Kiss - Love Gun Lyrics

I really love you baby
I love what you've got
Let's get together, we can
Get hot
No more tomorrow, baby
Time is today
Girl, I can make you feel

No place for hidin' baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun

You can't forget me baby
Don't try to lie
You'll never leave me, mama
So don't try
I'll be a gambler, baby
Lay down the bet
We get together, mama
You'll sweat

No place for hidin' baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, love gun

Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love)

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Kiss Love Gun Comments
  1. esRodrigo XD

    Does anyone hear deep purple child in time here?

  2. Angel Torres

    I need it louder, and more hell raising!!!!! Right between the eyes***

  3. Marcin Bronisz

    📲*00212679620248* *Whatapps*📲
    أقــدم لــكـــم رقــم الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الإخــتــصــاصــي الــلــي اقـتــرح عـلــي الـعــلاج الـفــعــال لــقــصــر الــقــضــيــب
    نــقــص الإنــتــصــاب✅ ســرعــة الــقــذف ✅ الــبــرود الــجــنــســي ☑الــمــنــتــجــات مـتـوفـرة فــقــط بــالــســعــوديــة🇸🇦 وقـطـر🇶🇦 والامـارات🇦🇪 والـعـراق🇮🇶 ولــبــنــان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والــكــويــت🇰🇼 والـبـحـريـن🇧🇭 وسـلـطـنـة عــمــان🇴🇲
    أطـــلـــبــــهـــــا الان📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲الدفع عند الاستلام🤝

  4. Julka Julka


  5. Jesse James

    Love gun, yes!!!!!

  6. bullet33333


  7. Felipe Rodriguez

    All u MF shut da fk up this songs litt asf n so is the movie Detroit Rock City, faaaaaacts get over it 🤘

  8. Kayleigh couto

    My six year old is a super kiss fan !! Knows every single word

  9. Trevor Philips

    2:20 Homage for Satan from Deicide took inspiration from this


    love  🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘❤️

  11. Young Tre

    This will never die

  12. John Smith

    The guitar is beautiful

  13. John Smith

    Apex KISS!

  14. n k

    Happy Birthday Paul - 1 20
    Kiss ARMY 4ever

  15. harry McNuggets

    Jakie - Fez what kind of instrument is that?

    Fez- instrument?

  16. Tomo Tomo

    When you drop soap in the shower

  17. A N Ô N I M O


  18. Dragoncool Production

    You can't forget me baby
    Don't try to lie

  19. Cristian Carranco

    Me gustó la canción siempre me ha gustado gracias amigos kizz

  20. Salvador Gonzáles

    Cometarios en español reportense

    Lilian Lizano

    Yo jajaja

  21. Patrick Pm

    See rodney?! The gun is his dick!

  22. Pedro José

    2020 ??

  23. Fabrício Cassio

    if you're white, then you're Ben Affleck

  24. 飯野康博


  25. Carla Holden

    this song makes me horny

  26. marco guerrero

    Hoka tengo 12 años y mi papá fue y es un rockero a morir y le agradezco por pegarme estas buenas canciones viva el rock

  27. Angel Torres

    C'mon let's head bang, all together now!!!!

  28. Pineal Gland

    I think of that movie role models every time I hear this

  29. Sterling Penick

    “You see Ronnie? His dick is the gun! “

  30. Julien NT

    Paul sounds so much like Dave Wyndorf on this song, that's astonishing :O

  31. jayson russell

    The 1.5k that disliked this can go suck it!!!

  32. Pope missopan

    Knights In Satan's Service..

  33. Christina Bearden

    I'm going to see KISS in February!!! My baby is due about a week before the concert! She best come out on time or I WILL hold her in until after the concert! 🤣

  34. Janaina Paiva

    5 de março de 2020 Aki no Brasil!!!

  35. Ryan Osborne

    "See ronnie, his dick is the gun".

  36. Jon Maurice

    If you thumbs down this song, FUCK YOU!

  37. Blade

    Urge to fucc brought me here :3

  38. Danya Cool

    Cool Kiss

  39. roberto dos santos

    Transformation begins at sundown church and begins with your scooby doo troca de roupa kiss your attention to yourself the man who has become anytime second crazy all night all right before likely

  40. black m Money

    Great song to fuck to

  41. AlexZander Alvarado

    LOVE GUN!*

  42. Tamara Rojas

    Es muy bueno😍

  43. XOTA music

    i love this song ♥

  44. AC/DC Fan

    2019 and still rocking to kiss! 🤘

  45. Marlon James

    so bad...but so good

  46. roberto dos santos

    Important for that is heard in transformation and kissworld all right into our new system that has eluded the way

  47. roberto dos santos

    Sem singer sem spoiler sem video

  48. Dereck Majczyk

    Love this song

  49. Fanofblueshockey 107

    Eric cart is on the album but who’s drumming in this song is peter chris

  50. Susie Gomez

    Can't listen to this song loud enough.
    After so many years and still loving it.

  51. AJ Cich

    I challenge anyone to find a better KISS song than this one.

  52. Adam Larsson Öllsjöskolan 8B

    nice song

  53. Rosa Bortolas

    Very god is perfect

  54. Sebastian Rieger

    when he said: kiss

    I really felt that😌

  55. Your Royal Highness

    It is sacrilege to have a photo of the group sans Peter Criss. There was only one drummer during the band’s greatest era and it was Peter.

  56. time traveler are we there yet

    all good things must and will come to an end...gosh dammit man

    such good time with these guys from 1975 to 2001...........where did all the time go.

  57. Rodrigo Stark

    2019 ???

  58. Jady e falcão Periquitos australianos


  59. P D

    gematria: lovegun = 33

  60. Jimmy D

    come here to tell kiss fans that kiss are fucking dogshit american rubbish goodbye

    from London

  61. Rosa Bortolas


  62. tommys cracked


  63. Thomas Celtic

    Not a KISS fan....but this sing FUCKING rocks!!

  64. Slappy Mandingus

    That bassline really smacks my bag

  65. Augusta Long

    Love for rock n roll

  66. Augusta Long

    Love is love

  67. Augusta Long

    Love music

  68. Riktus Loremaster

    Why can't I help but think of Scooby Doo every time I hear this?

  69. G Driz

    Hell yea

  70. døku

    my gun is long af

  71. FreddysFrets

    I see Ace, Paul and Gene....but who the hell is the dude on the right?

    KissArmy4Life! KissArmy4Life!

    Can’t sleep any kiss fans up right now??

    Aidan Henry

    Eric Carr

  72. Simon Hunter

    Was never a big fan of this song. That said, it worked great as a soundtrack to the beginning of Detroit rock city the movie!

  73. 須藤新一


  74. Yasmin Lira

    Meus filhos vão ouvir isso 🤟

  75. Jack Morris

    The best place to find dick jokes

  76. Gareth Ellis

    "The gun is his dick Ronnie!"

  77. Ariane Prado

    Isso sim é musica!!! 🖤🤘🏻

    Guilherme 1903

    Hino do Rock

  78. It's BENJI

    No place for Haydn baby, no place to Bach

  79. Brett Harland

    Download 2020 baby!!!
    As long as one of them doesn't die its gonna be awesome..

  80. tania maris cardoso maris cardoso

    Aqui tá muitcho bom

  81. ronsfi

    Still SUCK! after all these years.

  82. Nick Price

    KISS should wrap up their final End of the Road World Tour with a performance at the halftime show at Super Bowl LIV! That would be one hell of a way to go out!

    Martina Pearce

    That would be Awesome.
    Write Paul an email. 😉💕

    Brandon Dodge

    Now were talkin

  83. james fiaco

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  84. Ich wars nicht !

    Greetings from Germany I LOVE THIS MUSIC❤❤❤ #childhood

  85. The Analog Time Traveler

    just in terms of song craft this is such a well written song

  86. Wendell Cotham


  87. ObiPwnShinobi

    JRE - Rob Zombie brought me here.

  88. PS H 666


  89. Andreas Kollmuss

    I remember when I saw KISS live in Stockholm in 1997. I especially remember Paul Stanley when they played this song.

  90. faizee sha

    my childhood bring me here.
    and i become a fine man now...

  91. rvigil881

    Can't wait!! Seeing these guys tomorrow 9/11 in Albuquerque, NM! End of the World Tour!!


    Seeing them 9/12 in Denver!! ROCK ON!

  92. Matias Zalazar

    Un par nada ejemplar

  93. Rogier

    49 thousand for the ayes, 14 hundred for the nays. The ayes have it, the ayes have it.

  94. Veronica Antonia Velazquez Quirarte

    2019 Y DE AQUI A LA ETERNIDAD.........

  95. Emanuelly Raquel ASMR

    Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  96. Andres Ottino

    Love gun!

  97. Антон Сидоренко

    Is it better with a 1.25 speed?

  98. Rabbi Stinklemen

    Definitely my favorite kiss song. Calling Dr Love is almost as good