Kiss - Sweet Pain Lyrics

My leathers fit tight around me
My whip is always beside me
You want the same thing every day
I'll teach you love a different way
You'll learn to love me and my sweet pain

My love will drive you insane
Sweet pain, my love will drive you insane

And pain has got its reason
And if you don't stop your teasin', baby
I'm gonna show you now
You'll get your lovin' anyhow, anyhow
And you'll get to love me and my sweet pain

My love will drive you insane
Ahh, sweet pain, my love will drive you insane

Ahh, you get to love me any way I say
Ahh, you get to love me and my sweet pain

Pain has got it's reason
You find it pleasin', yes you do, yes you do
And I'm gonna show you now
You'll get to love it anyhow, anyhow and
You'll get to love me and my sweet pain

My love will drive you insane
Ahh, sweet pain, my love will drive you insane
Sweet pain my love will drive you insane
Sweet pain my love will drive you insane
Ahh, sweet pain (sweet pain) my love will drive you insane
Sweet pain (sweet pain) my love will drive you insane
Sweet pain (sweet pain) my love will drive you insane
Sweet pain (sweet pain) my love will drive you insane

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Kiss Sweet Pain Comments
  1. Donny G

    I became a musician.thanks to KISS. G.

  2. Winston Beech

    Badass riff is all major chords. Never would have guessed that, it has such a minor "evil" sound. I can't play the chords on guitar but I played them on my Roland synth with the dirt cranked up. Ab Db Gb Db - Ab Db E B. It's not what you say it's how you say it...

  3. Flip Flop

    Timeless song by KISS, great melody & rythym.

  4. T M

    The ultimate combination. KISS with a pro producer. This is Ezrin taking KISS to the big leagues.

  5. Blake Hardy

    Working out to Destroyer this song, along with God of Thunder got me to push harder.

  6. Josh Stern


  7. david spiteri

    only kidding guys
    you bastards are god to me

  8. david spiteri

    you made my life
    i went crazy for you when i was a kid
    now, my kids still love you
    your lucky i let them

  9. david spiteri

    Ace you put me in space

  10. david spiteri

    you fucking mendehos

  11. david spiteri

    do you know what you fuckers done to me as a kid ?

  12. J N

    Rad song. We were visiting my Aunt in Colorado in 1977 and drove by this huge billboard on the road. It said Kiss on tour... With the Destroyer art. I went fuck yeah!!. I was 7 at the time..haha

  13. Kenny O

    This takes me back to the time when Kiss produced magic and mystique.

  14. glen aliano

    Beyond EPIC!!!!

  15. glen aliano


  16. Miss Tery

    The gene songs had a cool sound witgvtge chicks backing up

  17. skip michaels

    Love this song even though Ace didn't even do those cool leads on this song. They brought someone else in the studio for the lead work on this song.

  18. Mickey S.

    This was my first KISS album. Also had the t-shirt.

  19. Dust Devil

    I certainly am a huge fan of the first 3 albums but #4 is truly creative genius and so so far ahead of its time.

  20. AnAcOrEtA

    Sweet paint.

  21. kewlthings

    Love this song. I can't explain how or why but doesn't this song have some elements of 60's rock song in it. Can anyone hear it? Great song nonetheless.

  22. Benjamin Rios

    Dick Wagner was a friend of mine. I asked him about the Kiss guitar pieces and Aerosmith pieces he did. He said they wanted him to try his best to sound like Ace on the Kiss tunes and sound like Perry on the Aerosmith stuff. Mr. Wagner was an incredible songwriter and guitar player. But most of all an incredible person. I miss him.


    That's exactly what I thought, it was a bad idea just because ezrin wanted him to play like another and that's a waste of talent and utterly stupid buly itself. In the end his talent was wasted for kiss and otherwise Frehley was the perfect match. Producers idiotic ego is often a source of problems.
    Mr. Wagner was an innovator and great musician, his work will last.

  23. RL Brown

    U like it??? NUFF SAID.

  24. Ken Broo

    i see, thanks for the correction

  25. Brian Bawiec

    Paul Frehley used to hook his friends up with dates way back in the day, even b4 Kiss formed. That's how he got the nickname Ace

  26. Ron Just Ron

    I was 12 when I bought this album in 1978, Of all the songs on Destroyer this one is the one that the lead guitar solo bothered me, for some reason it just did not sound like something Ace would have played. Several other songs on the album the solo's also bothered me but not as much as this one did. Fast forward and we hear from Bob Ezrin that it was Bob Wagner who played the solo on this song and it was Ezrin who came up with a few of the other solos, such as Detroit Rock City. Even then my young mind had been Aceified and no substitute was going to fool me! It's also why Creatures of the Night was not one of my favorite KISS albums, something was missing - now I know WHO it was! Lately I have been sitting back and playing my guitar with my old KISS albums, man those solo's of Ace's are just fun to play! He truly brings in his blues influences on all of his solo's and while they may not be some great technical showmanship of guitar talent, they FIT the song and don't lead you astray, which to me is what a solo should do. The one solo of Ace's that people brag about is the solo on Strange ways, oddly enough, I never liked that one. I thought it showed a little more flash and balls for Ace than his usual ones but something was just not Ace about it. Yesterday I listened to an interview where he is talking about that solo, now I know why I didn't like it! He couldn't hear much of what was going on so he told the producer to just put him in front of his amps and turn it up to 10 and just record him. While he was playing that solo he could not hear the rest of the song, he just knew his changes and his times and played whatever came out. If you really listen to that song you will notice that the solo seems to end just a little short of where it seems like it should end, not knowing where the other guitars were at, yeah that explains why it ended when it did! lol Ya gotta love Ace!

  27. Dan Huff

    Would be nice if KISS could be thought of more for songs like this.

  28. Lucas Franco

    Que solo de guitarra .....yeee

  29. Freddy Freedom

    Great song, love Kiss brings back a lot of memories.

  30. Becky Damon

    this album is great and KISS is the greatest in the world

  31. Victor Rotten

    I always imitate Gene’s moan @ the start of the song when people are around they’re always like “are you ok?” Lol Destroyer was my first album when I was four years old and it made me want to play music as a career even at that age I was like “I wanna do that!”


    LOL. Funny. I love that part too.

  32. Terry

    Anybody who says Peter wasn't a good drummer needs to listen to the 32nd note triplets Pete plays in this song at the 2:11 mark! Not only that ,but the meter he displayed in all of the live KISS shows are proof that the man could play! His timing and dynamics are impeccable,not to mention his vocal contributions! Anyone that says otherwise doesn't know what the hell they are talking about!


    U are correct sir


    People are idiots.
    Peter was a good rock drummer at the top of his game.
    Problem is simple: He's human.
    There's an endless list of reasons why we do the things we do, and others have no business worrying about it.

  33. 4tuneagent

    Was on the flip side of the "Shout it Out Loud" 45 single..

  34. Jamie Moretti

    Right up your ass

  35. Michael Davey


  36. r2blank2

    I used to think he sang, "My lovers sit tight around me..."

  37. JayDogTitan 1464

    Destroyer is such a great album, Alive! then Destroyer sent Kiss on their way!!

  38. Stormy Davis

    “Pains an old friend.”
    —Dr Strange

  39. tiluriso

    Say what you like, but I just don't like Dick Wagner's guitar tone - thinner than my own Dick!

  40. Michael Seay

    The end solo actually might be Ace.


    Yes, I believe you're right about that. The notes come with that slow vibrato that are characteristic of his style.

    Michael Muratovski

    Dick Wagner played guitar on Sweet Pain

  41. Don Pratt

    Love this song a real classic love aces riffs

  42. John Clayton Cole

    My favorite KISS album

    Douglas Reid

    John Clayton Cole my too

  43. Chill_da_ Fuq_Out


  44. Jimmy Mango

    Here's my guess who played lead on what song:

    DRC - my guess is Paul did all the solos since they're simple and in harmony.

    KOTNTW - again simple solo with harmony, Paul

    God of Thunder - Paul wrote it and it has a simple solo and frankly out of key, so again Paul.

    Great Expectations - no real solos so again Paul on lead.

    Flaming Youth - Dick Wagner

    Sweet Pain - Dick Wagner

    Shout it Out Loud - only solo that remotely sounds like Ace so I'll go with Ace.

    Beth - no solo

    Do You Love Me - no real solo so Paul on lead.

    Ace I'm sure played on some of these tracks but not lead from what I can hear.

    These are mostly guesses and from what I've read. The only ones who can really answer these questions are those that were in those studio sessions.

    Rob DeGolier

    Ace played all of the solos except for the two with Dick Wagner. Paul did the harmony parts on many of them though. Ace didn't write the solo to DRC however. Bob Ezrin did on a piano and had Ace transcribe it. Therefore he played that one but didn't write it. The dissonant notes on the God Of thunder solo were done deliberately for an eerie feel -definitely Ace's style. the rest of the solo is in the correct scale-E minor Pentatonic

    John Smith

    @Rob DeGolier I just watched dick Wagner interview he played lead on sweet pain and acoustic on beth. Ace did the rest on DRC.

  45. Walter Thomas

    Sweet Drum intervals in the middle

  46. lastcall170

    The more I learn about Kiss using session players for almost every album ...the more I despise them. Ace didnt/couldn't play lead on Destroyer???. disappointed after decades of believing a lie.

  47. mcbrando


    Brandon Hawn

    mcbrando you can do better?

  48. Sci-Fi Ninja Theater

    This song and strange wsys great

  49. TraTiko Wimbush

    gene cãn sure sing

  50. mrBerthaX


  51. TraTiko Wimbush

    Tiffany and Tra

  52. Winston Beech

    Probably not the first "mainstream" song about S&M but the first I ever heard. Wasn't a radio hit but the album was a huge seller thanks in large part to the singularly awful "Beth".

    FRANK 666

    Winston Beech agreed bethis shit!

  53. night wolf


  54. roquefortfiles

    Its about anal sex people!!

  55. RomeoAlphaDelta

    Of all the KISS songs... I was always indifferent about this...
    -But dat riff!

    scotty p

    Love how you here the clean come thru to. That opening riff is bad ass

  56. Matt Clauss

    ACE is the man always will be ..

  57. Mouko#1 The Real One

    the Destroyer Album brought me here check it out.....

  58. razorjules

    One of Ace's best solo's from the classic days.

    andrea maltauro

    Dick Wagner's solo!!!

    Carl Bee

    razorjules This is Dick Wagner, not Ace Frehley


    You can hear Ace's original solo on the ' Destroyer Resurrected' release.

  59. Theresa Lux

    Ace was better than Dick Wagner he was just drunk and high much of the time

    Steve O

    Yeah, no.  Wagner:  Solo on Aerosmith's Train Kept a Rollin'......enough said

    Maureen Wagg

    Ace didn't play on this album a whole lot due to alcohol problems.

    Mister Justice

    Theresa Lux I hate you.

    Zach Johnson

    No he wasn't. Go listen to Rock 'n' Roll Animal.

    James Williams

    Don't forget Cocain,Quaaludes ect. Lol! ☺

  60. Theresa Lux

    Ace Peter Paul would of told the person to get help because they are grateful for their fans Gene's an arrogant Fuck

  61. Theresa Lux

    Gene Simmons sucks telling people to kill themselves

  62. Wicked133

    R.I.P Dick Wagner

  63. Matthew Filipovic

    Gods of thunder and rock n roll

  64. robbie mair

    Its not Ace its Dick Wagner as Ace prob had a card game or to stoned to play


    Not stoned, Ace's poison was always alcohol above anything else.

    Maureen Wagg

    Yep you are right...but I saw Ace play it live so that counts lol

    thomas Day

    did ace play lead guitar on sweet pain?

    Nancy Nicole DeVivo

    So happy Ace got sober. Very difficult to beat alcoholism. Congratulations, Ace!

    ᗷℱ ᖇᖺᓰﬡᗢ

    Ace solo @1min. 23 sec. Not very good.

  65. M Mckissack

    1976 was a trip

    Big Sky

    1976 was my favorite year also. Do you remember hearing "Afternoon Delight " on the radio all summer??!!

  66. Robert E. Lee

    Definitely Ace. Clumsy but precise. Classic ace.


    +Robert E. Lee Dick Wagner played guitar on this toon for the recording.


    +Robert E. Lee Not Ace well known to be Wagner. Doesn't sound like Ace at all.

    Maureen Wagg

    Robert E. Lee I know from reading tons about this album that Ace was absent from some of the recording.

  67. Dirtyalrock

    i love sweet pain

  68. Dean Miccoli

    Definitely one of my favorite Gene songs

    Make Limonada

    Dean Miccoli i'm like more of Going Blind.

    rob yohn

    Me also.

    László Szentirmai

    largen then life ???

    Pudgy Loafer

    X-Ray Eyes, Watchin' You, Christine Sixteen, Calling Dr. Love, Deuce....

    Trevor McKay

    A classic Gene Simmons love song!!!

  69. MrHeteroErectus

    No Ace on this...Rick Derringer filled in and did a great job.

    Ken Broo

    MrHeteroErectus I had no idea wow!

    Rob DeGolier

    @Ken Broo It's not true . rick derringer had no part of this. he played on a song on Lick It Up-Exciter

  70. Greg Walker

    Dick Wagner on guitar... RIP


    @Greg Walker Rick Derringer.


    No, that is Dick Wagner, Alice Cooper's axeman at the time. Not Derringer.
    If you were familier with his style at all, you'd get it.
    Ace was too fucked up and above it to show up and record his parts.
    Not that I have any use for Gene or Paul either....

    Jon Dunmore

    Derringer plays on "Exciter" off Lick It Up.

  71. totalstranga

    My favorite Kiss song ever. I suspect the meaning might have something to do with it :)

  72. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    love this song great rock track from legends kiss. even i know what sweet pain means.

    Phil Yeary

    Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum sex

  73. stratcaptain66

    the best kiss album...except for all the session players lol...Gene sings this one...and its weak

    Jean Kulaseck

    Yo mama is weak ! 


    did you even HAVE a mama? lol jk bro...I just fvckin hate Gene...he's an ass clown

    Jean Kulaseck

    No I have two dads. How did you know ? 

    stratcaptain66 just a guess

    Sean Corbett

    @stratcaptain66 That was weird.

  74. RM chain

    I had no idea what these words meant at the time. This song, and the entire album rocked us man!!! Motorcycles, Sonic Drive In, and Schlitz Malt Liquor!!!!


    I heard a preacher in the early 80's named Richard Wager claim the second line in this song was "With a voice inside me."  I think he thought it had something to do with Satan.

    RM chain

    LOL, Kids In Satan Service!!  My friends and I didn't care even if this was true!! We love this music man!


    According to Rev Wager, Knights in Satan's Service.  He also claimed AC/DC stood for "both ways, bisexual" and that The Eagles' Hotel California was a tribute to the first church of Satan.  A cousin of mine played me and audio cassette of one of the guy's seminars.  Kinda creeped me out for a few weeks when I was around 11 or so.

    Maureen Wagg

    @RM chain
    We hoped it was true lmao  More reason to freak our parents out.


    AC/DC is indeed also a slang for bisexual.

  75. Daniel Demicco

    I always thought the song was "Sweet Paint". You're gonna love my sweeet paaaaint. It would have been fitting for Kiss atleast.

  76. Geo Martin

    There's the version with Ace's solo on around. Check it out, this one is shit!
    With all due respect to Dick Wagner but he ain't no Ace...

    Eddie Mullett

    yeah Ace wasn't happy

    Robert Harding

    No, Wagner was much better. Frehley is a mediocre guitarist at best.


    @Robert Harding watever



  78. Michael Leidy

    Either you're deaf or you only listened to one version of Sweet Pain on "Resurrected." The Resurrected album has a remixed version with the previously unheard guitar solo which I believe Ace played, but it also has a second version as a bonus track which is remixed the same except it has the Dick Wagner solo from the original album release.

  79. Mostly Metal Mayhem


  80. Iridium.Titanium

    That 'anyhow' drives me crazy *_*

  81. Tony Olivieri

    Thank you Maureen Wagg!

  82. Maureen Wagg

    I guess someone by now has told you the solo was Ace. In '76 there was no Bruce. Didn't know he even existed back then. I was there and yes, I am that old.

    Dave Dave

    Maureen Wagg - Sorry but ♠️ does NOT play this solo. It is Dick Wagner, a studio musician brought in by Producer Bob Ezrin.

  83. Maureen Wagg

    Your parents think too much. My Dad was probably the first one on the block to buy a Van Halen album back in the day. Rock and roll was in my house.

  84. GarthanSaal444

    The adults back then hated this song because they thought it was about Gene Simmons visiting a dominatrix.

  85. EgyptianMinor

    Actually the solo on 'Sweet Pain' was played by a hired gun/studio guy called Dick Wagner, who was part of the pool of musicians who worked for Bob Ezrin. Bob Kulick played on some tracks on the studio/side 4 of Alive II.

  86. Jay Kapolka

    wow you're really confused. ill help you out. bruce kulick didnt join the band till the 80's though his brother bob would do some session work with them. dick wagner did the solo cause ace didnt show up to do it. if you listen ace's version on resurrected sounds nothing like this solo. i prefer this version. call me old fashioned but i hate resurrected. i believe if it aint broke dont fix it

  87. kong adong

    exscuse me ass hole......Ace was treated like dirt. There is no wonder he was drunk. The other pretenders were brought in by cunt number 1 and cunt number 2

    Big Sky

    Exactly!!! Gene and Paul are narcissistic assholes!! But they knew they could not do it without Peter and especially Ace.

  88. whitewitchoz

    Another underrated Kiss song......

  89. grantorino2009

    Another Ace apologist. Give me a goddamned break. At least Wagner's "thin sounding" guitar was in the studio. Ace was out drunk again and being irresponsible. One of many times. Never has anyone received more accolades for doing less than No Show Frehley.

  90. thenewyorkpauls

    This song and "Goin Blind" = Gene's finest moments

  91. Regplex

    i think dick did a great job at imitating ace

  92. Johnny Puddu

    I think it was Dick Wagner taking lead guitar, probably brought in by Bob Ezrin.

  93. cybertiledude

    Dick wagner ? Hmmm That explains why the solo is so thin sounding. I wish people would stop accusing Ace of being somehow inferior because he played from his heart. He had balls and flash. That's what rock and roll is about!!

  94. chuck41261

    Not necessarily just his dick. Possibly also his tongue, digits, and anything else that might be deployed, in order to maximize his lady's (or ladies') pleasure.

  95. MobiusBandwidth

    thanks for clearing that up! lol. when I was a 13 year old Kiss fan in the mid 70's metaphors like "Love gun" and "Rocket ride" went right over my head! I just liked the music, and the costumery and makeup.

  96. JENDALL714

    In case you are all wondering his love is his cock!

  97. RavenMadd9

    sorry anna ...I did'nt see your comment ....

  98. RavenMadd9

    Dick Wagner ...and a few other assorted songs on this album

  99. romeokid69

    Ok, let's put this to rest shall we? Dick Wagner plays the lead on this as well as about 3-5 other tracks on this album. Ace was off somewhere getting high. And Bob Ezrin did NOT turn Ace into a coke head. And by the way? Anomaly SUCKS!!!!!