Kiss - Flaming Youth Lyrics

Whoo yeah
My parents think I'm crazy and they hate the things I do
I'm stupid and I'm lazy, man, if they only knew

How flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth, our flag is flying higher and higher and higher

My uniform is leather, and my power is my age
I'm gettin' it together to break out of my cage

'Cause flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth, our flag is flying higher and higher and higher

Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth, our flag is flying higher and higher
And higher and higher and higher and higher and higher

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Kiss Flaming Youth Comments
  1. Paul Caldwell

    My theme song when I lived with my parents in Houston, Texas in the 70's.

  2. Paul McCafferty

    When I was a teen I thought it was called "Blaming you".

  3. Lloyd Anderson

    A flaming turd will set your ass on fire! Fire, fire, and fire!!!

  4. J N

    I love the whole album. I was like 8 when it came out.

  5. Tony Dattoli

    This song is great. Remember as a kid. Loved it!

    Moe Yonkin

    @ Tony Dattoli……….. KISS ARMY BRO...……….KISS ARMY!!

  6. Bill McIntosh

    I will be 117 years old and still be the 5 year old rocking to kiss's debut album. Flaming Youth is a timeless jam. My chloroforms always dig this one.

  7. Bill McIntosh

    since Kindergarten '76!!!!!! Saw my first necked girl that year too. :-)

  8. Mouko#1 The Real One

    8/15/19 views 448.577 likes 1.740 & hate 65 enjoy...

  9. Alexander Monroe

    My very first kiss cd I got on Christmas in middle school and still have still amazing and love every song on it long live KISS

  10. ben hen

    forever grateful I got to see kiss live, aug 3 2015🤪🤪🤪. I’m also a teenager and kiss is my favourite band

  11. John Dvorak

    they shouldve let ace do the solo on this and sweet pain. they wouldve been 1000x better

  12. Keith Ferrilla

    Ace and Ezrin did not get along, but Bob brought out the king that is Frehley.

  13. kim colvin

    Days Of Innocence, Curiosity And Magic.

  14. rustoleum1775

    This is my fav song of kiss

  15. Neil S


  16. wittggestein

    with my cousin Fernando 1979

  17. fundhund62

    To me it has always been funny how fans complained about the "pop albums" Dynasty and Unmasked, when in reality Kiss had always leaned towards this kind of soft rock.
    I mean, it doesn´t get much "poppier" than this song, does it?

    For further confirmation, just listen to Kissin` time, Main Line, Coming Home, Rock and Roll all Nite, Great expectations, Beth, Hard Luck Woman, Tomorrow and Tonight ..

    Who would call any of those songs Hard Rock??

  18. Russell Ross

    I still have this album

  19. Moe Yonkin

    My uniform is Leather and my Power is my age...……..53

  20. D Grim

    KISS Destroyer is a masterpiece

  21. 1039sflem

    I bought this album in 1976, I was 13 years old. This album was my whole world, seriously.

  22. Mark Lawless

    Destroyer is a manifesto

  23. no name

    Nice. Fur.immer.kiss.aus.deutschland♥

  24. Alejandro Ramos

    Wont get fool again....influenced

  25. Jon Late

    It bothers me to say that KISS was a bunch of posers....
    These songs were GREAT, and it seemed like everyone at the time thought so....
    Somewhere along the way it became more 'cool' to NOT like KISS.....

  26. Benjamin Rios

    DICK WAGNER on LEAD GUITAR!! Awesome!!

  27. Gino Rodrigues

    Background should of been lot better.For a great album cover,sorry artists,you suck.ITS CALLED COLOR AND SHADING.

  28. Gino Rodrigues

    My Album cover I drew makes the original look like shit.ITS ALL IN THE COLORING AND SHADING.

  29. Gino Rodrigues

    Now,this is a great KISS song.

  30. Paul Caldwell

    I'm stupid and I'm lazy.

  31. Retro Gaming Guitarist

    Can never get enough of the beginning part.

    JayDogTitan 1464

    Retro G, Yeah I love how this song starts off.


    Another one of my all-time favorites.

  33. Robert Hatcher

    One of the best album experiences ever.

  34. Terry Rees

    Second album I ever purchased. I was 9, mom rolled her eyes. Destroyer remains the greatest “complete” hard rock and roll album from the first second to the final second of play in my heart.

  35. 72wasted

    THE Absolute best Kiss album ever made
    Catman and Ace is best
    But without Paul Kiss
    Would never existed flaming youth
    My Youth 🤘🏻

  36. tiny b

    Paul, and his coming out of the closet anthem.

  37. Mouko#1 The Real One

    10/29/18 views 375.752 likes 1.422 & hates 48 enjoy.....

  38. Hot Hero

    It's hard to explain how totally enthralled I was with this band at age 13.  The magic was real..still is.

  39. Hot Rockin'

    I'm stupid & i'm lazy
    Man if they only knew😆
    Magical times being into KISS🐶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  40. Claudio Collu

    Bello il testo!!!

  41. Frank Drake

    I'm 51 and still listening to "the hottest band in the world."

    Dr. Awkward

    Hey, you wanted the best, you got the best.

  42. Cidadão Zombeteiro

    Nero's kiss favourite album!

  43. Michael Davey

    Its a legend 😊

  44. David Biedny

    Destroyer and Kiss Alive I, two classic rock albums for the ages. Kiss was never better than those two monster records.

    JayDogTitan 1464

    100% Agreed!

  45. Adventures & Survival in Thailand

    So much Bob Ezrin influence it's not funny. Very similar to great Alice Cooper albums of the same era. I mean this could have been an Alice Cooper song (Department of Youth anyone?). Bob Ezrin really had a great streak of producing/ song writing

  46. Mike Thaxton

    We were flaming youth !!


    The good oL dAyS!🎸🎶🥁🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🎵🎶👍

  48. Ron Silvia

    Destroyer was a masterpiece of music from beginning to end 🤘🤘🤘

    JayDogTitan 1464

    You could almost say Destroyer was their breakout album although the first three albums were great, '76, '77, '78 Kiss was untouchable in rock.

  49. shrill Mark

    Love this song as well!!! Makes me feel like I'm back in the 1970's as a kid again!!!

  50. stellastarr69

    Joe Pesci calls this song "Flaming Yutes" ala "My Cousin Vinny"

  51. gavin hinds

    bet everyone was a flamin youth in there days i know i was

  52. Michael Davey


  53. James Shamburger

    Cuz flaming youth or set the world on fire

  54. Kriss Delaney

    Paul Stanley's voice on both "Destroyer" & "Rock And Roll Over" is PRICELESS!
    Hands down, the two BEST recordings of his voice - EVER! 1976 was his year!

    Tony Brick

    Kriss Delaney I strongly disagree. His voice on I'll fight hell to hold you makes this sound like a nursery rhyme.

  55. Morad Amine

    Favorite kiss love

  56. Morad Amine

    Love love love love kiss kiss yes yes 👹👹👹👹👹😁😁😁

  57. Constantino Validakis

    Was that solo made by Ace or Dick Wagner?

  58. Mikael Olsen

    Flaming youth

  59. ty riedle

    this is like a cassete tape listening to this virsion is.

  60. Lydieluck 77

    This had to be my anthem from age 14 through 20 hahaha! It’s still a great song!

  61. JayDogTitan 1464

    I have a cloth wall hang of "Destroyer" hanging in the spare room in my house, Back in the '70s I had a foil "Destroyer" poster. Destroyer and Alive! are the two best albums by Kiss, Flaming Youth is a very underrated song off Destroyer that I think is one of the best on that album!!

  62. Smudge Capone

    If you’re into 70’s rock, check out GLITTER DOGS. New music!
    Good to hear actual instruments!

  63. Bradley Coates

    By mid 90s young people lost interest in music. When I was a kid, music not just Metal and Rock but music was really important!

  64. Chris Hinch

    Best song and the most important song Kiss Ever fu**ing made. The Sound of teen Seventies debauchery. Timeless.

  65. Jarrod C

    Rock on guys

  66. Kari Chandler

    Great tune!

  67. Giovanni Robles

    loved it when I was six now I'm nine

  68. John P M

    Amazing song

  69. Mary Wahl

    Love 💋 💋 kiss

  70. Juan K Borges

    first symphonic song hear the backsound

    paul stanley-vocal
    gene simmons-bass
    dick wagner-lead guitar
    peter criss-drum


    Juan K Borges this id ace. Wagner plays on sweet pain

    andrea maltauro

    Dick Wagner for sure!

  71. Elvis Alves Roberto

    Destroyer and creatures of the night ...the best kiss albuns

  72. George Passmore

    They played this song last night at Casino Rama and they were awesome.  They were in the Fireside lounge afterward and saw Tommy Thayer at breakfast.

  73. Herpen Flerpen

    herd this song live in stockholm this year and it was Amazing!

  74. Sentinel Magnus

    Best destroyer album ever

  75. Sci-Fi Ninja Theater

    Saw them LATE 74 EARLY 75 FOR THE DESTROYER TOUR ME and KISS go way back


    Sci-Fi Ninja Theater destroyer is from 76

  76. Sci-Fi Ninja Theater

    The album was just released I took it over to my grandma's house at put on my earphones and listen to this album and it blew my mind I had the albums before it but this album was crazy

  77. kong adong

    pure genius

  78. Chris Tanner

    The first verse of this song sums up my entire existence from 1978 thru 1983.

  79. Anthony Kidd

    You are showing your age Perry. Destroyer came out in 1976. But it, like all KISS albums, is good. I think Unmasked after losing Shandi & Talk To me is one of their best along with The Elder and Sonic Boom is one of their worst but even Sonic Boom has its moments. Monster is very good. .

  80. Jen Martinez

    Is peter criss singing or is it Paul Stanley?

  81. James Osborne

    Another of many underrated, under played, and understood songs from kiss. Perhaps their visual image of make up etc turned many away.

  82. Scruffy P

    Probably an obvious comment but this sounds like an ozzy song.

    Adventures & Survival in Thailand

    its sounds like an Alice Cooper song (as well)

    Jackson Habig

    Scruffy P but it almost has the vibe and style of a Who song.

    Zachary Moring

    What... seriously? You drunk, man!

  83. nastycanadian1975

    Flaming Youth ....Will Set The World On Fire.. is that same as Heaven's On Fire? hehe

  84. Michelle DiBella

    Fucking great album

  85. RockTheSix 73

    I was 5 Yrs old when i first heard this. This is the best band to ever ROCK any stage. Seen them LIVE 30+ times. Sad to say i havent bothered to see their show for over 6 yrs. Its too much of the same thing. Take off the makeup and costumes and id be the first one to buy a ticket.

  86. Maureen Wagg

    This is my first Kiss album. It still kicks ass. Guitar solo is funky fresh my friends.

  87. Mouko#1 The Real One

    kiss destroyer brought me here check it out......

  88. razorjules

    Love the lyrics & how it empowers gay teens:
    My Parents think i'm crazy
    Because i'm not like other boys
    They call me stupid & lazy
    It's like they think i made this choice

    Flaming youth
    Fighting this internal desire
    Flaming youth
    Together we can inspire
    Flaming youth
    Our message will never tire
    Flaming youth
    Your support will take us higher, higher & higher

    My sister has a girlfriend
    And my parents won't defend her
    My brother ignores our family
    Because my cousin is transgender

    Flaming youth

    Diana Moore

    don't be so hateful

  89. Anthony F Ramos

    I got my copy.

  90. Watts

    holy smokes!

  91. Mike Rogers

    I'm getting it together, to break out of my cage!

  92. Carlos Herrera

    My favorite Kiss album

  93. Matthew Filipovic

    Nothing underrated with this album or song. One of the greatest of all time.

    Tony garcia


  94. Perry Kane

    Favorite KISS song ever! Glad I bought Destroyer when it came out. Still one of the greatest albums ever. Totally underrated.


    Scott Binns It’s legal to steal from your own band. Ever notice that the riffs on “Satisfaction” and “Jumping Jack Flash “ are similar as well. Keith liked to rearrange his own stuff. You are right, the riffs sound similar.

    Harold Isbell

    Perry Kane yes but it was the last kiss album before they went commercial!

    Jon Late

    I recall it wasnt was the first overrated album.... and it was great. KISS in the big leagues....and downfall....

    Julian Borges

    @Lukas Skrypetz I guess he means underrated in regards to it's artistic merit, rather than popularity.

    Gregory Swift

    Same. This album is 🔥

  95. z zed

    My parents think I'm crazy....

    Dr. Awkward

    +z zed Man, if they only knew!

    z zed

    +Dr. Awkward
    Nope.. and its ... and they hate
    the things I do...lolz

  96. Wezilla

    Looooove this song. Its sad I never saw this on live show. I went see live KISS 15 times all in Australia but knowing this Flaming Youth is my part favourite.

  97. Rik Dusk

    For me, DESTROYER is the BEST KISS RECORD. This will sound very corny, BUT, that record is MAGICAL for me because it brings back many fantastic memories as a kid in the 70's buying KISS magazines, listening to their records all during summer vacation, etc. Seventies KISS in general was THE BEST. THE 80'S for me, Creatures Of The Night was IT!

    bill williams

    collecting kiss cards!!!

    Rik Dusk

    @bill williams
    YES! I am kicking myself for not storing my kiss cards well. I have lost most of them since i had them as a kid. All that is left are 4-5 of them, and they're all dog eared or have marker, pen stains on them

    Join The Progress

    +Rik Dusk +bill williams Yup, my memories exactly. Kiss was quite the spectacle. We were just about convinced they were super-human, or perhaps weren't human at all, it was so much fun. And no one today, who didn't live through it, can understand how fun the mystery of Kiss was. To have this incredible brand they created along with really great music...well...there's never been anything like it and never will be again. Destroyer was my first album as a kid, and a kid couldn't be much more fortunate. It was their first album where the production quality was fixed and the sound was new and awesome.

  98. Jack Reacher

    Kiss forever!

  99. NS9213

    My Favorite KISS song! Always will be!