Kiss - King Of The Night Time World Lyrics

It's so sad, livin' at home
Far from the city and the midnight fun
It's so bad, goin' to school
So far from me and the dirty things that we do

I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream

It's so fine, lovin' with ease
Far from the house and the family fights
It's so fine, bein' with you
Bein' with me makes everything alright

I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream, alright

It's so sad, you're not content
Far from the music and the neon glow
Ain't you glad we got the time
Far from our folks, they'll never ever know

I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream

I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king
I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king

I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream
I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream
I'm the king of the night time world
And you're my headlight queen
I'm the king of the night time world
Come live your secret dream
I'm the king of the night time world

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Kiss King Of The Night Time World Comments
  1. Waymon Pace

    I first this song in 1979 I was five loved it then and I love it now

  2. Jason Stewart

    My all-time favorite KISS album to this day! Even had the album cover lunch box from Destroyer


    KI⚡️⚡️ RULE⚡️🤘🤘

  4. kim Martin

    Rock it out when i was a kid.

  5. Josie Springfield

    Great song.

  6. RSR423

    Gayest shit ever, just look at the state of them.

  7. KissArmy4Life! KissArmy4Life!

    Where are all of the true kiss fans at??????
    Care to comment on kiss if you do comment me back
    Loud and proud kiss fan 4Life!!!!! 🤘🎸🤘🎸🤘🎸❤️🎸

  8. william grant

  9. String Theorist

    The church that my parents made me go to as a kid was leading the southern baptist charge against Satanic rock around the time Destroyer came out. They brought this tone deaf young preacher in to tell all the kids in a special Sunday service about how evil Kiss was and how we'd all go to hell if we bought their albums. The moronic idiot made the mistake of showing a projector slide of the Destroyer album cover up on the screen in the sanctuary where all the kids could see it. It was huge and majestic. You could hear the entire audience of kids just go, "WHOA". Every single one of us went out and bought the album the next day. Best decision ever...

  10. THE BEACH BOYS – Summer Days

    This proves what a shitty rock vocalist Paul Stanley is....oh and KISS SUCKS !!

  11. John Beare

    My favorite song on this album.

  12. j2deev1234

    the intro kinda sounds like " hit and run" by def leppard

  13. Dr. Fuzz

    Classic Ace at his best! I was 11 when Destroyer was released I had the album on every platform. #KissArmyLife

  14. Aĺlan Wesaquate

    a song written by kim fowley you dont get cooler then that

  15. J’s Awesome Adventures

    The best KISS album ever


    no that would be REVENGE!

  16. brangelo spanks

    ol' piss

  17. Bruce Phillips

    Paul's voice was awesome, everything was awesome

  18. Neil S

    One of the greatest albums ever.

  19. Cat Mom

    For me this was the best KISS album. My eldest sister had all of them! This music transports me back to the 70s. What a cool time machine. 🎵🎼👍😎🙋🏻‍♀️🙌

  20. Cat Mom

    For me this was the best KISS album. My eldest sister had all of them! This music transports me back to the 70s. What a cool time machine. 🎵🎼👍😎🙋🏻‍♀️🙌

  21. littlebritain64

    By far better than the original. The whole record has a special taste, sophisticated yet full of energy.

  22. Kracklez The Klown

    HAPPY BDAY ACE! we share this day! \,,/

  23. Kenneth Morrison 1


  24. gordon mackenzie

    definately Nightime Music!! hehehe *) And LOUD! EH! *)

  25. Lee Whatley

    Kiss at there best

  26. Richard Bain

    Damn This Album Is 43 Years Old Damn I Feel Old LOL

  27. Ace Space

    Amazing 2019😛

  28. Shane McCoy

    Arguably their best album.

  29. Tiny Effort

    Opening song for the 79 Dynasty tour.

  30. tiluriso

    Cocaine Criss/Cocaine Ezrin

  31. swainson southern hot mess

    I will always be their midnight queen.... what woman wouldn't want to have that title lol

  32. swainson southern hot mess

    Desroyer....great album and great times in my life...

  33. Roberto Brito

    Kiss number 1. Paul Stanley fantastic singer.

  34. Phillip Bishop

    I listen to these old songs to hear Ace's solos. Especially at the end of the songs, just hearing Ace go off!!

    Tiny Effort

    Many of the lead guitar parts weren't done by ace. Done by Dick Wagner. Just Google it.

  35. Tony Mich

    My Aunt bought me this album for my 5Th birthday in 1976.... It was Over after that!!!! Thank you Aunt Janet!

  36. Buried YoUx

    Knights in satans service.


    Buried YoUx Really? How did you come to that conclusion?

  37. Gino Rodrigues


  38. KixaSaurus

    First concert ever was KISS, Ted Nugent and Skid Row with Sebastian Bach. I was 12. I got a contact high lol

  39. kosta petinakis

    love this song

  40. anikka olivia williams

    Sweetstill remember all the words I'm 49

  41. Martin Patrick

    The Paul Lynde Holloween special featuring Kiss doing three songs from their classic Destroyer album.

  42. Steve Kosak

    What the fuck?? No car crash off to the next site bye

  43. Shane Wright

    This album needs to be remastered so badly. Great songs, great performance, great attitude but just let down by the wimpy production.

  44. Judist King

    This band was ny adolescent soundtrack...booze...cigs...weed...girls...

    anikka olivia williams

    Boys too

  45. Hector Lebron

    Memories! Got the 'Destroyer' LP as soon as it hit the local record store in Brooklyn Heights. I blasted this repeatedly on my grandfather's Grundig Home Stereo and my grandmother was like 'WTF??!!'

  46. Robert Zavala

    I remember buying this album at a swap meet !

  47. Jim Skelton

    Criss doing his best Keith Moon imitation on this one.

  48. Sara Allison

    This was my first kiss album when l was 13 years old

  49. joe theplummer

    I was 12 when i first heard this album , spend that whole week listening to it over and over . 20 yrs ago .

  50. david ritter

    my older brother gave me destroyer and rock n roll over in 1975 my life was changed forever

    jett peters

    Musta been 1977

    Trevor McKay

    Both albums came out in 1976.

    Abraham Valle

    My friends older brother did the same to me with Blizzard of Oz, ruined and made my life at the same time lol God bless kick ass music man.


    david ritter , it wasn't in 1975.

  51. BBQRando


  52. Adam

    Song of the Day
    07-24-18: King Of The Night Time World | Kiss
    also on:

  53. Cedericoco Santorini

    Awesome track, from their last awesome album.

  54. Kblogg 777

    That opening Def Leppard so lifted for you got me running 🏃

  55. James Cozad

    I amthe King Of The Night Time World!!!

  56. TheLeadSled

    I remember my father brought the 8 track back from Japan for me, I listened too it and wore it out.

  57. U.S.A POWER

    You want the truth you can’t handle the truth. But here it goes greatest band ever. You wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world KISS.🇺🇸

  58. Alan g

    King Ace and his unique style 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  59. blackjackcz

    Absolute classic! I had Kiss Destroyer on eight track tape back in the day. Anyone else have this album on eight track?

  60. Gregory W

    Rock and Roll doesn't get much better than this.

  61. Eddie Blackstone in Chicago

    Peter is a beast on this song! It's incredible. I'm not saying it's like some kind of percussionist technical masterpiece. It's a hard, heavy pounding in a hard heavy pounding song. His chops are right on in this song.

  62. X ANDREW X

    KISS and Trump makes me happy..

  63. Damon Baldi

    Who else grew up Thinking Kiss had Super Powers ??

    Never More Ever

    You mean they don't??? Awwww man! There goes my childhood...

    Granville Friel

    They do hush


    @Granville Friel Grew up? Super power?.....Of coarse.

    Stevie Del Ray

    My mom told me that they were demons...


    the pimp song; i'm the king of the night time world and you're my red light queen.

  65. Samsonite

    I love the rumors from the news report on Detroit Rock City, to the car crash and the beginning of this song. Oh the 70's!.

  66. Victor Carlos Marino

    Aguante Kiss la mejor banda de todos los tiempos no hay otra los mejores discos love Gon. Destructor decemascarados vestido para matar moster animalai criaturas de la noche

  67. erick suárez b.

    i loooooooove this song !!!

  68. samuel tomé

    A classic!

  69. Roy Hanbury

    nothing like the sound of a paul crushing through a marshall 2203...ACE IS THE MAN

  70. Mikey B

    One of my all-time favorite KISS songs.

  71. Biloxi Cub

    This is a really good groovy shake your ass kind of song. I remember like it was yeaterday when this album came out! I was 14 yrs do the

    Paul Cunningham

    I can do the math because I was 6 at the time :)

  72. Vella Ropedart

    my first album I bought with my allowance for mowing the yard! bought it 2 weeks after it's release. this was my favorite track!


    My fav track from Destroyer as well.

  73. guitarslave

    My favorite Kiss song.

  74. John P M

    THE BEST EVER and this song kept me alive when it came out as  my world was falling apart due to many deaths in my family. Thank you KISS.

    Jeff K

    John P M Great cool that this helped you get through. So many great memories of KISS from back in the day.


    Kiss helped me not to give up as a bullied teenager, I don't even listen to people saying about them being Devil's worshippers....

    John Harriel

    I feel the same exact way that you do. Music has helped me get through the most difficult trials in my life, to where I consider the folk playing the songs that got me through family even never meeting them before. I've felt such a connection through their music and words. Sorry bout your family Bro. Keep your head up.

    John Harriel

    Also to the dude mentioning devil worship......I heard that plus they didnt know how to play. Kind of crazy they dont know how to play and selling millions upon millions of albums, them making a living on playing their instruments, and Ace being worshipped as a Guitar God! Not to mention Gene actually plays some Killer bass lines! Nobody ever was interested in having to have the same exact gear until Kiss blew up. Kiss knows they shit.

  75. Kenneth Morrison 1

    KISS Rocks! I am a proud member of the KISS Army! Love this Song!

  76. sheri wilson

    Lots of GREAT sex was had with this tune-

    Jazzy Smith

    sheri wilson sex that only lasts 3 minutes? ok then

  77. Bret Farris

    Sound like fozzy

  78. Gregory W

    IMO, best tune on the L.P.

  79. Kevin Wilson

    Happy 41st Birthday Destroyer. You were a big part of my youth.


    it's still a big part of my adult life too :)

  80. Eddie Garza

    This tune is contagious

  81. kitty cat

    Gene you are the king of the night time world

    dan aguilera

    kitty cat in fact Peter criss

    anikka olivia williams

    They all are . And I'm the queen

  82. Sully Dunn

    Gotta save the Queen

  83. Katbellelene studios

    I love this song!!!!!!!

  84. John McGlasson

    that is not the solo from the original track, I've really grown to hate paul and gene for this kind of shit

    Eddie Blackstone in Chicago

    Sounds like it to me. I've been listening to this song for 40 yrs.

    Scott Binns

    Really? Huh. It's as exactly as I remember it.

    Jamie Leitch

    Not sure what version you are thinking of as this sounds original?

    Robert Yancey

    John McGlasson ?!?🤔

  85. Steve Rose

    the original tune is by the hollywood stars. its here on youtube

  86. Lady Space

    they buried Ace's solo on the recording...too bad it's so beautiful

    Todd Goddard

    train your ear it's there!!

  87. Santino Miceli

    Great song

  88. rick weller

    if this is a cover,wheres the original?


    This is the original

    Steve Rose

    the original tuneis by the hollywood stars. its on youtube

    Eddie Blackstone in Chicago

    Steve Rose
    Paul actually bought the song and basically rewrote it.

  89. 19MadMike95

    Much better than the original

  90. TheBob3759

    The only Kiss song I liked.

  91. Michael Yates

    Classic Kiss song from the golden era!

  92. Gerald R. Handschumacher

    One of my favorite Kiss Tunes!

  93. Tyler Kemp

    great song love kiss

  94. Greg Walker

    Kim Fowley

    Tim Penfield

    +Greg Walker kim was a genius, does ace play on this or derriger?

    King of the Night time World King

    thank you Kim, for all you are not forgotten!!!!


    Ace played here. Kim Fowley co wrote it..not played it.

  95. Alex Jacobson

    I've been a kiss fan since I was 3 and still can't pick my favorite song

    Lee Whatley

    Hard to pick just one