! I found you in Spotify under indie and u have to say you have a unquie and amazing type of music, lyrics, ana composition I've ever heard ABA seen. you really do express emotion and paint the picture. I'm glad what you are doing. you're amazing artist. I can't wait when EVERYONE notices you! I'm one heck of a fan! never stop! 😍💕😊

    The Kite String Tangle

    mina Jackson thanks heaps :-) that means a lot to me 😁👊

  49. Sam Kazemian

    One of my all time favorites. 3 years in and it's still as good as the first time I heard it.

  50. Nina Bee

    We play this constantly at work, people always ask what song this is and look it up on the spot ;) Fucking beautiful.

  51. Sienna Sullivan

    feel in love with this my freshman year through songza

    The Kite String Tangle

    Thanks :-)

  52. James Gall


    The Kite String Tangle

    Thank you!!! :-)

  53. wolfgang panicali

    Talk about sensory overload..

  54. M O O N S

    Chloe and Max come to my mind while listening to this lol

  55. Clara MacGregor

    i have created a film to this song, would really appreciate if you would check it out. : )

  56. Trevor Whitlock

    I gotta say I like everything about this song.

  57. Sax Carrera

    Does anybody know the actress' name? I've searched so much for that and found nothing yet

  58. Elijah Edmondson


  59. Devon UC


  60. Aggression 2500

    I just heard this song after looking at Saving Hope.

    Elijah Edmondson

    same here I love saveing hope bro

  61. Raphael Garcia

    Just had to revisit this one... Still waiting for their music to take off! Too good ❤️

  62. Joshua Chhakchhuak

    it's been sooo long since I've last listened to this! It's still as good as the first time I heard it too!

  63. Edward

    I came here by way of Duran Duran - Arcadia - Election Day. At the time I thought the song was by Arcadia who sounded like Duran Duran so my mind was boggled because on my track list on phone, Duran Duran is not in the tags. Not a bad song, but disappointed.

  64. Nicole Sakuma

    lian and Wendy brought me here AHA

  65. Catrianna Majoor

    Fuck this is the one song I can't get sick of

  66. . Bellimn

    life is strange vibbeessss

  67. cara styles

    this song has me feeling some type of way❤😢

  68. Mina

    I hunted this song for weeks! At the last minute the word Arcadia came into mind! I'm so glad I finally found it again!! I wish there was an app that could help you find artists or songs that you've forgotten about.

  69. Yummy

    Omg my ears are blessed

  70. PGB

    this is so beautiful

  71. Kylie G

    This song is so mesmerizing to me it's crazy

  72. Dominique Chisholm

    ohhh damn... fan-fckn-tastic

  73. Jp Perth

    Like 5000 great stuff!

  74. adriana raquel

    I thank Conner franta🙌🙌

    Everett Brown

    A_drixanaa same 👏👏👏😂😂

  75. Micheal wilson

    I heard this song while watching Saving Hope, many songs have touched my heart but only a select few are able to touch my spirit.

  76. Leita


  77. Javon Mcclenton

    Fucking amazing 👀

  78. R. Hi-Hat Carter

    The song was recently featured on tonight's episode of "Saving Hope".



  80. peachiestkiddo

    connor brought me here

  81. Connor Russo

    This is probably my favorite

  82. Nova Leigh

    I love how he sings "shades of blue". One of my favorite songs <3

  83. katie t

    this song came on shuffle and I'm so glad it did.

    Madison Leigh

    Love this song and your profile pic

  84. Dakamaru

    Wonder brought me here.

  85. mr559

    I'm here to read comments of how people got here, because my time is here, my time is now.

  86. Shannon Williams

    Boy you better sing that!!!

  87. Colton Rothwell

    can anyone explain the meaning of the title, Arcadia?

    Joshua Sebastian

    It actually means peace. But if you refer it as a name, its meaning is adventurous

  88. Emily Antimo

    Gonna listen to this band now.

  89. Michael Scott paper company

    I love how Spotify introduces me to some good music 💕😭

  90. WonderWhaz

    An Actual Good Modern Pop Song. WOW!

  91. luckyxxxxk

    No matter how old this song gets, it will always be one of my favorites!!! 😊😊

  92. Callum Syme

    That guy is my cousin!

    BDSA 1

    Significansy Cool! Do you know who the girl in the video is?

  93. The Dang Dudes

    Thank you Connor for bringing me to this wonderful song. Crown is my life now

  94. minna abdalla

    evvvaaaaa brought ne here! anyone else??

  95. Jessica Smith

    Bittersweet and absolutely broken. Loving him was meant to be heartbreak from the beginning but I couldn't help but fall. Where part of me wishes he never existed, the other refuses to forget him. Goodbye was simply inevitable.... So we walked towards each other, met in the middle, and walked right past. Sometimes things don't come full circle. 😔 This song says it all.

  96. Leticia

    My Life as Eva brought me here.

  97. Noot Noot

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here from stalking majestic horse.

  98. Alicia Freckles

    Stop saying who brought you all here and let's talk about the video! I loved it because it's not vulgar when it's obvious that they're making love... Well done!!!