Kiss - Rain Lyrics

Tell me what you want me to be
I can't stand myself anymore
Tell me what you want me to see
I can't find my way off the floor

Took me like a hurricane
I think it's gonna rain, yeah
I think it's gonna rain
Rain down on me

Tell me what you want me to hear
Whisper words inside of my head
Thunder like a gun in my ear
Clouds are burstin' over my bed

Wash me like a hurricane
I think it's gonna rain, yeah
I think it's gonna rain
I think it's gonna rain down down down
I think it's gonna rain

Open your eyes
You can't deny
It's just a fantasy, yeah
Some things will end, some will begin
Some things will never be

Rain down on me

Tell me what you want me to know
Tell me what you're dyin' to say
Throw your feelings up in the air
Let the pieces fall where they may

Open your eyes
You can't deny
It's just a fantasy, yeah
Some things will end, some will begin
Some things will never be

I think it's gonna rain
I think it's gonna rain
I think it's gonna rain, yeah
I think it's gonna rain
Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Rain down on me

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Kiss Rain Comments
  1. kandaTOP

    Im struggle for what i fight ...but ...just not my destiny

  2. mạnh hùng

    . nghe mà nhớ gia đình gì đâu 🙁🙁

  3. Rudi Kurniawan


  4. 火星人と愉快な地球人たち

    未だにyoutube に残ってるなんて驚きです。最初にこの曲に出会ったのもこの動画でした。


  5. Marami Chhakchhuak

    The first time I heared this in WGM KHUNTORIA 💜

  6. Keisha Ruanto

    Grabe labasan na yung luha ko 😭😭😭😭 kinuha na ako ng towel ng kuya ko 😭😭😭😭

  7. Keisha Ruanto

    Grabe labasan na yung luha ko 😭😭😭😭 kinuha na ako ng towel ng kuya ko 😭😭😭😭

  8. Zeernil Sorongon

    Mama sinuntok ako ni budang

  9. Nikerz 1728

    日辰与晨曦 阳光与幸福 须从历练中起身 自强方能保护其爱呀 =)

  10. Mr. Gum

    When u put meat instead of strawberries in ur smoothie.

  11. Mr. Moua

    The first time I heard this, it was in an Asian movie

  12. Jordi López


  13. jeralyn non

    Breath and close my eyes. I don’t see any love in his eyes but anger ;( I been sick in 7 years physically, mentally and emotionally, and this song makes me so emotional. I’m tired and losing hope.😭

  14. kùi 37

    2020: anybody listening??

  15. aisya 1605

    I know that i will get hurt someday...

  16. Ruki Tsukasa

    Org melayu buat drama pakai lagu ni x bg credit langsung Kat Yiruma -_-

  17. Vuduc Duong

    tuyệt vời

    Thiên Bình



    Esta canción me ase llorar😭

  19. 23rdBall

    I’m glad I listened to this on my mom’s old iPhone 4S running iOS5 instead of U2 on an iPad 6 running iOS 12

  20. Blanca Boyle

    𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓪𝔂𝓪 𝓴𝓪 𝓷𝓪 𝓷𝓰𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓷?
    𝓷𝓪𝓼𝓪𝓴𝓽𝓪𝓷 𝓶𝓸 '𝓴𝓸 '𝓭𝓲 𝓫𝓪?
    𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓼, 𝓪𝔂𝓸𝓼

  21. • J A Y •

    shout out to those high school students who need a super emotional background HAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. 0010001 00120110

    masaya ka na ngayon? ayos... ayos...

  23. fanatica de bob esponja

    No mamen yo la uso para dormir :v

  24. Nikerz 1728

    Im back with my granny song....i always love u granny....from 13years till can last for 31 years.....with my life ...i wait for u come and bring me go with u...i love u granny =)
    婆婆我想起您了 我爱您 谢谢您 =)

  25. Abei 104

    Backsound khas stiap ceramah ustd hanan attaki,yg tambah bikin ngena di hati:)

  26. Alberto Marquinez

    con las musicas de Yurima me relajo y olvido mi depresion...😢es muy buena

  27. Gabriel C. Malonzo

    3k Likes I will tell my crush I love her

  28. Tic.

    Yiruma's songs speak louder than worlds, in a good way ❤️

  29. TTPSKG LAM Sze-ching

    Good for girls 🍁🍁

  30. TTPSKG LAM Sze-ching

    It is so lovely 💐

  31. Dimitri 1111

    It's okay to cry my dear it's healing 😊 you are beautiful, you are loved 💗

  32. Ruben Villasor,sr

    Just crying because for my classmates 😢😢😢

  33. Willbehappy The

    I miss you my ex bf daeseung 🖤

  34. Lesley Gozet

    Why im sad without reason

  35. BabyToy 29

    The saddest piano piece I've ever heard..😭😭😭

  36. aisya 1605

    I want to talk to you.. But I'm afraid that you will be annoy if i talk a lot..

  37. jinhao teo

    Who ever watching this you are very special in this world ,don't let a word breaks your heart, just let it go even this world is cruel ,you are very special so just let the days gone by forget about sadness and stay happy and everything will be alright bye, have a nice day the person that i never met before
    Edit:sorry for my bad English

  38. Şeyhmus Kardaş

    Hey turkooooo😊🙏

  39. leesha subrata

    Music penghantar tangisan q 😢

  40. Fikar Zulfikar

    Mah 😭😢

  41. it’s pat

    Rain conmects country to countrys...

  42. phương nguyễn

    I am not ok

    jinhao teo

    Everything will be alright just stay happy

    phương nguyễn

    @jinhao teo thank you

  43. benito geziqi


  44. Nguyễn Bích Diệp

    Yên bình quá🖤

  45. Maily Montero

    No hay fronteras para la música.
    Distintos idiomas, mismos corazones.❤

  46. Pun Bishal

    Remember when time gets you down on your knees, pray. Pray for strength and you will have it. Pray for wisdom and right opportunities and it will come . Don’t give up. Prayer keeps you humble and grounded. Keep the faith. It gives you deeper perspective and peace that mind can’t fathom. And work like hell. Day in and out. Take rest, eat well. Cut out the toxic people. And don’t give foolish people another chance. For its better to walk alone and reach the right destination rather than to walk with a fool and reach a wrong one. You will definitely be in a better place in your own head and in reality.

  47. gamethe 0876

    2020 😭😭😭ทางนี้//2020😭😭😭This way

  48. Lunar Star

    My friend... I was so shocked that I never seen my friends a year... This song make me cried... I hope you get better. 🥺 ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  49. Эксперимент 50к пописчиков без видео

    2020 February 15???

  50. auni syamimi

    owhhh,,need to put some words in,it will be beautiful

  51. TheSilver Gamer

    "When Im Listening This Song. It Makes Me Feel Tired"

  52. Tom Bjarne Dankert

    Das ist schön 😘

  53. Shu Lann

    I felt my heart was so hurt when i listened this song :(( it has a deeply feeling :'))

  54. Dhidit Alfianto

    Fuuck baby

  55. tin cing Lau

    I love Bed gor

  56. Arcee Mendoza

    is it just me crying while listening to this song and thinking some words that makes you cry

  57. Hung Nguyen

    Tạm biệt những kí ức đẹp trong cuộc đời, những người đã gặp và có thể sẽ không bao giờ gặp nữa..

  58. brandon pogi

    pinatugtug ko ito sa hospital
    ng ang Lolo ko.nacoma
    .bigla syang nagising!
    .at binatukan ako!
    Fev 13 2020 here.

  59. mangkuto alam

    aku sayang kamu oncom

  60. Molly Kachipande

    I have this song at school!


    Music is a language for every person in the world ❤️

  62. IGNTR 20

    In school my teacher let us hear it, We all cried..

  63. Arife Yerli


  64. Ekaterina Chkhartishvili

    Сьебись Мегрелидзе и Гуранда

  65. 이향규

    비오는날에는 kiss the rain
    비오는 수요일에는 빨간 장미 한송이

  66. Tommy Nguyen

    2020 anyone? It's just the beginning of the year but it has been rough

  67. 694รัตติกาล พินิจทะ

    perfect piano brought me here.

  68. #ApoNiGov

    Done sir

  69. Evelyn Rafat

  70. Nanana beng

    i realy feel bad why my father didn't take his responsibility to us.Like hey, we exist we faced a lpt of struggle but where are you? you didn't care about us anymore.

  71. aisya 1605

    It's raining here and I'm thinking of you....

  72. aisya 1605

    ㅎㅎㄴ Please be happy today and forever...

  73. Vercelis Garcia

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant,Gianna Bryant And All The Helicopter Victims

  74. Zack Vhiel

    They Ask Me: You okay?

    Me: Yah! I'm just tired!

  75. Jenlisa_Chaesoo sksksk

    this song is older than me. o.O

    I love it <3

  76. Fredi Yahya

    Tuhan berkati kedua orangtuaku😊💜

  77. Patricia Benedicta

    Good ican sllep

  78. บารมี ศรีสุวรรณ


  79. aisya 1605

    Tell me to not miss you... ㅠㅠ

  80. Rendi. Eko18


  81. nyomi nious

    love this song

  82. Tina Kim

    I've been listening to this music for a long time, but everytime I heard it I feel like I want to cry 😢 though this music made my childhood memorable

  83. Dayaisy H

    Descanza en paz amigo doctor Iñaqui ,gracias por todo ,luz en tu camino

  84. Ihssane Elamarty

    احبك بكل جنون يا عروسي وملكي

  85. Zoe S. Fuentes

    -i think this song suits to my classmates who make me say that im not belong in my class or in the classroom -imma like my own comment cause no one will gonna like my comment anyways

  86. 藍柏皓

    I’m deeply touched

  87. Snas098

    Rest In Peace Old Roblox Account hacked by a google user
    2012-2019 may time pass

  88. Carl Sarceno

    This song made me cry😭😪

  89. Yuno Gasai

    Playing this at 5 o clock in the morning while it's raining outside, and im comfortable in my warm bed is the best decision i have ever made.

  90. Mamba The King of LA

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant 1978-2020 Rest well Black Mamba, your Mamba Mentality still stays the same as ever😭😭😭

  91. 雪山劍仙


  92. Chara Dreemurr

    2020 ?
    Life is happy insane
    I love walking in rain

  93. Angra Mainyuu

    coba kalian bayangkan
    jika kalian pulang dan sampai di rumah ternyata...