Kiss - Tough Love Lyrics

I wanna take you down,
until the morning light
Why don't you come around,
and let me treat you right
I'm the one who gave you what you'd never had
You said I should be gentle and be good,
but hoped to hell I would be bad

I wanna take you, baby gonna make you gimme tough love
C'mon and please me, take your time and tease me,
gimme tough love
I tie you to the rings, I feel your fever rise
We love to do the things that others fantasize
And then you smile and bring me to my knees
But when I try a gentle lullabye,
I swear I hear you sighing please

[chorus] - tough

I never knew how much I needed you till now
But now I know, and tonight I'm gonna show you how

[Instrumental break]

And then, I smile and bring you to your knees
And though I try a gentle lullabye,
I swear I hear you sighing please

[chorus] - give it to me

Gimme tough love, tough!

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Kiss Tough Love Comments
  1. guitaoist

    Ok now these riffs are getting more modern and rough, great transition album, as most of theirs are

  2. Amy Bowen

    Wtf where is whole lotta woman?

  3. scottkfan1

    Great album

  4. Thomas Matlak

    no comment you gotta love this song its a masterpiece

  5. Nanako Carney

    this song is so slept on...

  6. OhMyWord Winter

    Great song

  7. thomas Day

    worst guitar solo ever.


    real solo is at the end

    Amy Bowen

    They cant do a bad solo of any kind potty mouth all hail kiss!!

  8. LEIF anevret

    Chorus is best part! Thats my oppinion!

  9. stray88

    I arranged to have my first professional lap dance to this song.

    thomas Day

    get laid instead....all lap dances give you is blue balls...

    Doc Holliday

    stray88 my ex wife was a stripper. always liked take it off in the club

  10. Francisco Miranda

    Maybe, just maybe my favorite song from Revenge album.

    thomas Day

    wtf is wrong with you?


    @thomas Day No u

  11. I'm kind of a big deal

    same sad crap if you put asylum crazy nights hot in the shitter and this album and picked best song u might get 1 ok album except genes songs on this album r good ace frehley shit in your faces

    I'm kind of a big deal

    Christopher K what a great reply wow your great send me a copy of your book after you get out of your mums basement and after you go to the comic store and after u eat 12 big macs and after you wonder what a naked lady looks like and after you jerk off to hulk hogan you rule

    Kasey Suchowersky

    Honestly, when you type like a 5th grader, it's really hard to take anything you say seriously. This is a great song, and Revenge is one of the band's best albums.

    Kasey Suchowersky

    Oh wow, poor grammar and recycled insults. You clearly care very much about how people see you. It really doesn't take that much longer to write properly, so that argument is rendered invalid. You also say you have "no time" to do things right, yet you clearly have time to insult people you've never met on the internet. Ok then. Go back to your busy life and let people who don't live in their basements enjoy some good, classic songs.


    @I'm kind of a big deal Go away, if you don't like this song then why are you even here?

  12. SergioMartelli

    Great production, recordings, kick ass tough loud sound, but.... shitty song that has no handles or hooks. It's all fine and dandy to be tough, but if you don't have a good melody, you're just a 1 trick pony punk or grunge band.

  13. Marcelo de Andrade

    Fucking amazing song. His best track on the album.


    Heart Of Chrome rocks too. Finally, after about ten years, Paul was back!!