Kiss - Love Her All I Can Lyrics

I remember the times I was lonely without her
Now she's mine and I spend my times dreamin' about her

Love her all I can and try to understand
The things that make her glad
The things that make her sad
I'm a lucky guy, I hardly ever cry
And when the world looks bad
She's never ever sad

She's so easy to please and it doesn't take money, no, no
We can have a good time when the skies aren't sunny

Ah, I love her all I can and try to understand
The things that make her glad
The things that make her sad
I'm a lucky guy, I hardly ever cry
And when the world looks bad
She's never ever sad

I remember the times I was lonely without her
Now she's mine and I spend my time dreamin' about her

I love her all I can and try to understand
The things that make her glad
The things that make her sad
I'm a lucky guy, I hardly ever cry
And when the world looks bad
She's never ever sad

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Kiss Love Her All I Can Comments
  1. Rob T


  2. Vanei Pontes

    The Real 👉"💋"🎵🎼🎶🎤🎸😎👊

  3. tedja wrathchild

    Real Kiss

  4. Blind Terry Tucci

    Peter was the absolute shit from ‘73-‘75. Easily the most talented player and vocalist. The decline was so sudden and so sharp that its depressing.

  5. Dim Bulb

    Paul Stanley songs with great backing vocals by Gene Simmons: "Hotter Than Hell," "Firehouse" (Double Platinum version), "Anything for My Baby," and "Love Her All I Can."

  6. Dick Triangle

    This is the best KISS song.

  7. Robert Yancey

    She's so easy to please and don't need money...COULD THIS BE FACT OR FICTION?!?😆😂🤣🤔🤔🤔😆😎😎

  8. Kascha K

    You want a laugh, listen to the Wicked Lester version they did before Ace and Peter joined and they became KISS.

  9. Michael Monfils

    This is better than most droning cookie-cutter modern metal or hard rock or whatever you want to call it these days.

  10. Lawrence Scott

    Cowbell slow ride

  11. Maureen Wagg

    Killer album

  12. Robby Thunder

    Yup... Such a great Album! Groove, kick ass drums, bass licks, guitars, Space man solos!
    Heck yeh!

  13. Realism I

    Do the Monster Mash

  14. Eric Vitelli


  15. Joe Waked

    After SHE, my 2nd favorite song on DTK....was ahead of its time, way ahead with this sound!!!

  16. CJ G

    Great drumming at the end!

  17. Markis5150

    You can smell how bad they wanted to survive and make it here. Early Kiss is such a tight unit. The attitude in the lead vocals, the harmonies within the band, the attitude, the guitar work and those drums! Its from the street!

  18. Sergius Rex

    Los 4 estaban en su plenitud musical. Todos ellos

  19. David Lee Roth

    I don't care what you say, ace frehley was goddam beast!

  20. Brad Werley

    Greatest band ever

  21. Phillip Bishop

    These old songs with Ace and Peter are just totally different, rock solid!

  22. rutgerhauer666

    Any time someone says KISS is a gimmick, I remember this song. Great rock, period.

  23. George Guioguio


  24. Francis Schmitt


  25. klepetar

    err...did peter play drums on this? really??

  26. klepetar

    it's my favourite kiss song.. bar none

  27. Motoroil

    I remember hearing this the first time... Take me back. What an amazing experience. I held DTK like it was gold.

  28. DLN

    Coolest riff ever

  29. killerdude35

    This song perfectly illustrates why both Ace and Peter were essential to KISS.

  30. Granville Friel

    More cowbell

  31. Rooney Yomamma

    What a rocking, GREAT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. The UFO Experience

    Band is firing on all cylinders here! Great drums! Great hook and harmony. And Ace gets down!

  33. Montana H

    Ace's guitar solo was soooo good.

  34. sonijam

    My favorite song on this album!

  35. Dust Devil

    Paul and Gene are both huge Beatles fans and i really believe this is their attempt at that formula. The vocal harmonies and basic catchy riffs tied together in an album less then 30 min long makes for a very underrated rock masterpiece stuck in the shadow of Destroyer.

  36. MEO TV

    We love u ace and peter!!

  37. Lando Ram

    I remember those times when I was lonely without her,then I realized heavens on fire my Charisma I love it loud rock n roll all night n party all day

  38. The Big Dog

    2018 anybody?

  39. itriedmany

    Also one of the best kiss songs, and Peter and Ace kicks ass! They all do by the way... what people forget, including Gene and Paul, is, Kiss is a Rock and Roll band first, and a Heavy Metal band second.

  40. boycorrado

    I think Dressed to Kill is my favorite KISS album

  41. tnibor

    A masterpiece in analog recording... love the guitar work.. drums are dynamic

  42. Allan Hobba

    Top driving song.

  43. cjtorres77

    Love gun best kiss record of the 70's


    cjtorres77 Nah not even their 5th best record of the 70s

  44. Joseph B

    My fave KISS tune! Not a bad track on this album.

  45. Gio Gionist

    Influenced by mc5

  46. Carol DaRonch

    I was 10 yrs old when my older brother showed me the Hotter than Hell & Dressed to Kill albums. I was scared & liked The only 10 yr old girl in my neighborhood who loved them. The boy who lived across the street from me for a few years became my best friend when he found out I liked KISS too. Would talk about the band for hours every night and his mother had a hard time getting him in the house on school memories

  47. Evan Askew

    Heavy sing for it's time but also a dash of Beatles in there with the harmonies.

  48. Rodon Howard

    I bought a 3 album set called Kiss Originals, I bought it after I got Rock and Roll Over. Wore out the holder and the albums. KISS is and always will be The Originals.

  49. m wolf

    Ace gets experimental in beginning of solo and finishes real jazzish.he could really play when he wanted to.of course paul,greatest singer of all time

  50. Dave Eisler

    Peter Criss

  51. Lady Space

    70's KISS is the best music period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  52. David Miller

    Old Kiss really stands out .So raw energy lever 10 +
    Great Rock n Roll.

  53. Alan Smithback

    Check out this slice of 70's rock! Band is GLITTER DOGS.
    Definite 70's sound here! Song blew me away.. Two albums on Spotify, iTunes!

  54. Jersey Sucks

    The 1st time I was introduced to Kiss, it was 1987 and I was 12 years old at a friend's house. He played the whole Dressed to Kill record which was on cassette and owned by his brother. I was hooked from that point on!! What memories- damn. 🤘

  55. Michael Phifer

    Ace and Peter at their best..they were all music. Less ego and bullshit..the first three albums..and alive one..that's the kiss I loved..

  56. Yu Tu

    sound craps out on the solo...that explains the thumbs down people.

  57. Dfactor Pop

    Gene and Paul had recorded this song 4 years earlier in their Wicked Lester band era. Here's that recording from 1971, if you've not heard it -

  58. Robert Lynn

    This one and Flamin Youth off Destroyer make my day!

  59. Dick Triangle


  60. The Patriot Duck

    sick guitar.

  61. Kimindigo

    peter is best

  62. BassNGuns

    Best song on the album, period.

  63. Glitter

    That's great guitar work.

  64. Don Wilson

    Hell yeah!

  65. Smudge Capone

    If you’re into 70’s rock, check out GLITTER DOGS. New music.
    Good to hear real instruments!

  66. zr24X4ROCKS

    listen to peter , they said he couldn't play ? i love his playing, by the way is anyone here a member of the kiss army ? i think gene owes me money !

    Steve Prskalo

    Peter was a good drummer till he had his bad car crash ,not long before the solo albums were due to be recorded.

  67. Rayn Wolfsbane

    I don't get why everyone on Eddie Trunk's show loves this song so much. I would never put it above "I Love It Loud" or "Lick It Up".

  68. Michael Thompson

    Top 5 for me. MOO!

  69. Michael Monfils

    Ace Frehley established his creds during these early years. This stuff blows Metallica away.

    Hydra11B __

    Michael Monfils Two completely different bands. One the stupidest things I’ve read in a while. Please stfu.

  70. adrianne

    Peter fuckin Criss from Canarsie Brooklyn!!

  71. Smudge Capone

    If you enjoy 70’s style rock, check out GLITTER DOGS.
    Good to hear music with real instruments...

  72. Alexander

    This song goes toe to toe, the distance with any song ever written.This is musicianship at its best.This band stopped being to hold up its own weight when Ace Frehley and Peter Criss left..Paul Stanley is a great vocalist, lyricist, songwriter, but only when Ace Frehley and Peter Criss pitch in - those two fucks elevate the otherwise sissy, lame musical skill set of Stanley and Chaim, who incidentally sucks dirt as a bassist.

  73. marc dewey

    I liked Kiss in the 1970's,the first three albums were good but their big break through came with Alive then Destroyer came out followed by Rock n Roll Over which was an ok album and although I did buy Love Gun didn't really like it all that much and thats when I began to lose interest its like Kiss were losing their edge and just coming out with anything and like most bands did what they had to in order to keep up with the times even making disco music.

  74. Shpadoinkle

    How/why was this not a single???

    Michael Coville

    Kiss was unique in their marketing strategy. After 'Rock 'n Roll All Nite' they didn't record "singles" or use radio to promote their music. Someone should write a book about how they became so successful using a completely different strategy than any other band at the time (and probably since).


    Michael Coville so u gonna explain how they did it...

    Ben Whalen

    @TeamSesh97 I will payola haha

  75. Claudio Collu

    30 ANNI FA!!!!




    What do you mean suicide song....and keep to rockin' man

  77. Macho Fan

    Here is the deal: if one thumb down, the other thumb will go up... your ass

  78. quarter jukebox

    My first kiss album.

  79. Power of Pop

    Rock n roll Genius!

  80. adrianne

    this is kiss!!

  81. Jamie Chesna

    The best thing about "Dressed to Kill" is that it sounds like hard-rock Motown in so many places -- "Love Her All I Can," "Room Service," "Anything for My Baby" and many more. And I actually prefer the slicker production on this one as opposed to the dirge-like knob-twisting on the first two.

  82. Abbadon Angel

    By far this is my Favorite KISS song but I don't know I really like Love Em Leave Em and Makin Love let's just say those are probably my top 3

  83. MegaJetJaguar

    I had this on vinyl back when I was a kid! Actually, I think that it was the very first album that I ever purchased. Needless to say, I listened to it over and over again.

  84. Lukas Skrypetz

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  85. Maximum Volume

    Favorite song off my favorite KISS album, Peter fuckin kills it. There's a lot of song there for being under 3 min.

  86. Lukas Sivok

    Peter Criss!!!!!

  87. DH Thomas

    It's funny how as we move farther and farther in time, the KISS albums we appreciate most were the earlier ones. Dressed To Kill is fucking amazing, and this song shows why.

  88. The Rocket

    Peter's fill-ins on this track are fucking mint. Paul really went at his best on the vox for this, in the studio. And, Ace....pffftt.....fucking superb. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as usual Gene just follows along :D

    Jaysen Jett

    Jillian Rocket nah, Genes walking lines are the shit!

  89. The Rocket

    Possibly KISS best 70's record, overall. Possibly. No, it's not Destroyer. :)

  90. MegaJetJaguar

    Kiss 4 Life!

  91. Josh Matthews

    More cowbell!

    Gio Gionist

    You and your cowbell😂

    Shawn Taylor

    I have a fever.

  92. moo cow

    big thumbs up for one of the best songs on this album ! it also plays well in concert whenever they play it.

  93. garcemac

    Great album, brilliant song

  94. MegaJetJaguar

    Ace Frehley kills it on this song with not just one but two awesome guitar solos! Peter Criss did some really nice drumming on it too.

  95. Cagedguitarist401

    Hands down my favorite KISS song of all time. Everything about it is perfect.

    John H

    incredible song

  96. caleb prodtoins

    I don't even like kiss anymore but this song is badass

  97. Doberman Pinscher

    So damn awesome!

  98. Bill Wang

    what dipshit would thumbs down ?


    Bill, I think you answered your own question: only a dipshit would.

    Jersey Sucks

    Bill Wang - Someone who doesn't like a cowbell. Lol

    Sara Allison

    Ziggyzag Zi up his ass

    catman pc

    @Ziggyzag Zi good one.

    John H

    they are called liberal snowflakes

  99. PKI Whitey

    My all time favorite KISS song. And I get to go on the Legends Of Rock Cruise with ACE & a bunch of other legends in January

    Di ego too.

  100. Greg Patterson

    I love the way the drums were recorded, very organic. Best album they ever made imo.


    Indeed. Destroyer gets all the credit and limelight, but Dressed to Kill is #1.

    Jersey Sucks

    Greg Patterson - Organic? Weird adjective. Its an in your face drum sound, very direct

    Dick Head

    Jersey Sucks yeah, organic