Kiss - God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II Lyrics

God gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

Do you know what you want? You don't know for sure
You don't feel right, you can't find a cure
And you're gettin' less than what you're lookin' for

You don't have money or a fancy car
And you're tired of wishin' on a falling star
You gotta put your faith in a loud guitar

God gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone (oh yeah)
God gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

"Now listen"
If you wanna be a singer, or play guitar
Man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far
Cause it's never too late to work nine-to-five
You can take a stand, or you can compromise
You can work real hard or just fantasize
But you don't start livin' till you realize -
"I gotta tell ya!"

God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to everyone
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul

[Instrumental break]

God gave rock and roll to you
(to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you,
gave rock and roll to everyone
God gave rock and roll to you
(to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
Gave rock and roll to you,
saved rock and roll for everyone
Saved rock and roll
chorus repeats out...

"I know life sometimes can get tough!
And I know life sometimes can be a drag!
But people, we have been given a gift,
we have been given a road
And that road's name is... Rock and Roll!"

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Kiss God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II Comments
  1. Zachariah Sowden

    Here in 2020

  2. Aneesh Sehgal


  3. Nabil Nur

    Bill And Ted's Movies brought me here

  4. Sam Divin

    Paul Stanley-Lead Vocals/Guitar
    Gene Simmons-Lead Vocals/Bass
    Bruce Kulick-Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Eric Carr-Backing Vocals/Drums (Video)
    Eric Singer-Drums (Recording)

    RIP Eric Carr

  5. Michael Coleman

    the man lived and died for what he believed in, don't take it from him!

  6. Michael Coleman

    To all the nay sayers, let go of the hate, and just be happy

  7. Robbie Russell

    RIP Eric Carr. Top 5 in drumming history. So glad I got to see him play

  8. Owen Smyth


  9. y m

    Kiss gave rock and roll to me.
    That's true. I love you, Kiss.

  10. Abigail Norris

    Go'd Gave Rock And Roll To You 🤘✡

  11. Malkam Doucwtic

    Happy 2020!!!! ALL!!!!

  12. James Quintana

    Kiss is singing Petra song wow

  13. pablo rojo

    bill & ted

  14. Fabio Maxi

    Who's the drummer in this track ?

  15. pin man

    Fan for 44 years.

  16. philip davies

    Still listen to this song now RIP Eric Carr god gave rock to you

  17. Paul Marshall

    Originally done by Argent in 1973!

  18. Sant Feik

    God gave Rock and roll to Eric Carr, we wont forget you!
    He was diyng, but the destiny was Rock and Roll to the end!

    We heart you Eric!

  19. Ali Duhri


  20. Jules Giddings

    Im a big Kiss fan but I can't bare this song!!! Respect to Eric Carr..

  21. Edgar Martinez

    Te amo kiss

  22. Mauricio Garcia


  23. Mauricio Garcia


  24. ごーぐる

    Live in Morioka 2019
      Thank you very much

  25. sloganloanseal

    I fucking love this song 😭

  26. Jabby Napigkit

    Oh my... So much...nostalgia... Oh god!! *cries in euphoria*

  27. Rodrigo CR Salino

    só faltou umas gostosa rebolando

  28. Rodrigo CR Salino

    Pomba Jira se apegou do camarada akk

  29. Kanisto

    take a shot everytime they point at the camera

  30. Eric Henry

    God bless Eric Carr..I'm sure they knew at this time the Eric didn't have much time left. I would have liked to see more archive footage with him in it and maybe some extra interaction with him in the video. I do love how this song Eventually has become an Eric Carr tribute though.

  31. Miss Metal

    I bet no one is here because of Petra....

  32. Kaneda Jones

    original lyrics had heart and kindness meanwhile these lyrics are full of selfish entitlement.

    Kaneda Jones

  33. Diana Canizalez

    Me encanta este tema es uno de mis preferidos

  34. steve arbogast

    Love this song. Always have. Its bittersweet knowing that Eric was dying, but STILL performed his ass off on drums in this video, when he could have easily just layed in his death bed.

    Rock soldier for sure.

    Sorely missed.

  35. zielone ciasteczko86

    Eric Carr noo.... :(

  36. hello Artrik

    God gave rock 'n roll to you-song 1992 year

  37. Alexis Yurisevic

    Eric's Epitaph. R.i.p

  38. SeanS

    Bill and ted 2...

  39. Ezequiel Sandoval

    Hola todos los que hablan español y ingles dale like si odias los que dicen cosas malas de kiss los que dicen cosas malas de kiss son PUTOS

  40. Ezequiel Sandoval

    Que descanze en paz Eric Carr siempre te recordaremos

  41. Jairo German Mejia Vargas

    Rip Eric 28 years without you 😭😭😭

  42. Jack Zuela

    Eric Carr the best

  43. Emmet brow

    Thanks Eric

  44. BigguBosu117

    Rest in peace Eric Carr, you were a great drumer and I really enjoyed your time on KISS, everybody got a reason to live.

  45. Lorissa Balog

    I was 6 months pregnant when Eric Carr passed away. I cried for days. He was the best😢😢

  46. Eric Carr

    Yes it is truly me,
    I'm still in pain.
    Rock on dudes.

    Teemu Diver

    Ookkaaayyy, I hear, I hear. Long live Rock n Roll !!!!!

  47. Stonks

    God gave rock and roll to us plus an Eric Carr

  48. Simon 0000

    Wild stalions. Party on duuuuuude

  49. Steve Betker

    With Eric Carr's cross on his shirt, it's his way of telling us hes ready to play drums for the Lord in heaven.

  50. Malmsteen996


  51. Frank Lopez

    The only KISS song I can barely tolerate , nope 👎 not even 😆

  52. jd01ify

    my youth ..... my heart ..... I thank you my lord for rock & roll

  53. Underground Monk

    525 and counting non believers.

  54. TheGr8stManEvr


  55. Teemu Diver

    You wanted the best ? You got it

  56. WestsTigers1989

    Seems fitting that this was Eric Carr's last performance, what an incredible song it is.
    R.I.P Eric Carr.

  57. Thomas Pallone

    God gave Eric Carr to us.....why did he have to take him back so soon. 😢

  58. Cafe fin

    *From Vietnam With Love - 2019*

  59. Maria Carolina Zanini

    RIP Eric! The best Kiss' drummer ever <3

  60. Tauntaun jedi

    As a young person the vh1 classic logo is more nostalgic than the song.

  61. Birgit Bortlik


  62. vzdorr b

    What a golden era
    Genes right when he says rock and roll is dead
    It’s not the fault of the artists it’s really hard for rockers these days you don’t make money from gigs or record sales and Spotify takes the last 2 cents of artists

  63. Not Sosig Ramsey

    1:46 Or play guitar!
    “Holds up Bass Guitar”

    “Angry Davie504 noises”

  64. Martha Pecina Ibarra


  65. John O

    I always think of Bill & Ted when I hear this. 😀

  66. Elijah Woods

    RIP Eric Carr

  67. Christopher I.

    I love this song :-)
    Thank you!.

  68. MasterVideoStudios

    In my personal opinion, this is the best KISS song. Eric Carr and Freddie Mercury died the same day, they deserve to remembered together as GODS of Rock. I just hope they rest peacefully

  69. Smokey 420

    Be excellent to each other.

  70. Jane Jensen

    wooooow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock roll babe wow mvmh Jonatan JS .........590.147.000 Tack you ;) :)

  71. Sonny Parker

    God gave Rock and Roll to us all but in 1991 he needed a drummer and the only drummer that could put it in the souls of everyone was The Fox !!! R.I.P. Eric Carr a true God of thunder !!!!

  72. Isaac Levi Patiño

    This song is not from kiss, it's from Petra it was stolen😡😡😡

  73. Isaac Levi Patiño

    Esta canción no es de kiss se copiaron de Petra 😡
    La de Petra está más chida 😎😁

  74. E rOck

    R.i.p Eric Carr
    His last music video with KISS

    Huge original line up fan but Eric was badass and he gave KISS that 2nd opportunity just when they were losing direction. Rock on in heaven brotha'

  75. MrMessyb

    Bill & Ted brought me here. If you know you know. Love this song

  76. DGUTS211

    😥. Rock in peace Eric 😥

  77. Jon Harvey

    this is so hard to watch and that kiss kept this away from the fans about eric illness hurts till this day

  78. Holden Caulfield

    I'm here from Bill & Ted. This song saved the universe.

    Smokey 420

    Be excellent to each other.

    Jesus said:

    34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

    John 13:34

  79. TigerXSkeptic -_-

    If you've ever seen a picture of eric in his casket he didnt look like a human he look liked a mannequin he did nit deserve to die like this I was about to tear up listening to this song it brings back memories

  80. Kiss Manson

    RIP Eric Carr 🎶

  81. alyssa sands

    Eric may be gone, but his memory will live in our hearts and his legacy in KISS will go on for a lifetime :(
    RIP Paul Charles Caravello (Eric Carr) 1950-1991

  82. Jay Bellini

    God gave rock and roll to Eric!

  83. Brian

    One of the lamest song ever written.

  84. Tomás Vera

    One of my favorite songs of all time for sure

  85. Alex Reviews

    Wow. Eric Carr was dying of cancer but still had the strength to play the drums for this video. That is amazing.

  86. Caleb Shuler

    To the 511 dislikes. So greatful I'm not you.

  87. Ronald Claros

    Eric Carr played an amazing way in this video even though the poor guy was halfway alive by then...... too bad the video barely puts him on. Pay notice of how long Paul and Gene are in all KISS' videos, it's sickening!

  88. Active Havoc

    I forgot how fucking awesome this song was When I roll i will rock to this

  89. Igor Grabovskiy


  90. Thorsten Moser

    Kiss ist meine Lieblingsband.

  91. The Ebony Dragon

    Why aren’t they playing this In churches

  92. Nathan Hayward

    When you get someone fucking amazing at singing you get Paul Stanley when you get a spawn from hell with a guitar you get Gene Simmons when you get someone who can play the drums like an absolute badass you get Peter Criss and when you get soming who looks like his from space you get Ace Freshly. These guys are incredible man I love this song so God damn much and when it was in Bill and Ted man holy shit that gave me shivers

  93. Young And Wasted

    Rest in peace Eric Carr (Fox) You inspired most of us to play the drums, you were great at playing them, you will never be forgotten.

  94. Hongui Two

    Like: KISS

    Comment: Elvis Presley

    Stefan V-oDa

    Why not both ?


    Sorry Elvis

    Trash O-O

    Hongui Two both

  95. The Kobra

    I believe this was at the end credits of one of the Bill and Teds movies.

  96. Rickard Jönsson

    I still prefer the original version by Argent but this version is still great and i have fond memories of first hearing it when watching Bill&Ted 2.

  97. Mathias Bernhardt

    This song takes me back to a time when everything seemed possible.